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   Chapter 127 An Uninvited Guest

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In the early morning, Megan woke Eric after she finished her breakfast as usual. Eric seemed to be very listless and sleepy today, as if he was going to sleep. Seeing that he could not open his eyes, Megan wanted to laugh more.

Eric was having breakfast at the table. Seeing that he didn't eat much, Megan held Eric in her arms and fed him porridge bit by bit. Eric fell asleep again while he was fed by Megan. Megan was helpless and was about to get up and put him on the bed.

However, Eric kicked forward restlessly, and the bowl on the table was knocked to the ground. The soup and water spilled on Megan, and her suit sacrificed. Looking at Eric's pouted mouth, Megan was angry and wanted to laugh. Finally, she decided not to scold Eric. She quickly changed to another dress.

After a while, Megan cleaned up Eric and sent him to school. Then she went back to work. The atmosphere in a company was not good. When she entered the office, she smelled a strong smell of perfume.

Smelling the perfume carefully, Megan found that it didn't seem to come from her office, but it seemed to come from the CEO's office next to her. Although she was confused, she didn't think about anything else. She sat down in the office and turned on the computer.

At this time, Nina Liu from the human resources department walked into Megan's office and handed a pile of documents to Megan. "Director Megan, this is the personal resume and information of the new employee, Emily Hao. Right now, you take over the project of the Coco Group now, so this personnel information needs to be given to you. Have a look. Is there any problem? If there is no problem, I will put it into the file."

Megan thought in her heart, 'New employee?' Aron had never told her about it. What was going on? While thinking, Megan took the document and read it carefully.

"Emily Hao graduated from China Agricultural University. What? She is Aron's old acquaintance?" Megan raised her head and looked at Nina Liu. If she was an old friend of Aron, then there would be no problem for her to work in the company.

Nina Liu nodded, "She went to Mr. Aron's office this morning and hasn't come out yet. We can't go in and ask Mr. Aron about it, so we'd better come to you first to explain the situation."

Looking at the delicate face in the photo, Megan thought of ten million possibilities. Thinking of the strong smell of perfume when she entered the office, Megan couldn't help asking, "Is it because of her that the office is filled with the smell of perfume?"

Nina Liu nodded again, frowning. She seemed very unhappy, but her tone was still indifferent. "When she came here this morning, she was very arrogant and domineering. She kept shouting to see Mr. Aron, but Mr. Aron usually came here at the time of clocking in. She came a little too early. She has been asking us to bring her tea and so on. She has asked us to do a lot."

"Don't be silly. She asked you to pour water for her. You are obviously bullied, understand?" Megan looked at the woman in front of her.

and said, "As for your working desk, it's up to your immediate supervisor. Director Megan will take you there. Today, she'll take you as a novice. If you have any questions, just ask her."

Raising her eyebrows, Megan turned around and went out to send the documents to Billy Wang. When she turned around, she saw Emily Hao coming out of Aron's office in a hurry. As soon as she left the office, she looked domineering. Megan raised her eyebrows and looked at her, thinking that she had to correct Emily Hao's attitude.

She waved at her and motioned her to come over. Nina Liu held Megan's arm with concern. Megan turned around and smiled to comfort her, "I'll take her to get familiar with our working environment today. You can work hard. It doesn't matter."

Seeing that Emily Hao was wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes with a height of eight or nine centimeters, Megan planned to take her to climb the stairs and exercise. Along the safe passage, Megan led her through every department of the company.

Every time they entered a department, the manager of the Department would be called over, and then Megan would introduce Emily Hao in a very loud voice, "This is the new employee of our company, Emily Hao. She is not only an old acquaintance of Mr. Aron, but also works for me now. If you see her in the future, you should be careful. She has a strong background."

Every time Emily Hao heard this, she felt very pleased. She thought she was very powerful. She was going to have a successful career in this company. At that time, she would even kick out Megan. Better, she could get close to Aron, which was what she wanted.

As Emily Hao walked, she felt that her feet were about to break. After taking a few steps, she rubbed them. Seeing that, Megan turned around and said to her, "From now on, you have to be responsible for many work. You have to send documents everywhere, and there are many other things that need you to do. Don't wear such shoes anymore. It's not good for your health and delay your work."

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