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   Chapter 3 A Bloody Brand

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Carol gritted her teeth angrily. She put on her clothes and mocked him behind his back. Her coat was destroyed, so she had to cover herself with a quilt. "I don't need your money. This is just a nightmare for me. It was like getting bit by a mad dog!" She muttered the last sentence softly.

However, Sebastian still caught what she said. He paused at the bathroom door. How dare she compare him to a lowly dog? He was a member from the royal family. There was a cold glint in Sebastian's eyes. He suddenly turned around, leaned close to her, and grabbed her neck. Carol struggled to breathe. He was squeezing the life out of her!

When she closed her eyes, Carol found that the grip around her neck was gone. She pulled in a few deep breaths and stared at him with hatred. 'He wants to kill me!'

Seeing the disgusted look on her face, Sebastian was even more furious. It was the first time a woman had looked at him like this!

Sebastian took out something from his pocket and pulled her over to him. Suddenly, he tugged the quilt down from her chest and pressed the square box hard against her chest. "Ah! You bastard! What are you doing?"

It burned so much that Carol almost passed out from the pain. Sebastian stared at the striking word "Seban" on her skin with evil satisfaction.

"This is the price you have to pay for angering me. From now on, this brand will always remind you that you are my woman!" he snapped. Lowering her head, Carol looked at the bloody mark on her body. A permanent reminder of the ghastly night. Tears streamed down her eyes. 'Why did he do this to me?'

Sebastian wanted to say something more, but his phone rang. He quickly pressed the answer key and walked to the window. "Dad, what's up?" Sebastian said fretfully.

Seeing that he was busy on the phone, Carol quickly put on his shirt and the rest of her clothes. There was only one thought in her mind, which was to get as far away as possible from this fiend.

"Seban, I have found a good wife for you. Come home and have a look when you have time. You are 26 years old now. Stop frivolously chasing women!" urged his father.

"Okay, okay!" Sebastian answered impatiently, as his eyes darted to Carol from time to time. Once Carol was fully dressed, she took one last look at him, and rushed to the door.

"Stop!" Sebastian shouted, fuming. "Seban, what happened?" His father's anxious voice came through the phone. "Nothing. I have to hang up now. I'll call you tonight," he said shortly.

After hanging up the phone, Sebastian dashed out of the door. Las Vegas was a big city. It was not easy to find someone here. Suddenly, he did not want to let her go so easily. He quickly ran downstairs and looked around. The street was full of people, and there was no trace of her. Regret flashed in his blue eyes.

He shoved the thought of Carol out of mind. 'She was just a random woman. Forget it!'

Sebastian whispered to himself, "You'd better be careful, woman, and pray that I don't meet you again." Then he turned around and left.

Carol found her car, opened the door and got in. She started the engine and finally escaped. The car rolled into a villa slowly. Seeing the well-manicured lawns and the lush trees, one could tell that the hostess's family belonged to the upper class of society.

Warm sunshine slanted into the tranquil garden in which stood a handsome man with angular features and sexy lips. His name was Elliott Qiao, and he was Carol's brother.

After parking the car, Carol rushed to him.

"Brother, how come you are here?" Carol threw herself into his arms, trying to hide the sadness in her eyes. "I arrived last night, but you didn't come back home all night. Where were you?" asked Elliott Qiao in a serious tone. His sister was staying alone in the United States and she had not come home all night. How could he not be worried?

"I went

to my classmate's home. We had some wine, so I slept at her home," Carol explained, averting her gaze. She couldn't let her brother know what had happened last night. Elliott Qiao looked at her carefully and didn't notice anything unusual. When he looked at Carol's side profile, he couldn't tear his eyes away. His sister was becoming more and more beautiful. Her long, curly eyelashes added a little charm to her spirit. Her nose was small and pert, and her lips were soft and red. Her entire body emitted a radiant glow.

Elliott Qiao knew that he shouldn't have such thoughts, but ever since he had overheard the conversation between his parents and found out that Carol was not his biological sister, he could no longer conceal his feelings. He was already twenty-nine years old, but he didn't have a girlfriend for a long time. Perhaps that was because he was in love with his sister. But when his eyes fell on her shirt, he immediately narrowed his eyes. "What's wrong with your clothes? Why are you wearing men's clothes?"

"Oh, I was drunk yesterday and threw up all over my clothes. My classmate is so fat that I couldn't wear her clothes. So she lent me her boyfriend's shirt," Carol explained hurriedly. However, she couldn't meet his eyes as she felt guilty. "Nonsense!" Elliott Qiao instantly knew that she was lying. He pulled her shirt slightly and noticed the hickeys on her neck. The hickeys were like bright red flowers on her snow-white skin. Elliott's fists tightened, and his gentle expression suddenly became extremely cold. He was enraged and his handsome face turned red. If he had known such things would happen, he would have told his parents that he liked her and wanted to marry her. But now it was too late.

Looking at her brother's gloomy face, Carol sensed that something was wrong. He was upset, but she didn't understand why. With an aggrieved look on her face, Carol stared at Elliott in a daze.

Elliott didn't pay much attention to her expression. An unexpected feeling of jealousy exploded in his chest. He bent down, lifted her in his arms, and walked into the room. Carol was taken aback. 'Why my brother is so excited?

Why is he carrying me inside?'

Elliott gently put her on the bed and stared at her for a while. Then he caressed her beautiful lips with his slender fingers. Carol found her brother's behavior a little strange today, but she couldn't quite pinpoint what was different about him.

The next moment, Elliott pulled her into his arms and kissed her luscious lips. Carol's beautiful eyes widened in an instant. "Brother! What are you doing?" Carol shouted with a frightened expression.

But Elliott ignored her and lowered his head to kiss her neck.

"Are you crazy? You are my brother! Are you going to rape me like the way that devil did last night? I'm your sister!" Carol screamed. Tears streamed down her face.

Her voice fell on Elliot's ears like a clap of thunder. He was jolted back to his senses. He suddenly let go of her and pushed her away. His chest was heaving. 'My God! What am I doing? How can I touch her this way?' he thought shamefully.

He had underestimated the influence his sister had on him. He thought he could control his emotions, but what was he doing just now?

Elliott's expression was a mix of chagrin and anger. Carol was heartbroken. 'Why is this happening to me?' she thought miserably.

She trudged to the French window, hugging herself and staring at the scenery outside. She was trying to make sense of her feelings.

The room was so quiet that only the sound of the clock ticking could be heard. Elliott had stopped immediately after hearing that she was raped by someone.

"Carol, you are not my sister. You are adopted by my father," he explained. He wanted to tell her he had liked her all along, but when he saw her terrified expression, he swallowed his words.

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