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   Chapter 137 Dream Back (Part Two)

Fake Marriage: Love Takes Me To You By Moonlight Under Sycamore Characters: 5093

Updated: 2020-09-25 00:02

She knew that she could do nothing, so she decided to take revenge. Even if she couldn't get back to the past, she would let Shelly pay the price and get what she deserved.

Then she sighed and shook her head. She still couldn't let it go. Every time she thought of it, she couldn't help thinking a lot. It was not only a pain, but also a torture to herself.

Sometimes she couldn't help but sigh that she had been silly, but everything could not go back. Since they divorced, she had been filled with grief.

Since then, she had been in a daze for a long time. She even wanted to cry when others talked to her. She also wanted to cry when she sat alone. If it weren't for the baby in her belly, she would have been unable to hold on for a long time. Later, it was because of the baby that she summoned up courage and tried to live well. She needed to have a good life for the baby. They were connected.

She sighed and moved her eyes to the computer screen, but it was covered by overwhelming news. In fact, she hadn't worked on the computer for a long time because she knew that the two people were going to get married. She didn't want to see the news about it. Now seeing so many news, she was a little scared.

But when she took a closer look, she froze in front of the computer screen like a thunderbolt. Her hands were getting colder and colder, and she was also flustered. It was the news that Bryant fell ill. She still remembered that his sharp eyes had been looking at her countless times.

This man had t

e was really something happened to his father this time, he would be very sad and regretful. He had never been nice to his father, and it was also because his father didn't love him enough that there were always many misunderstandings between the two of them.

Now that he saw his father lying here, he was very afraid that he would have no chance to express his love to his father. He knew that his parents' age was not the age to express their love. In that era, people were introverted and acted more than words, but he also wanted to be a child in front of his parents. He also wanted to hear praise and love.

When his phone rang in his pocket, Lucian got impatient. He took out his phone and found it was from his office. He hung up the phone without hesitation. He had already said that he would take care of his father in the hospital and no one was allowed to disturb him by work, but Pete was still calling him here without a good memory.

Lucian turned off the phone and held Bryant's hand quietly.

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