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   Chapter 138 An Encounter

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When Megan arrived at the downstairs of the hospital, Megan hesitated again. What should she say? Would Bryant, who had been strong all his life, feel that she felt sympathy for him? And what kind of identity should she visit Lucian's father? The younger generation was still the former daughter-in-law?

She walked back and forth in front of the gate of the hospital for a few times. Megan gave up struggling. Since she had come, maybe she didn't need to think about all these questions until they meet. Anyway, everything was unknown. Even if she had made up her mind now, things would not go as she thought.

It had to be said that Megan's feeling was really accurate. After psychological construction, Megan went in.

Arya, who had been in the hospital for a few days, felt that the days in the hospital were extremely boring.

The smell of disinfectant pervaded everywhere. For Arya, who would never come to the hospital for minor diseases or pains, this was simply hell.

It was okay that she felt sick and boring in the hospital. However, every time she saw her unconscious husband, Arya felt that every second she stayed here was suffering.

Fortunately, Lucian came here every day to take a walk with her and talk to Bryant, who hadn't woken up yet. Otherwise, she would fall down under pressure before Bryant recovered.

"Dad, listen to the doctor. Don't think too much. I'll take care of everything outside. You must recover as soon as possible." Lucian murmured, regretting that he didn't care about his father until he fell ill. At this moment, Lucian had a deep understanding of what it meant that children would like to support but parents didn't have time to wait for them.

In the past few days, Lucian had been talking to Bryant every day. Although he didn't know if Bryant could hear him, Arya was relieved to see that her son began to express his feelings.

Arya didn't want her son to feel guilty all the time and didn't want him to be under too much pressure, so she changed the topic, "Lucian, what's wrong with you and Shelly? Are you serious with you two relationship?"

Lucian had no choice but to say perfunctorily, "Mom, I will deal with it well. I will have a talk with Shelly. You'd better not take it to heart."

"I'm not asking you to do anything. I'm old and your father... We don't want to get involved in your young people's affairs anymore," Arya sighed as she thought of the past.

When she thought of the past, Arya seemed to become talkative. "Well, I wonder how Megan is now."

He didn't want to ruin Arya's mood, so Lucian didn't want to say anything more. He just listened quietly and nodded from time to time to show that he was listening.

Lost in her memory, she talked to herself for a while. Arya suddenly felt a little thirsty and found that there was no water in the room. So, Lucian picked up Arya's vacuum cup and was about to go outside to get some water for Arya.

Megan, with all kinds of tonics in her hands, just arrived at the floor where Bryant was. After she stepped out of the elevator, she took a deep breath, adjusted her smile and started to walk towards to Bryant's ward.

There were always many people walking back and forth in the corridor in the daily time, but now it seemed a littl

Megan, who had stayed in the corridor for a long time, didn't want to stay any longer.

She passed Lucian and was about to leave, but Lucian grabbed Megan's wrist.

"Let me go!" Megan was a little angry now.

How could Lucian listen to her? He just said coldly, "Get out of here!"

No one was willing to give in, and the situation was at a stalemate again.

Megan regretted that she didn't come at the right time. She felt that she was so unlucky recently that she didn't do anything smoothly. Megan was annoyed and had a headache. She also thought that it was really wrong for her to come here rashly. Now she met Lucian, and she didn't know who she would meet in the ward later.

In the room, Arya, who was waiting for Lucian to get some water for her, was very tired because she had been accompanying Bryant all the time. Now her son was here, so she thought she should have a rest and sleep for a while.

But the continuous quarrels outside made Arya unable to calm down and have a rest.

Arya listened carefully and found that the man's voice was like Lucian's and there was a smell of gunpowder in his words.

And that very weak female voice, even if her voice could not be heard, Arya felt that this voice was very familiar.

The doctor had told her that Bryant needed to have a good rest in a quite environment. It was not quiet now. And when she heard the woman's voice, Arya couldn't help but want to see her. In addition, she was also worried that Lucian would have a dispute with someone because of Bryant and become the headline of the news again. So she got out of bed gently and was about to go out to have a look.

The two people in the corridor were still entangling. Arya opened the door and looked out. She saw that not far away, Lucian had his back to her, but the girl in front of him was completely blocked.

Arya walked a little to the side and saw that the person who quarreled with Lucian was not someone else, but Megan, who had brought warmth to their family.

Seeing that it was Megan, Arya couldn't help but feel happy. Arya used to be nice to Megan and like her with her heart. She was very happy to see Megan in good shape.

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