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   Chapter 131 Messing Around At Home After Getting Married

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"Let me tell you. Isolating me from Aron is just a psychological comfort. In fact, it doesn't work. The relationship between the two of us is incomparable!" Emily's face turned red as she argued. She was very angry with Megan's calm smile.

Megan stopped smiling and looked at her. Emily stepped back subconsciously. Megan leaned forward a little and said, "Don't worry. I won't hinder the development of the two of you. After all, I don't know whether he likes women like you or not? Since you two are old acquaintances, you must know him better than I do!"

Biting her lower lip, Emily asked loudly, "Whether he likes me or not, it is none of your business. Can you stop talking nonsense here? Have you said enough? Every time you see me, you say these words to me. Is it interesting?"

Megan returned to her normal state and smiled at Emily. She rubbed the coffee cup with her fingers and said, "Little girl, do you know there is a saying that goes, 'Truth needs not many words'. So your loud shout will only make others think you are uneducated and have no reason. Well, I don't have time to tell you more. I have a few documents to deal with and then let you bring to the warehouse."

After saying that, Megan left. As soon as she walked out of the door of the tea room, she saw that all the employees were looking at her. They all gave her thumbs up at the same time. Megan laughed and said, "It turns out that the sound insulation is so bad. I just wanted to teach that little girl a lesson. I did not mean to disturb your work!"

After saying that, Megan went back to her own office in the admiration glance coming from the people in the office. In the tea room, Emily was so angry that her nose twitched. The coffee in her cup was half cold and spilled directly. Before she came to her senses, she was asked to move the documents.

Lucian was dealing with the files of the cooperation project with HT Group in his office. Suddenly, he heard a loud noise outside the door. The sound came from far to near and came to the door of his office.

"Miss, you really can't go in. The CEO would not see the guests without an appointment. Please don't make things difficult for us."

"Get out of my way! Do you hear me? Do you know who I am?" The woman outside shouted. A bad feeling rose in Lucian's heart.

"Bang!" The glass door of the office was knocked open all of a sudden. The woman standing outside was exactly the one Lucian had expected. At this moment, Shelly was standing outside the door in a mink coat. Her face was red. She argued with the two receptionists at the door.

She slammed the door open. When she s

s just because of such a small matter? His anger now was the last sanity.

"I tell you, you have just done something unforgivable for yourself. Don't challenge my limits any more." The veins on Lucian's forehead bulged and were about to burst when he said these words through clenched teeth. He was trying his best to calm himself down with his remaining sanity.

"Lucian, why don't you take a wedding photo with me? It's just a little thing, and it only takes you half a day. Can't you do it for me? Am I not even worth a file in your heart?" Shelly cried and screamed, and her sharp voice pierced into the brain of Lucian.

Hearing this, the employees outside didn't dare to say a word. They pretended not to hear it and concentrated on their work. They knew that they couldn't interfere in this matter, so there was no need to listen to it at all.

"Do you know what kind of business opportunities and how much money can be made by the project you just destroyed? This project is worth more than buying you five sets of wedding dresses, ten sets of gold and silver jewelry, and twenty sets of wedding photos. Do you understand?" Lucian looked up at Shelly. The anger and bloodshot in his eyes frightened Shelly.

Shelly was trembling. She knew she couldn't afford to offend this man. She had never seen him so angry, so she stood still and didn't dare to speak.

"So I give you ten seconds to get out of here. It is no use for you to stand here and apologize. No matter what you do you can't make up for the loss of this project." Lucian clenched his fists. "You saved my life before. Because of this, I didn't kick you out of my house and my life. You should be content. Please don't keep asking and worrying about whether I love you or not."

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