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   Chapter 7 Hunting Game

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"Please get out of the way." Said Carol indifferently. She was obviously hostile to Sebastian.

However, when he looked at her, Carol felt as if she had been seen through by him, especially when she thought of that night. 'Oh my God!' Carol felt ashamed.

Now she was able to dodge as far as possible, and it would be best if they would never see each other for the rest of their lives, taking that night as an accident.

With his arms crossed in front of his chest, Sebastian looked at her silently with an unfathomable expression.

No one could guess what Sebastian was thinking. 'Carol was on holiday. Just let her play for a few more days.' He could just send someone to follow her. As long as she was still on this beach, she couldn't run away. 'How could he let her run away?'

Seeing that he was not said anything, CAROL curled her lips and glared at Sebastian. Then she took Lisa's hand and made a detour. After a dozen steps, she secretly turned around, but Sebastian didn't follow her. Instead, he quickly disappeared at the door of the restaurant with the man named Harvey Wang. Finally, Carol breathed a sigh of relief.

In the dining room, the two of them were chatting.

"He is really the best man in the world!" Lisa Gu said.

Indeed, Sebastian was extremely handsome. His thick eyebrows, peach eyes, straight nose and thin and sexy lips formed an extremely face.

The man had a charming mixed blood face and a well proportioned figure, about 1.88 meters high. His skin was as white as a white man, and his short black hair was deftly obedient. He was perfect in every way.

Among the appalling "standard for judging men" of Carol, Sebastian's appearance got ninety points for the first time, which surprised Lisa Gu, but that was all. People saw a beautiful ox dung in the park and praised its appearance, but they still hid their noses and made a detour.

Taking a bite of bread, juice and milk, Carol gritted her teeth with hatred as long as she thought of his bad actions on her.

"What's the use of being ugly inside and beautiful outside? I just want to watch it a few more times."

With a righteous and arrogant expression, it seemed that the worse Sebastian was described, the happier Carol was. 'Anyway, she wouldn't interfere with him in the future, and she could judge him.'

Lisa took a sip of his drink and analyzed seriously, "How is that possible? By contrast, I think it's more likely for him to like a beautiful woman like you. "

Carol stared at her

. But Lisa ignored it. When Carol was about to retort, her phone suddenly rang. It was her father. She picked it up and before she could say good morning, her father's roar came from the other end of the phone, "Carol, come back right away. Didn't you tell me to stay in the police station? Where have you been? The police said you haven't gone to work for days. "

"You can ask my brother about it. He said that I'm not your biological kid. He gave me a holiday and asked me to come out for relaxation." With tears in her beautiful eyes, Carol pursed her lips and looked wronged.

When the father heard this, he was so angry that he swallowed it. He changed his tone and said, "Okay, you can play for a few days. I'll tell you the truth when you come back." Then he hung up the phone.

"Carol, I think we'd better go home. It's not interesting to stay here all the time." Lisa told the truth.

"Don't worry. I'll go back tomorrow," said Carol in a low voice

"Carol, you are not the biological daughter. Will you feel awkward when you go back?" Lisa kept asking.

"I don't know." Carol took a bite of the sandwich and didn't know what to say. To be honest, if her brother hadn't told her, she wouldn't have thought that she was not the biological kid. Her mother and father treated her better than her brother. They had helped her with the car, villa, and even work.

But now she suddenly knew that. And she didn't know what to do.

"Carol, I think you'd better find a man to marry. Then you can have a new family." "What?" Carol was speechless. But Lisa smiled unfathomably at this moment.

"What do you mean?" Carol looked at Lisa's smiling face suspiciously. 'Get married? She was only eighteen years old!'

"Hehe." Lisa smiled and continued, "You see, my family is not in a good condition, but my parents sent me here because they expect me to find a good husband. After all, their daughter has studied abroad. Coupled with my sweet appearance, how popular I am."

"Lisa, what's wrong with you?" Carol was dizzy with her big watery eyes wide open. 'No way.' Lisa was as old as her. It was too early.

Lisa Gu, like an old lady, kindly pointed at her and said, "Look at the back." Confused, Carol turned her head.

Someone sent her flowers? 'Oh my God! What's going on?' Carol picked up the pieces of paper in the bouquet and glanced at them expressionlessly. 'Miss Qiao, I sent you the flowers to remind you that my hunting game has begun.' The signature was Sebastian Ouyang.

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