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   Chapter 126 Give Up The Opportunity

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Looking at Megan's expression, Aron didn't know how to persuade her. This opportunity was worthy of her, but if she really wanted to give up, the company might give it to other employees of the company.

"Think about it. It's a rare opportunity, but it's what you think inside that counts. If you don't want to go, no one will force you. Don't worry." Aron patted Megan on the shoulder.

Megan raised her head and Aron said, "As for the board of directors, they won't have any opinion on you because of this matter. Besides, you have a good reason and a pure motive. There won't be any problem."

Hearing Aron's words, Megan felt a little relieved. The company gave her this opportunity to confirm her ability. Her refusal would be a rejection of and a lack of understanding of the good will offered by the company's board of directors. But for the sake of the child, she had no choice.

"Okay, Aron. I know, but I don't think I need to think about it at all. My child is the most important thing in my life. It's impossible for me not to think about it for my child. So, I'd better give this opportunity to other employees in the company as soon as possible." After Megan finished, Aron nodded.

"Just focus on your work. I'll handle it." After saying that, Aron left Megan's office. The sun was high and it was time to devote herself to work.

At noon, Megan received a notice from the board of directors that they had known about her refusal of the opportunity. They gave her a work mission. She would need to go to Coco Group to deal with an errand and contact Luna from Coco.

After receiving the work mission, Megan immediately contacted Luna. Luna was very strange that it was Megan who came to hand over the handover, because it was a physical work this time. She had thought that Aron would arrange a stronger person to come.

"Come here now. I don't know what's wrong with you. Why did you take over the job? It depends on you. I'll arrange a few more people to help you. You can come now." After hearing what Luna had said, Megan was a little confused, but she agreed and immediately drove to Coco Group.

Under the help of the assistant, she met Luna. Luna was still as vigorous and resolute as before, but today Megan felt that Luna looked more capable. Without her hair scattered, she tied her hair high behind her head, looking like a strong woman.

As soon as Luna saw Megan, she hugged her. She couldn't hide her joy. "Long time no see, Miss Lin. If Aron hadn't sent you here today, we wouldn't have met each other until later."

Megan also missed Luna very much. Even if the two of them didn't have much interaction, through this project, the two of them really knew each other was a person of character and nature, so they felt that it was worth making friend with each other. The two of them were in close contact at work, but after working, they seldom met each other.

"It's been a long time. I don't know wh

sk, of course I will go to dock it. You would never get any reasonable explanation, don't waste your energy and time."

Aron was so angry that his heart beat fast. He felt wronged for Megan. She didn't accept their opportunity at the board meeting and she gave a good reason in the meeting. She had made it clear. Why did she have to do such dirty and tired work?

"Megan, don't worry. And don't swallow insult and humiliation. I will get justice for you!" After saying that, Aron held Megan tightly. Megan couldn't push him away, so she could only let him hold her, almost out of breath.

"Don't worry. Luna didn't let me get involved in those dirty work. She has tried her best to make things convenience for me. I didn't do anything at all. We two had a chat for the whole afternoon. It's okay. I'm very happy to talk to her." After Megan finished, Aron felt a little better.

In the evening, Megan hurried to pick up Eric from school. From a long distance, she saw Daisy standing there with Eric and looking around. Today, she came a little late because she went to the Coco Group, which made the child and teacher wait here for a long time.

Eric was very excited to see Megan's car. After saying goodbye to Daisy, Megan took Eric to a cake shop. Today was Eric's birthday. She had already bought some toys and put them in the trunk, waiting to give Eric a surprise at home.

Eric picked a favorite cake with Megan. Eric was very happy, but the little child didn't remember that today was his birthday. He just thought that today was a good day for his mother, so she took him to buy some delicious food in the bakery and went home. He didn't know that there was still a surprise waiting for him at home.

When Eric went back home, he saw that Aron was assembling toys for him. Aron had has strong hands-on ability and he fix all the toys that Eric had broken before. At this time, Megan handed a big robot to him from behind. Eric smiled happily.

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