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   Chapter 8 The Nightmare Begins

Devil's Bride: Prey On Your Love By Piao Guo Characters: 3421

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Sebastian Ouyang? Who is he? 'Wait, was it the man who had sex with her!' All of a sudden, Carol's face turned pale and she was frightened.

But she didn't want others to find her fragility, so she pretended to be calm.

She took the flowers back, pulled Lisa up and left without saying a word.

"The flowers must be freshly picked. I guess they are one hundred flowers. They are well packed and worth a lot of money. I guess they will be enough for my meal for two months. If they can be changed into money... Congratulations! You bumped into the sugar daddy. It's your treat."

"I've paid."

"You are so kind, Carol!" Lisa gave her a hug.

"Let's go and sell the flowers. The Valentine's Day is coming. It's only one day away. They will definitely be famous." Lisa said gently, observing the expression on Carol's face. If she didn't agree, then forget it. She had no choice but to accept it.

But there was no response from Carol for a long time. When they walked to the street outside, she said, "Okay, whatever you want!"

These words made Lisa excited.

In the evening, two beautiful girls appeared on the street selling roses. "I sold flowers. Twenty each. It's very cheap." Lisa said loudly.

Soon a large group of people came, all of whom were men. "Miss, the flowers are so beautiful." Someone said. "I want two!" Said another man.

"I want ten."

"Miss, I bought it and gave it to you, okay?" The man said so, which made Carol speechless.

"All right." Lisa's face was as red as the horizon when she received the money.

'Oh my God! I've earned so much! This was her living expenses for a year.' Lisa thought. No way. Seeing that the roses were about to be sold out, Lisa

immediately changed the price. "There's not much left. Let's change it to fifty each. Fifty each!" Lisa acted like a small boss.

"I want two."

"I want ten." Someone said.

"I'm so tired. But that's alright! Give you, sir." More than ten minutes later, all the other things were sold out. With tens of thousands of dollars in hand, Lisa felt as sweet as honey.

She looked ahead, and suddenly she trembled slightly. "Carol, look in that direction."

"What?" When Carol and her friends walked out of the restaurant unhurriedly and looked up, they were also stunned.

A cool silver helicopter was parked on the beach in front of the restaurant. The morning sun shone on the shiny body, coated with a layer of halo. The two men next to Carol made a gesture to ask her to board. But the two of them pretended not to understand his words, turned a corner, bypassed them, and left. The two girls crossed the beach and went back to their own room. They planned to go home after tidying up their clothes and things. As soon as they entered the room, a beautiful and enthusiastic waitress came to serve them. "We didn't call any room service. Thank you. " Carol was clearly stated that the waitress was locked outside.

The waitress outside the door said, "The room service is from Mr. Sebastian Ouyang. Please accept it." The two girls in the room ignored it and sorted out their things. Not long after, they heard the footsteps of the waiter go away. When they were ready, the two of them carried their backpacks and went out, but they were stunned by the person in front of them. Carol clenched her eyebrows and her hands were tightly held together. 'Why did these people haunt them all the time?'

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