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   Chapter 136 Dream Back (Part One)

Fake Marriage: Love Takes Me To You By Moonlight Under Sycamore Characters: 5717

Updated: 2020-09-24 01:28

Megan opened the door and walked towards the house with her luggage. Looking at the quiet house, she thought that without her and her child, everything in her house would not be used by outsiders. Everything in the house was still the same as before. Megan sighed in her heart and took the child into the house.

Not long after they came back home, Megan felt relieved when Eric said that he missed his grandma. She thought Eric was also a person who attached great importance to family relationship. She took out the old toys that she brought back from home. Fortunately, Eric liked them and didn't make any noise anymore.

Megan walked into the study and turned on the computer. She hadn't been busy with her work for a long time recently and had asked for leave for several days. Perhaps her mailbox was full now. While thinking, she waited quietly for the computer to open.

When the computer was on, Megan suddenly saw a box on the bookshelf. She had forgotten what was in it, so she wanted to take it down and have a look. It must be some old things. Like her mother, she was nostalgic, so she didn't throw many old things away. It might be good to take them out to reminisce about the past.

Megan fetched a stool and stepped on it to get the box. However, the bookshelf was too high, and she only could touch a little of the box. Megan tried to drag it out, but found that the box was very heavy and unable to be dragged. So she tried hard, but the whole box was smashed against her. A corner of the frame hit her forehead, and a small bump popped up.

Looking at the scattered items on the ground, Megan covered her forehead with her hands and walked down from the stool. Suddenly, she saw the ph

dly at her bleeding forehead without any movement. After looking at it quietly for a while, he turned around and walked into the room. She closed the door.

She just simply treated her wound and felt a dull pain in her heart. Dragging her luggage, she didn't want to make any noise. She looked up at the bedroom upstairs, then turned around and left the Lu Family. This was the last time she looked at that place.

Thinking of this, Megan couldn't help but raise her hand to touch the scar on her forehead, but she withdrew her hand as if she got an electric shock. The photo frame hit the same spot just now, and the scar had been left on her forehead all the time. Every time she looked at herself in the mirror, she would see this scar, and she would think of the terrible past, and the days of separation.

It had been four years, but in fact, she began to doubt if she had done the right thing. At that time, she had been brave enough to hold on for so long, but in the end, there was no result. She had left that family like this and experienced a failed marriage. Until now, she did not know how to solve the misunderstanding.

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