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   Chapter 130 The Company Was In Trouble

Fake Marriage: Love Takes Me To You By Moonlight Under Sycamore Characters: 10048

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Megan sent the child to school, and Aron's car followed behind. Megan stepped on the gas and passed the traffic light in front of him. Aron was stopped by the traffic light. Aron was in a good mood. He took out his phone and send an emoji to Megan.

Megan's call came in an instant. Aron was taken aback and quickly answered it.

"Hey, where is Aron? Oh, he is left behind by me. Isn't Aron good at driving? What's going on? It seems that the traffic light stop you. Now I'm ahead of you." Megan joked while driving.

Aron didn't know whether to cry or to laugh on the other end of the phone, "Megan, you'd better focus on driving. Send the child to school as soon as possible. Don't delay him from going to school. I'll be there soon." After hearing what Aron had said, Megan hung up the phone.

As soon as the child arrived at the school, Aron's car rushed over. The two honked to each other and drove to the company. The automatic door opened and the two appeared at the door of the company together. At the moment, Emily was in arrogant spirits in the company office. As soon as she saw the two people come in together, she pretended to be obedient in front of Aron, but she was still very angry.

Megan and she looked at each other and Megan knew that it must not be a peaceful day today. When they arrived at the door of Megan's office, Aron and Megan said that they would have lunch together, and then Megan went into the office. With a smile on his face, Aron turned around and was in a good mood. Seeing all this, Emily was so angry that she stamped her feet.

She looked at the pile of documents in her hands and was annoyed when she thought that she needed to send them to the warehouse later. After coming to the company, she would not have many chances to go to Aron's office, let alone get close to him. It seemed that Megan did it on purpose. Judging from her relationship with Aron, there must be some secrets between the two.

She took a deep breath. She would never let Megan go so easily. She was so tired because of Megan. Yesterday was her first day at work, and Megan had already given her a head-on blow. She must return it to her today, or she would lose her position in the company in the future.

Lucian has been sitting next to the time clocks since he arrived at the company. The employees didn't expect him to be here like this today, every late employee walked to the time clocks and trembled unconsciously when they saw the CEO sitting there.

Lucian's face darkened. He clenched his fists and his knuckles turned white. Obviously, he was furious now. He was too busy with the company's projects these days and didn't pay much attention to the employees. He didn't expect that the daily routine of the employees dared to be late. Moreover, according to the previous records of clocking in, no one was late. It must be the supervisor who did something secretly on this.

"Now everyone, come here." Lucian's voice was not loud, but it was powerful enough to shock e

what they said, Emily seemed to be thinking about the possibility that they would spend the night together. She was so absorbed in thinking about the authenticity of this matter that she didn't notice that the coffee had spilled out. Megan came in to make the coffee. Seeing this, she kindly reminded her.

"What are you thinking about? Are you thinking about work? Your coffee is about to spill out. If only everyone in the company could be so focus like you." After saying that, Megan looked at Emily, who came to her senses with a disgusted look on her face, and smiled.

Reflexively, Emily took a step back and said, "Of course I know the coffee is going to spill out. Why do I need you to remind me? Take good care of your work. Why are you so free every day?"

Although Emily said those words, she was glad that Megan had reminded her. Otherwise, her hand would be burnt if the coffee spilled on her hand.

"Because I'm the director. My job is to be responsible for some important things, such as signing, pressing a fingerprint or something. I don't need to do these small work of delivering things to the warehouse." After making the coffee, Megan raised her cup and gestured for Emily to leave.

"I know you arranged me to send those materials to the warehouse on purpose. You are afraid that I will take the place of you after I stay with Mr. Aron for a long time. You are afraid that I will pose a threat to you, aren't you?" Emily rolled her eyes at Megan and said her deduction in a vigorous manner.

Megan turned to look at Emily. "Emily, have you watched too much TV series? Do you think life is a novel? You'd better give up such kind of thoughts and plots as soon as possible. I don't think it's good for you to keep such thoughts in your heart."

"I..." Emily was so angry that she couldn't say a word. She pause a while and said, "Whether it is good for me or not? It's none of your business. An aged woman like you shouldn't do such kind of useless things anymore, okay?"

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