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   Chapter 10 Trapped Her On The Island

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"Why can't I show up?" Sebastian said coldly, as if he was examining his prey.

'If possible, I really want to beat him up.' Carol thought.

Sebastian cast a cold glance at Carol and walked past her to Lisa, where she was stood there with interests.

"Miss Gu, may I have a word with you?"

"Lisa, don't listen to his sweet words!" Carol was so furious that beads of sweat began to form on her forehead.

"You think too much." Sebastian looked at the Carol coldly and walked away with Lisa in his arms.

Of course, in the eyes of Carol, she felt uncomfortable and didn't know why.

After a while, the two of them seemed to have reached a consensus.

Lisa walked up to her and said, "Carol, let's go."

Go to where? Carol was confused.

"Of course we're going to visit the island. If you don't come, you can stay here and wait for them to arrest you." Said Sebastian with a wanton smile. He pointed at the approaching black men.

Carol looked at there. 'Aren't they the ones they just hit?'

Carol gave Sebastian a fierce look. Gnashing her teeth, she said, "I'm not afraid of you! Just do it. "

Anyway, she had already been touched by him. Why should she care about other things? 'Never mind. A man with so many women like him wouldn't do anything to her?' Carol thought.

Carol was reluctant to arrive in the private island of Sebastian——the Barbiel Island. Just as the name implied, a large number of Barbiel flowers were planted on the island. Outside the sea of flowers, there was a magnificent ancient French building. Two helicopters landed slowly on the green tarmac. They walked out of the tarmac, leading to the flower corridor of the main building by the sea. When Carol stopped in front of the flower corridor, Sebastian had warmly invited Lisa to go to the main building.

Then they walked to the main room one after another. When Sebastian passed by Carol, he gave her a cold smile, which made her confused. At last, there was only Carol in the corridor. Lisa returned and approached her, saying earnestly, "In fact, his condition is really good. Think about it, Carol."

After saying that, Lisa pretended to be deep, patted her on the shoulder, and then turned away.

What the hell? Although Carol thought she had a good understanding ability, she suddenly didn't understand what her friend was hinting at. Standing still, Carol frowned and thought, 'It doesn't matter. The most important thing is to follow in and see what the inferior creature Sebastian is going to do.'

As soon as they entered the outer wall of the main house, they saw a courtyard that was a clever combination of tropical plants and French style garden design. The fragrance of the island's flowers permeated into the heart, and made people felt happy.

After passing through the courtyard, they came to the hall. When Carol walked into the hall, she found that her friend Lisa had already taken a seat on the rosewood sofa, and Sebastian was sitting on the single rosewood sofa opposite Lisa. It seemed that the two of them were having a good conversation.

Carol didn't want to see them talking and laughing, so she was stunned for a few seconds and immediately went upstairs. 'Just take it as a view up there. It was so high here, and she sh

ould be able to have a panoramic view of the island!'

But there were too many rooms on this floor, and every place was the same. Carol couldn't tell the main line. When she went to the five floor, she couldn't even find the elevator. She looked at the scenery for a while and ran upstairs, but she didn't turn the direction. Her legs were painful. Damn Sebastian, why did he deceive herself to this damned place! 'I'm going back.' Carol thought.

She pushed a room open casually. It was well arranged and warm. Anyway, she was tired, so Carol simply lay on the bed and fell asleep.

It was easy for Sebastian to find Carol. He just needed to watch the camera.

When he came up, he saw this scene, seducing scene.

Sebastian sighed. He threw a cold glance at her, subconsciously tucked her in gently. When he was about to turn around and go downstairs, he saw the photo camera on the table. He grabbed her body and quickly took a picture of her sleeping face.

And he kissed her and pressed the shutter.

She was his prey, just like that.

He looked at the picture quietly. It was so beautiful. The face in the camera was very attractive. She was a good prey. A smile inadvertently appeared at the corners of Sebastian's mouth. At this moment, he made a decision in his heart.

A moment later, Sebastian left with his camera.

He asked someone to send her friend Lisa back by helicopter, and this woman, he left selfishly.

She couldn't get out of his private island without a helicopter.

When Carol woke up, it was almost dusk. 'Oh, my God!' Why did she sleep for so long? When Carol got up, she found that she was covered with a quilt, but she was not in the mood to think so much. There was only one question in her mind, is Lisa still there?

After turning left and right, Carol finally found the elevator. She immediately went in and pressed the floor button. When she walked to the living room, she found that there was no trace of Lisa. When she arrived at the place where the luggage box was opened, the luggage box of Lisa was gone.

"Lisa Gu, you are such a bad friend and an idiot." Carol was so angry that she gritted her teeth and complained, "You left me alone!"

'What shall I do?' Carol thought. It was a small island surrounded by water. It was impossible to walk without a ship. It seemed that she had to find that kind of man.

When she walked out of the garden, she finally saw Sebastian. He seemed to be taking pictures of something and looking at something.

Carol quickly ran there and dragged his clothes. She said, "Sebastian Ouyang, explain to me what's going on." Her tone was full of sarcasm.

"What's the matter?" Sebastian said, shrugging his shoulders and pretending to be confused.

But he quickly picked up the camera and took a picture of her face. He had always appreciated beautiful things.

With a flash in front of her, Carol was inexplicably irritable and flustered.

"Hey, what are you doing? Don't take photos. Don't pretend to be confused. You haven't answered me yet." 'He is so hateful!' Carol thought. And she even hit him.

"Your friend saw that you were asleep and didn't want to wake you up, so he left first." Sebastian said in a cold tone, as if it was none of his business.

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