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   Chapter 133 Accompany You To See The Wedding Dress

Fake Marriage: Love Takes Me To You By Moonlight Under Sycamore Characters: 9596

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"Dick, I really hope that we can meet soon. But I have a lot of trouble to deal with now, which makes me very upset and sad." Shelly said obsequiously.

In fact, if Dick didn't know her well, he might really believe what she said. But in fact, Dick knew that it was just her trick to lie to him. She wanted him to do something for her.

"Shelly, tell me what difficulties you are in and what troubles you are in. I will help you solve whatever I can. I will never hide anything from you." After saying that, Dick turned on the recording in silence.

Shelly was very happy with what he said. She could finally find someone else to comfort her after she was not treating well by Lucian. She was also satisfied. "In fact, my husband doesn't love me. He even didn't have time to go to pick wedding dresses and jewelry with me. He won't do these things with me. He stays in the work pile all day long and uses these excuses to avoid me."

Dick asked in surprise, "Why is there such a big difference between people? He got you, but he didn't cherish you. I couldn't get you. I wanted to be good to you, but I couldn't do anything about it. I didn't have a justified reason or identity."

"I have no choice. We two got married first. In fact, I feel very sad, but I don't know who I can talk to." Shelly pretended to be very sad and came to cry. It sounded very touching on the phone, but in fact, there was no tear stains on Shelly's face at all.

Dick knew her too well, so he didn't really care about her or anything else. Instead, he would play a play with her. "So, you haven't prepared your wedding photos, your wedding dresses, rings, and jewelry yet?"

Shelly nodded. But she realized that he couldn't see it, so she replied on the phone, "Well, I went to his company today and wanted him to accompany me, but he scolded me in front of many people in the company. I had no choice but to go home directly."

"How about I go with you? Anyway, there is nothing to do in the hospital today." As soon as Dick finished his words, he heard Shelly laughing happily and pleasantly.

"Really? Are you really willing to go with me? Thank you so much. I don't know what to say!" The happy tone of Shelly was harsh to Dick's ears. He thought, 'But it doesn't matter. You will be happy for a few more days. When you get married, it will be the darkest day in your life.'

At the place where the two of them made an appointment, Dick drove to pick up Shelly, and then went to the boutique street. From the moment Shelly saw Dick, she snuggled up to him like a little girlfriend. In the eyes of people who didn't know them, it seemed that they were really a couple.

Dick accompanied Shelly to a wedding dress shop. When the shopping guide saw the coming person, she welcomed them warmly. Looking at the variety of wedding dresses in the shop, Shelly's girlish feelings we

who was holding the steering wheel, turned his head slightly and touched Shelly's head. "Shelly, every time we two have dinner in the revolving restaurant, we have a very happy time. You are going to get married, and we may not have so much time to meet each other. So I want to go a place which is full of our memory. I really don't want you to get married."

Hearing this, Shelly felt that it was a sentimental moment, and she had to squeeze out tears to express her sincerity. "Dick, I have told you that I really don't want to get married, because you are the only one in my heart, but what can I do? He forced me to marry him. Take things as they come. Instead of living a miserable life every day, I would rather accept what has happened."

With these words, Shelly cried, tears streaming down her cheeks. Dick wiped her tears, pretending to be distressed, "Well, I know your love for me is true, and so am I. let's stop talking about this. We're going to the revolving restaurant. Let's go up and have a good meal, and eat up all these unhappiness and troubles, okay?"

With tears in her eyes, Shelly nodded heavily, "Dick, I think it's the greatest luck in my life to know you. I feel that all my good luck is used to meet you. My friends have left me and betrayed me one after another. So please don't leave my life, okay?"

Dick nodded. Looking at the hypocritical face of Shelly, he felt very funny. The two of them were just acting according to circumstances. 'Why did we make ourselves so tired? Fortunately, when you get married, I will be relieved, and you will be almost relieved.' He comforted, "Silly girl, don't cry."

Dick parked the car underground, and then the two went to the revolving restaurant together. The familiar decoration was the easiest to relax. Listening to the melodious music, Dick felt better. He quickly took Shelly to sit down and ordered a lot of delicious food.

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