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   Chapter 13 The King Of The Island

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"The highness is the king of this island, a landlord in a territory. Don't underestimate this island. It has a vast territory of hundreds of hectares. " Sebastian Ouyang seemed to have a very high prestige, and every word of the middle-aged servant's mouth was full of praise.

"Landlord? The king... " Carol murmured. 'What year is it? It's inexplicable.' In the 21 century, what kind of landlord was there? However, she just mentioned that Sebastian could do business on the island. Oh my God! 'It seemed that it was true that he had imprisoned her. She really had no way to do anything on this island.' Carol thought.

"Yes, you are right. His mother was the younger sister of Currans of the royal family, so the highness was half a member of the royal family. Till now, Currans had not given up and wanted to recognize him as a member of the royal family. But the highness has always refused. " The maid smiled and said, "In fact, many people only know that Sebastian is the CEO of the Ouyang group, the richest company in Asia. Very few people know that he still owns this land."

With doubt, Carol nodded to show that she was listening carefully. "But why did you tell me so much?" Carol couldn't help but ask.

"Because... In the past few years, you have been the first woman brought to the island by the highness, except... Ahem... " She suddenly realized that she had said something wrong and quickly coughed to cover it up. "I think you must have a special place in the highness' heart." Then she blinked at the hickey on Carol's neck and smiled ambiguously.

"Really? Maybe you will find that you are wrong. In fact, he imprisoned me here because he hated me and refused to let me go. When Carol speaking of this, she was very excited.

And she looked a little embarrassed.

"Oh, No. I can see that the highness must attach great importance to you. Do you know? Just now, the highness went out and looked back at the window of your room. I thought he was doing something, but later he asked me to pick you up. It turned out that he was waiting for you. Trust me. It's not wrong. "

The middle-aged maid said affirmatively, "Oh, you see, I'm right. The highness is still standing there! He must be waiting for you. That's right. "

'No. He was just afraid that she would run away.' Carol thought. A cold smile appeared on Carol's face. She really didn't understand why he asked her to come here. Somehow, the heart of Carol was as cold as a piercing cold wind.

She followed the maid's expectation. Sebastian was pacing back and forth in a spacious green grass.

With his arms crossed, Sebastian stared coldly at the approaching Carol with his green eyes.

In the morning sun, she was wearing his white shirt, and the part of her thigh was incomp

arably seductive.

Sebastian couldn't help feeling hot all over. He stroked his hair to hide his agitation.

When they approached, the maid slightly bowed to the cold and arrogant Sebastian Ouyang. Then she stepped aside.

The arrogant Prince nodded and frowned, his eyes tightly grabbing the trembling Carol.

"Arrogant!" With her mouth pouted and her round eyes turned away, Carol seemed to be avoiding the condescending salute of the arrogant man.

"Come here." Sebastian said in a commanding tone.

The only thing Carol could do was to slowly move closer to this moody man.

Within one step, Sebastian waved his long arm and held her in his arms. But Carol struggled against his will. "Why did you ask me to come here?"

She asked softly, but her heart was full of dissatisfaction.

"I asked you to play golf with me. It's the best time in the morning. We cannot miss it. " Sebastian said with a smile. A moment later, several maids came over with some strings.

Carol was reluctant and came to his side. 'This dissolute man will deprive me of my precious time. The morning air is so good, but I have to go so far to play golf with him. It's so boring. 'Carol thought.

"Come here! I'll teach you how to play golf. "Said Sebastian, who was waving at her. He was wearing a pair of white golf gloves, lowering his head." I don't want to learn it. " Carol stood still and answered.

"Come here. Don't make me angry." His tone was threatening. It was so reluctant for Carol to get close to him, but she had to do so. Then Sebastian put a pair of gloves in her hand.

Carol didn't want to play golf with this devil. She would rather stand aside and watch.

The expression on Carol's face made Sebastian so angry that he almost vomited blood. Damn it! With so many servants present, he felt humiliated.

The atmosphere was at a stalemate. The next second, Sebastian pulled her closer to his ear and whispered, "I think you'd better learn! Otherwise, I'll kiss you in front of them. I'll do what I say. It's up to you. "His gloomy tone was very threatening.

He pinched her jaw.

Carol stared at him angrily and finally had to compromise. She squatted down, picked up the gloves on the ground and put them on her hands randomly.

"Don't be angry, my little wild cat."

It was rare for Sebastian to be patient at this time. He told her all kinds of playing rules and taught her to play very gently. Carol stood blankly and let him take care of it. A moment later, Sebastian immediately handed over the posture of holding the pole. A handsome figure stood behind her, and the posture formed by his left and right hands suddenly wrapped her body in his arms intimately. Carol heard his warm voice. Her face turned red and she lowered her head.

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