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   Chapter 128 Stay Overnight

Fake Marriage: Love Takes Me To You By Moonlight Under Sycamore Characters: 10411

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Emily looked at Megan. In fact, she always thought that Megan did it on purpose. But every time she saw Megan's sincere smile, she felt that this were the matters of the company that she should be familiar with. In order to get close to Aron, it was worth it!

"I like to wear these beautiful shoes. It has nothing to do with you whether they are good for my health or not. You don't need to come here to care about me hypocritically. I don't need it." As soon as Emily finished her words, she felt as if she was walking on a knife point. Her feet were aching.

"I don't have time to care about your health. I don't have time to care about whether your feet are comfortable or not. I'm afraid that your feet will be worn out. At that time, no one here have time to do so much work which you should do and then you would delay the company's project. I have the right to sue you. You would have to go to court at that time."

Megan said in a calm voice, which scared Emily to death. She stood still and watched Megan walk forward bit by bit. Her eyes were fixed on Megan's feet. It was a pair of the most ordinary shoes, which made her feel comfortable.

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. She felt that she shouldn't do such a job which was without any technical skills in this company after she graduated from China Agricultural University. Moreover, she knew Aron's parents. She liked Aron very much when she first met him abroad, and his parents had a good impression on her.

"Are you done here? I'll take you to the warehouse now." Megan said and led her to the warehouse on the first floor. Emily looked at Megan in surprise.

She opened her eyes wide and said to Megan, "Wait, wait! Why should I go to a warehouse? I'm a civilian post. I have to work in the building. Why should I go to the warehouse? My job has nothing to do with the warehouse. You're just wasting everyone's time taking me to the warehouse." I don't think I need to go there?"

"Who told you that you have to work in the building? I'm telling you, warehouse is a place you need to go every day. Every day, you have to calculate the documents and meterials and then send them here, understand?" What Megan hated most was her arrogant appearance. She thought she graduated from China Agricultural University and thought that she was better than others. Why she was so sure that she would definitely sit in the office and be a white-collar worker?

Emily was furious. She shouted, "Who do you think you are! I graduated from China Agricultural University. Why I have to move documents to warehouse every day? Aron won't let me do this job. Do you believe it? He will be angry if you tell him!"

Megan kept walking with her hands behind her back. When she heard this, she suddenly turned around and said, "Emily, you are my subordinate now. You need to do whatever job I assign you. Don't use Aron as an excuse. It won't work. Let me tell you, he is a person who has a clear distinction between public and private interests. He is not the person you think would help you and cover up your behavior no matter what!

on led the two to the guest room on the second floor. "You two can sleep here. I have cleaned it up very well. But there is a problem. The bathroom of my guest room is broken, and the water running out of the tap is all hot water. So, you two need to come to the bathroom of my bedroom to take a shower. And then you can go to sleep after that."

"It doesn't matter. As long as you let us live here, everything is fine. Thank you, Aron." Megan felt a little embarrassed. She didn't expect to bother him to live here. If Aron hadn't come back to the city, she would have been in trouble.

"You're welcome. It's still early. I haven't had dinner yet. I'm going to cook. You can take a shower first." As soon as Aron finished his words, he was about to go downstairs. Megan realized that she hadn't eaten either. She looked down at Eric, who was also obviously hungry, so she stopped Aron.

"Aron, we two haven't eat yet." Megan felt a little embarrassed and lowered her head. Aron understood what she meant at a glance, so he smiled more brightly.

Megan walked into Aron's bedroom. The grey simple style made it clean and tidy. She walked into the bathroom. There was a big bathtub. Although it was not luxurious, it was very noble. In late autumn, this kind of rainy night was really suitable for soaking in the bath.

After pushing Eric to Aron's side, Megan went into the bathroom to take a shower. When she took off her clothes and saw the red color on her shoulder, she couldn't help but think of the girl. She was not old but she has great strength.

When the shower was about to come to an end, Megan smelled the smell of rice. Seeing that Aron had put a big shirt on his bed, Megan felt that Aron was really considerate. She put on the loose shirt and shorts, dried her hair and came to the living room.

Looking at the delicious dishes on the table, Megan had a good appetite. Seeing that she was dressed in casual clothes, Aron felt warm in his heart, as if they were a family of three. Her skin was fair and there were drops of water hanging on her hair.

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