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   Chapter 6 Harvey Wang

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"Really?" Lisa opened her eyes wide and looked at Carol carefully. Then she said, "I agree with you. I find that your eyes are blue. Although your skin and body are very delicate and you look like an oriental girl, maybe you are a hybrid?"

"Really?" murmured Carol.

Resting her hands on the back of her head, Carol was lost in thought. Seeing that Carol was lost in thought, Lisa didn't disturb him and gently turned on his computer. Now she found a job and edited it online.

It was a safe thing to do. Lisa didn't want to be in danger like last time. Her face was sunny. The two sat on the balcony until half night before going back to their room to sleep.

The next morning, the two of them went to a restaurant for dinner. In Las Vegas, a resort, although it was not strange for all kinds of people to travel here, there were still relatively few people in the East. Especially, the probability of the appearance of the two outstanding oriental women, such as the two people, Lisa and Carol, was almost 100 percent. "Two beauties, let me treat you to dinner!" A handsome man from a rich family said. His handsome face looked like a mixed race.

"No, thanks!" With an official smile on Carol's face, she didn't look at him and directly took Lisa to the western restaurant.

"Nice to meet you. My name is Harvey Wang." Harvey said with a smile. As long as the name was mentioned, many girls knew it.

'Ah, it turned out to be him.' Harvey Wang was one of the top ten gold level single men in Asia. With an anthomaniac base kind, Lisa Gu saw the disdain at the corner of the mouth of Carol and stopped doing that.

"My name is Carol Qiao." After saying that, Carol ignored him and walked inside. Apparently, Harvey was not used to the indifferent expression of Carol. He raised the corners of his mouth and thought, 'This girl is really special.'

"Don't go, two beauties!" Harvey continued to shout. It was not easy to meet such a beaut

y who ignored him, which really made him lose face. Although he was a playboy, it was the first time he had accosted a girl.

Hearing the sound again, Lisa Gu turned around and gave the man a smile. Of course, it was a secret and didn't let Carol find it. Otherwise, Carol would laugh at her again. The sound behind kept coming. When Carol went to the door of the restaurant and saw the banana skin in front of her, she suddenly thought of something. With a cunning look in her eyes, Carol turned around. "Okay, it's your treat!"

When Harvey approached, Carol raised her foot and kicked him actively. As an budo master, Harvey Wang wouldn't kick her so easily. He looked at her back and dodged aside, but Carol was in trouble. Seeing that Carol stepped on the banana peel and got close to the ground faster.

"Watch out! Carol! " Lisa couldn't stand it, so she reached out to help Carol, but bumped into someone coming out of the restaurant.

Before Lisa could turn around, she saw that Carol was staring at her back.

Lisa wondered, 'What's wrong?'

Then the man who supported Lisa said to Carol, "Miss Qiao, we meet again." There was a hint of coldness in his smile. There was no doubt that this man was Sebastian Ouyang. Just now, the man Harvey Wang was Sebastian's classmate and brother as well as partner. He was almost a friend of life and death.

Squinting her eyelashes, Carol said to Sebastian with hostility, "Go away. We're going to have dinner."

"Why don't you remember me? Do you want me to help you recall it?" There was coldness in Sebastian's indifferent tone. 'Damn it! She left under his nose that day.' Sebastian didn't want to let her go this time. Frightened by his imposing manner, Carol couldn't help shivering. Thinking of that night, she was obviously less arrogant, but she didn't want to show weakness because she was a strong man.

Harvey's identity was a little special and would be written in the future.

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