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   Chapter 4 A Stunning Beauty

Devil's Bride: Prey On Your Love By Piao Guo Characters: 5210

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Carol was a strong girl, but she couldn't bear such a series of blows. She was not born by her parents, but was adopted. "Waa..." Carol began to cry.

"Don't be sad. We love you very much." Elliott tried to hold her in his arms, but she pushed him away silently.

Maybe it was not the right time today. Elliott cursed in a low voice. 'How could he be so impatient?'

"Can you go out? I want to be alone for a while. " There was sadness in her indifferent tone. "Well, have a good rest. How about you go out and play for a few days?" After saying that, Elliott put a travel ticket on the table. He had planned to go with her. It seemed that if he went with her, she wouldn't go. Elliott sighed and walked out quietly.

Time seemed to stand still. Sitting at the head of the bed, Carol was lost in thought and fell asleep. She didn't know how long she had slept, but when she woke up, Carol found that it was the second day and she was in a better mood. She stood up and ran to the bathroom to take a shower. She changed into a new outfit, with white short sleeves and denim short skirt on her upper body. Her hair was casually placed behind her like a sea bath. Carol looked beautiful, but her eyes were slightly red and swollen in the mirror, and she was wandering.

From now on, she had to be independent and couldn't rely on her parents. She had to work hard by herself. When Carol saw the travel ticket on the table before she went out, she thought for a while and put it in her pocket when she put it in her clothes. She'd better go out to relax. Maybe when she came back, the rain had already gone.

On the beach of Las Vegas, the sea water, with blue waves in the breeze, lazily climbed up the beach and slowly retreated. The beach along the blue coastline was incomparably vast, with fine sand and white fine, and the hills extending. The trees were lush, and the air was fresh. The sea waves rippled. Under the tall brown coconut tree, several children were playing around the coconut tree. Waves, tropical coconut trees, children, and even some handsome men and beautiful women with all colors of clothes, forming a beautiful scenery in summer.

When Carol looked at the sea far away from the beach, many tiny rubber boats slowly glided on the sea and gradually far away from the Bay, heading to the vast blue sea far away.

The boat seemed to be good, and her melancholy disappeared in an instant. Carol jumped on a small boat and chased after the group of people, thinking that she would surpass them easily. The people behind her all looked at her action in shock as if they co

uld swallowed eggs.

"Oh my God! Look at her! How dare she compete with Mr. Sebastian?" The girl in purple said in surprise. It was disgusting. Didn't she know that this highness didn't allow others to show off in front of him?

"It's real! I don't know how she will died." A girl gossiped behind them.

Carol's hair was as beautiful as a sea bath. She had a pair of blue beautiful eyes, an upturned nose, and a cherry like lips. And her fair skin was so soft and beautiful. Carol continued to drive forward, directly ignoring the several pairs of eyes behind her.

"Damn it! This woman is so bold!" Someone cursed behind her.

"Don't say that. She is so beautiful. I really want to flirt with her." Another rich man said, which made the girl beside feel uncomfortable.

When Carol passed the boat, a wave rushed over. The small leather boat hit Sebastian's boat, which was very light, but the boat still made a big noise. Carol felt something strange and couldn't help but look over there. "Oh my God!" Carol couldn't help screaming, and her face immediately turned red. They were so...

She was so ashamed that she ran away immediately.

The scream startled the woman who was almost naked in the boat and hurried to look for clothes.

Sebastian also felt the unusual atmosphere. He stopped kissing the girl and turned around. He saw a side face. That girl was so beautiful. The short skirt set off her beautiful line, which made him feel dizzy. But this girl seemed to be a little familiar. Because the light line was too bright, so Sebastian could not see her clearly for a while. "A stunning beauty?" Sebastian stood up from the girl and put on his clothes. 'Damn it! Didn't she know that he didn't like to be disturbed?'

Damn it! Sebastian swore that today was the ugliest day for him. That woman dared to shout so loudly in public, as if she was afraid that the world would not know. No one in his life dared to provoke him, and that damn strange woman did it!

In fact, all the men and women on the other ships looked at him as if he was a new race. He felt that he had become an appreciative animal of the zoo and lost his face.

With his hands clenched into fists, Sebastian's face was as gloomy as the weather in Siberia.

At dusk, Sebastian lay on the balcony of the villa with only beach pants and closed his eyes for rest. Once again, Sebastian cursed angrily in a low voice. It had been six hours since he was picked up by that angel like woman, but his anger had no signs of cooling down.

'Damn it! I'll find you out as long as you haven't left the beach.'

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