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   Chapter 139 Good To See You Here

Fake Marriage: Love Takes Me To You By Moonlight Under Sycamore Characters: 10438

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Arya walked towards Megan. Looking at the subtle atmosphere between Lucian and Megan, she seemed to have understood everything. She sighed slightly and walked to the side of the two. Seeing that Megan had attracted his mother attention, he was in a rage, but his mother stood beside him, so he could not lose her temper.

Looking at Arya, Megan was a little flustered and didn't know what to do. In fact, she didn't know how to face Arya. She had thought that it would be easier to deal with only Lucian here, but now when she saw Arya, she remembered that Arya had been so good to her in the past. But in the end, she left without saying anything and didn't say goodbye to her.

Thinking of this, Megan turned around and was about to leave. Arya happened to see her subconscious action. Arya hadn't seen Megan for a long time, so she stopped her in time.

Megan was stunned on the spot. She slowly turned around. Looking at Arya's slightly moved expression, she felt a burst of sadness in her heart.

Looking at the bags of tonics in Megan's hands, she thought that she must have seen the news on the Internet that Bryant was sick. Then she wanted to visit her, but she didn't expect to meet his son. That was why she was a little embarrassed and wanted to escape from her now. In fact, Megan was very filial. She could see it from the time when the two of them hadn't divorced.

Although she had doubts about the reason why the two of them divorced, she would not mention this sad thing to Megan. After all, it was his son who took the initiative to divorce, and his attitude was very decisive. She could not stop him, so she let him go. In the end, he ended the marriage of the two without letting her know it at all.

Lucian felt that his head was about to explode. He hadn't handled the matter well. When he met Megan here, he wanted to drive her away. But before she could leave, she was seen by Arya. In fact, he didn't want his mother to see Megan at all, because he knew that Megan had deceived his mother deeply before. He was afraid that Arya would be sad again when she saw Megan here.

"Mom, why did you come out? Do you need some water? I will do it for you. You should go back now." When Lucian saw Arya, he suddenly thought of the cup and the thermos bottle in his hands, he began to blame himself in his heart. He didn't fill the thermos bottle with water in time, so his mother come out to find him. That was why she saw this scene. Therefore, Lucian took the initiative, hoping to save the situation.

Seeing Lucian's reaction, Arya knew what he was thinking. Then she remembered the quarrel between them in the corridor just now. She was a little angry with Lucian.

Perhaps he didn't want to see Megan, so he wanted to drive Megan away with anger. If she hadn't come out in time just now, it would have been difficult for her to see this obedient girl in the future, including in her whole life.

Instead of answering Lucian's words, she looked at Megan with mixed feelings. She hadn't seen Megan for a long time, not to mention that she had just asked Lucian about her not long ago. She fe

, you must take good care of yourself." Megan's words did sound like a concern for the elder, but because her words were so ordinary, which created a sense of distance between them.

Because of Megan's words, Arya, who was just happy to see Megan, felt a little disappointed. But she knew clearly in her heart that it was normal for Megan to talk to her like this. After all, it had been four years, and no feelings would not change.

Arya smiled helplessly, "Yes, I have to take good care of myself now. I am not young anymore."

Hearing Arya's seemingly joking words, Megan felt a little sad. Yes, the Lu Family was very busy now. Bryant was sick, and Lucian had to manage such a big company. How could Arya not take good care of herself and make trouble for the family?

"Megan, why did you divorce with Lucian?" Arya really wanted to know why, but Lucian refused to tell her. Now that Arya saw Megan, she didn't beat around the bush and asked her directly. After all, she was very satisfied with her ex-daughter-in-law.

The sudden question caught Megan off guard. She didn't expect that Arya would ask this question as soon as they met. In fact, it was an unexpected day today. She just planned to come to see Bryant and then leave quietly. But she met Lucian first and the two quarreled, which alerted Arya.

However, Megan didn't want to reveal the past. Moreover, perhaps she herself wasn't sure about the reason, so she had to say, "We are not suitable for each other. Naturally, we need to separate with each other, which is good for both of us."

Divorce was not her wish, but it was her who proposed it. A marriage without trust, a love that could be broken up by someone else. He didn't believe her at all, and it was easy for him to change the attitude towards her by others' words. What was the meaning of continuing to be together?

In a marriage, she lost her lover, lost her best friend, and forced herself to leave the place where she grew up. During that period, Megan didn't know how to make herself back on track with disappointment in her heart.

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