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   Chapter 9 Not Good At Fight

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This time, Ken didn't plan to let them go.

"Miss Qiao, please rest assured to follow me to see Mr. Sebastian. It won't end well if you provoke him." Every word was full of power.

"Get out of the way, or I'll call the police." After saying that, Carol glanced at him coldly. After thinking for a few seconds, Ken finally let them go.

After getting on the ship with Lisa, Carol put the things away and set off at night, so the two sat on the deck to bask in the sun.

The waves hit the coral reef, and the undulating sea water gently swayed the cruise ship. Wearing a short skirt, Carol was lying on the deck of the cruise ship, enjoying the sea breeze in the scorching sun and reading a fashion magazine. Beside it, there was a glass of cold juice, which was very cozy.

Lisa sat aside, checking her computer and taking the opportunity to deal with some business affairs with her computer.

When Carol finished reading a magazine, she drank up the juice beside her. After Lisa finished her work, she touched the juice on her hand and said, "Oh, you drank my juice too." Lisa was speechless.

"I'm sorry. You can buy more." Carol smiled lightly at Lisa. Lisa looked at the sea level and then looked at Carol. "It's still early. Let's go swimming!"

"No, I won't. You can go if you want." 'Just stay there is also fine.' Carol thought.

"Ok. Then I'll go down." After saying that, Lisa jumped into the sea.

Carol laid there and said, "You..." But Lisa had jumped into the sea before she could finished her words. 'Why didn't she change into a swimsuit? Well, let her be!' Carol thought. As soon as Lisa went into the sea, several black men came over.

Carol stood up vigilantly.

The men made a few gestures and came forward to pull her.

Taking a few steps back, Carol kicked the man in front of her and shouted, "Lisa, come up and help me. There are bad guys."

With so many people and they all good at fight, it was obvious that Carol couldn't wit

hstand it.

Hearing the sound, Lisa immediately surfaced and checked the situation. Something was wrong!

She climbed up the ladder step by step. "How dare you bully my Carol? Go to hell!" Lisa roared and soared into the air. She kicked the strong black man out of the yacht and fell into the sea. Then these black men ran away under Lisa's attacks.

"What happened just now?" Lisa asked.

"I don't know. They wanted to drag me away without saying anything." Explained Carol.

"I'm afraid we'll get into trouble." As Lisa Gu spoke, she pulled up Carol with vigilance.

Sitting in the helicopter, Sebastian Ouyang saw the fight between the two people just now. He didn't expect that this woman's information said that she was in grade six of taekwondo. It was really exaggerated. She was really not good at fight. Those bumpkins almost couldn't deal with it. If it weren't for another woman, she would have been taken away. Sebastian looked down upon Carol. 'She is just an idiot.' Sebastian thought in mind.

Looking down at the spectacular scenery on the sea, Sebastian could clearly see the flustered expression of Carol on the blue and white cruise ship from the detector screen. Sebastian could not help but frown slightly. 'Why did this woman always attract his attention?

But he have to admit that she is so beautiful that he want to possess her.

But it's just a simple possessive desire.' Sebastian thought so.

"Your Highness, I just got her additional information. These..."

Sebastian waved his hand impatiently to stop Ken. He had seen that the woman under the plane was ready to leave. How could he let her slip away?

"Let's talk about it tonight. Let's land now." Sebastian said coldly.

"Yes, sir.".

As soon as the two of them got off the boat, they saw Sebastian standing in front of them with his arms crossed. "Why are you here again? What do you want? " Carol was furious. She opened her big beautiful eyes and stared at him.

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