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   Chapter 129 Small Episode

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Aron was good at cooking. Megan felt that the food was even better than that of a five star hotel. Eric also liked eating and kept talking. If Megan hadn't reminded him, he wouldn't have stopped eating.

After dinner, Megan stood up and cleaned up all the dishes on the table and went to the kitchen. Aron followed in. Seeing that Megan had put the bowls and chopsticks into the basin to help wash the dishes, Aron didn't stop her. The two washed the dishes together.

Eric went to the living room and picked up Aron's phone to fiddle with it. As soon as Aron turned on the tap, water splashed all over Megan's body. With a scream of Megan, Aron laughed. Seeing that Aron was laughing so happily, Megan picked up a little water and splashed it back to Aron. Not to be outdone, the laughter spread out from the kitchen.

Eric ran over, took Aron's phone and took several photos. Then he ran away. Megan smiled, with her eyes bent like crescent moons. Looking at this, Aron's eyes were as gentle as water.

After playing for a long time, the dishes were washed. Aron took a towel to wipe Megan's hands. "Well, you go to watch TV with Eric. I'm going to take a shower. I'm sweating, and there are fruits and snacks on the table. I haven't eaten them before. You two can eat whatever you want."

Megan nodded and watched Aron's back disappear at the corner. Then she walked to Eric and watched TV with him. Aron felt warm in his heart. He had been living here alone since he came back from abroad. Now that Megan and Eric were in his house, he felt happy.

As soon as he walked to the bathroom and closed the door, he saw Megan's underwear on the towel rack. Aron's face turned red, and he felt that there was some reaction on his body unconsciously. At this moment, Megan suddenly remembered that she had forgotten the underwear in the bathroom, so she quickly ran upstairs. Seeing that the bathroom door had been closed, she was very regretful. Standing at the door, she didn't know how to knock.

After hesitating for a long time, Megan finally decided to knock on the door. "Aron, I've left something inside. Is it convenient for you? I'll go in and get it..." Megan waited for the response inside. After hesitating for a few seconds, Aron adjusted himself.

"Well, I'll hand it to you." As soon as Aron finished his words, Megan's face turned red in an instant. Was Aron going to touch her underwear with his hand? She could say anything about this. Megan was so anxious outside that she clenched her fist.

At this time, the door of the bathroom opened and a towel was handed out. Megan looked at the towel blankly and didn't understand until a while later. She quickly took it over and held it in her arms. "Well, you can take a shower now. I'm going downstairs. Thank you."

Megan ran downstairs in a hurry and was a little confused. Fortunately, Aron didn't say anything, or she would be very embarrassed.

On the other side, Lucian was not so relaxed. A woman stood in front of him, holding a magazine and selecting the latest styles of diamond neck

house. It was quite unexpected. She woke up Eric, took him to wash his face and come downstairs.

Looking at the delicious food and steaming milk on the table, Megan felt that she was extremely happy. She hadn't had this experience in a long time. Someone prepared breakfast for her before she woke up. Her appetite increased greatly. She was about to start eating.

Aron came to the table with fruits. He looked at Eric, who was sleepy, and said to him with a smile, "Excuse me. Is Eric awake? Is Megan awake?"

Megan couldn't hold back her laughter and said, "Ha-ha, the two of us are awake. Let's start eating. The food you cook is so delicious. Your cooking skill is so good. Who did you learn it from? It seems that I have to learn from you! I'm really hungry."

Aron handed the milk and bread with sweet jam to Megan, and then looked at Megan. "Well, if you want to learn cooking from me, you have to pay the tuition. I have so many cooking skills. If you don't pay the tuition for me, I promise I won't teach you well."

Megan rolled her eyes at Aron and said, "Aron, could you please have breakfast now? You should see what time is it now? If you don't eat, we two will be late for work. I have to send Eric to school later. You can go to the company first."

Aron picked up the bread and took a bite. "Anyway, I'm the boss. It's up to me when to go. You need to send the child to the school. Hurry up to eat. I'll go with you to send Eric to the school. And then we two can go to the company together. Don't worry."

After saying that, a happy breakfast time began. On the other side, Lucian was not so happy. As soon as he came out of his room, he saw the living room's miserable situation on the stairs. It was all because of Shelly. The ground was full of sofa cushions and pillows, and even the fruit plates was placed on the ground.

But the gold card he gave her last night was gone. Looking at the living room, Lucian was very upset and unhappy early in the morning and went to the company without eating anything.

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