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Sebastian Ouyang sat up from the beach chair, picked up a goblet and took a sip of wine. Looking at the sea level under the night, he was still angry.

Footsteps came from behind, and the person put the documents on the table. Sebastian still held the glass, but his eyes were cold.

Sebastian picked up the documents and looked through them carefully. His eyes immediately fell on a girl.

A mysterious smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. 'It turned out to be her?'

'Woman, I didn't expect to see you so soon. Humph! Let's see how you can escape from me this time. Woman, prey, you are mine.' A cold smile appeared on Sebastian's lips.

Seeing this, Ken secretly wiped the sweat for the girl in the photo. The women was usually thrown away after Sebastian was interested enough. If the prey accidentally offended the master, then only her bones would be left. Ken couldn't help but guess how the girl in the photo, who looked extremely beautiful, irritated Sebastian?

Her name was Carol Qiao. She was eighteen years old, Chinese citizen, 1.66 meter in height, forty-five kilograms, eighty-five, sixty, eighty-four in three sizes.

Profession: internship policewoman, she had caught five thieves, one of whom did not recruit, the other two escaped, and the other two were deliberately caught by her.

She was six grade black belt. She could shoot from left and right at the same time. And she shoot the target by 100%.

Background: she was born in Taipei, China. According to the police investigation, she didn't seem to be the real kid of the Qiao family, and her real parents were still unknown.

Address: unknown.

Looking at the information of Carol, Ken was secretly shocked. When he looked at the photo, he thought she was an ordinary weak woman, but he didn't expect that Carol was a policewoman and had reached grade six of judo. It seemed that she was good at kung fu, so Ken sighed slightly. No matter how good Carol was, she would not be a match for his highness. This woman was going to be in trouble!

Leaning back on the beach chair, Sebastian closed his eyes and ordered, "Keep investigating. I want all the information about Carol Qiao, large and detailed. The more detailed, the better."

"Yes. Your highness, I'll do it right away. " Then Ken turned around and was about to leave.


Turning around, Ken said, "Your Highness, please give me your order."


end someone to keep an eye on where Carol is and report her whereabouts to me at any time. In addition, give her a gift for me."

After giving orders to his men, Sebastian looked at the smiling woman in the computer again. He touched the face on the screen with his index finger and couldn't help but think of that night in the hotel. She had such a sweet taste, fair skin and beautiful figure. Thinking of this, he couldn't help but feel hot. 'Damn it!' Sebastian cursed, "How could I react so strongly to her?"

He murmured, "Carol Qiao, if you dare to provoke me, you have to pay the price. I'd like to see what will happen when you are stripped naked and thrown into the sea."

The rising waves hit the shore, and the bright moon emerged together on the sea. It was a rare sunny and peaceful night. Carol was lying on the terrace of the water room, basking in the moonlight. Lisa sat next to her on the ground, with a notebook in her arms, and was doing private work on the Internet.

Since the last time in the bar, Lisa had never done anything there. She was very conflicted and felt sorry.

"Lisa, I'm glad that you can come to accompany me." Said Carol softly.

"Carol, don't you blame me for what happened last time? I'm really sorry for you. " "It's not your fault. Please don't mention it, okay? You've said sorry to me a few hundred times. There's only one man. I thought it was a one night stand, really. Just take it as my own will. " After that, Carol figured it out. As for the mark on her chest, Carol planned to get a tattoo to cover it after she returned home.

"Carol" Lisa opened her mouth and wanted to say something more, but finally she swallowed it. She decided that she would never do anything sorry again.

"How long ago we lay on the bed and stared blankly at the sky like this? I almost can't remember. " Carol sighed and took the opportunity to change the topic.

"Two years ago." Lisa looked at the night sky and sighed that time was in a hurry. "Yeah, unknowingly, we have been on our own life track for two years, but our friendship doesn't change.

With one hand crossed the balcony railing and the other on the top of Lisa's head, Carol stretched out her hands and her fingers wrapped around Lisa's long hair. A myriad of thoughts crowded into her mind.

"Let me tell you. Although I come from a rich family, I'm adopted." Said Carol in a low voice.


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