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   Chapter 134 Hospital

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Looking at his father, Lucian felt as if his heart was cut by thousands of knives. Looking at his thin face lying on the bed, Lucian felt that his head was about to explode. Now tens of millions of things came at him together, and the most terrible thing was that when he was the most vulnerable, he actually thought of Megan.

Gentle and kind Megan always accompanied him when he was most vulnerable. At that time, he was injured and unconscious in the hospital, and it was she who took care of him day and night. In fact, he had silently observed her for a long time. When she looked serious, her eyes were like a stubborn cat, which seemed to want to refuse everyone who wanted to come close to her.

But when she became gentle, she was like the sun, which was warm and clear, like flowing water, warm and refreshing. But in the end, he still couldn't hold her. She slipped away through the cracks of his fingers, and it was him who pushed her away. About the two of them, Lucian's heart was really full of regret.

On the other side, Megan was washing vegetables when she sneezed. She tilted her head in confusion and continued to wash vegetables. Zoe, Megan's mom, was cooking Megan's favorite Cola Chicken wings. Eric was playing with the toys Megan played when she was a child in the living room.

Sure enough, his mother was nostalgic, and she didn't throw away these little toys. Eric was used to playing those modern high-tech games, and felt fresh and loved these simple and interesting toys.

Zoe repeatedly told him not to break the toys. Since Eric agreed, he had been playing, which made Megan feel relieved. Children at such an age usually wanted to stick to their mother and wanted to hang it on her.

But Eric was different. He knew that his mother had been taking care of him alone since he grew up, and she had always heard some bad words from the neighbors. He also knew what was going on.

It was said that children from poor families would take care of the family at an early age, but Eric was different. He came from a good family, but he didn't have the temper of rich child. Instead, he was more sensible and obedient, and he never let Megan worry too much.

Seeing that Megan was busy with her work, Zoe felt sorry for her. She felt that she was not a good mother. In fact, she could see that Megan had suffered so much and she never complained or talked about anything. She just wanted to make herself better.

There were many people in the world who only tell the good news to their parents. Megan was a filial daughter, and she didn't say anything when she encountered something. But when she looked into Megan's eyes, Zoe also understood a lot. Every mother knew her daughter well.

"Megan, you can go there to accompany the child. I will do these things for you. You are so busy with your work every day. Have a good rest. Don't exhaust yourself. If you work too hard right now, when you are old and get sick, you would even need your son to take care of you. You will also suffer at that time." Zoe wanted Megan to have a rest, so she wanted to take all the work.

In fact, Zoe didn't think she was a capable p

we were with him. I also suddenly thought of it and wanted to ask what happened to your ex-wife and you."

Lucian was confused, but somehow nervous, "Why did mother suddenly ask this?"

Arya smiled and said, "My son, as you know, your mother is not an unreasonable person. Tell me, what happened to you two? In my impression, she is an obedient person, gentle and intellectual, and you love each other very much. But why did you divorce? You haven't told mom about this."

After hearing Arya's words, Lucian lowered his head. In the past, he would bear everything alone, because there was no need to tell his family about these unnecessary things. But now his mother suddenly asked, and he couldn't help but have a doubt.

"Megan is gentle and sensible, but you can't judge a person by her appearance. If you only see the good side of her, she was really a good woman. But all this what she wants us to see, and the other side is unknown to us. If someone didn't tell me, I'm afraid that I would be kept in the dark for the rest of my life." Lucian said seriously.

After hearing this, Arya still didn't understand, and a cloud of doubts shrouded her. "But son, I still don't understand. You two were so affectionate before. Why suddenly you two turn into this? In fact, if there is any confusion between two people, communication is the key. There is no need to make such a big decision so easily."

Seeing that his father's infusion was about to be finished, Lucian called the doctor to fill the drip. Then he crossed his hands on his knees. "Mom, there are a lot of things you don't understand. In fact, if you think she is a good woman, I don't want to destroy your good impression on her, because I know that the feeling. The feeling of disillusionment with someone you used to love and think highly of."

"Son, it's normal for two people to stumble on the road, but if both of you don't want to solve it, but want to end this relationship in a hurry, then this relationship should no longer exist between you two. In fact, it's also your choice to separate, and I support your choice."

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