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   Chapter 125 For The Child

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Today was weekend. Early in the morning, Aron knocked at the door of Megan's house. Megan, who had planned to have a good sleep, complained about who was knocking at the door while opening the door in pajamas with a dirty face. She looked at Aron in confusion, but Megan still invited him in.

Looking at Megan who was washing her face and brushing her teeth in a hurry, Aron smiled and said, "Why don't you ask me why I'm here today? Why are you busy washing your face?" Aron was in a good mood. He looked at Megan's fair skin and dark circles under her eyes.

"I don't know, but I can't see you with a dirty face. Since you have brought it up, tell me why are you here today? Do you know you disturbed me in my sleep?" Megan applied the cleanser on her face and rubbed it lightly, creating rich bubbles.

Megan didn't know what Aron felt when he heard her words. He was happy that she tidied up her appearance for him, but he was more disappointed. The two of them still felt a sense of distance and couldn't meet each other comfortably. "I'll take you to buy a car."

Megan doubted that she had heard it wrong, so she quickly washed her face and came out of the washroom. "What? I didn't hear it clearly." She walked slowly to the front seat of the dresser and applied the skin care products on her face, full of doubts.

"I said," Aron stood up and walked over, standing behind Megan. Looking at Megan's face in the mirror, which was a little red after washing, he said, "I'll take you to buy a car."

With a click, the lid of Megan's cosmetics fell to the ground. Megan bent down to pick it up, and Aron also squatted down to pick it up. The two heads bumped into each other, and they screamed together.

"Ouch! It hurts!" Megan rubbed her head and put the lid back to the lotion. Then she said unconsciously, "Why do I need to buy a car? It's OK for me to go to work by taxi every day!"

Aron looked at Megan with a smile, "If you don't think about it for your own convenience, think about it for Eric. It's not convenient to pick up child every day by taking taxi." Aron sat on the sofa and poured himself a glass of water.

"You're right. But I think it's troublesome to drive. Where can we find the parking space in this neighborhood? In fact, it's not convenient." After saying that, Megan began to comb her hair.

"Do you have a driver's license?" Aron suddenly thought of this key problem. Even if she bought a car, it was useless without a driver's license. He had been back for so long and hadn't asked Megan if she had a driver's license. He felt that he still cared Megan too little.

"Yes, I did. But there are so many things that I don't want to buy a car." Megan tie up her hair and make a cute bun on her head. She thought that she would send Eric to school today, and the child would go to the autumn camp with the school. Coincidentally, Aron came, so she asked him to send her and the child there.

When Megan was changing her clothes, Aron wanted to watch TV, but he found that the TV couldn't be t

computer. She had to sum up the work and report the performance at the regular meeting every Monday, so it was urgent for her to start her journey.

At the last stage of the meeting, there would be a representative of board, Mr. Zhang, who mentioned something that made everyone envious. "Director Megan, you have made the biggest contribution to the project of Coco Group. Right now, our company has a chance to study abroad for two years. We decide to give you this opportunity."

Megan was flattered. It was indeed a sign of company's recognition of her project and a praise for her efforts. But there was no one to take care of her child, so she could not rest assured to go abroad. Therefore, she wanted to refuse the opportunity on the spot.

But when she looked at Aron's eyes, she immediately understood everything. "First of all, I really appreciate that the company give me a chance to study aboard, but there are still many things that I need to handle in China, so..."

"Director Megan, you can think about it again. We still have time. This opportunity is very rare. The company can give you this opportunity is also a recognition of your ability. I hope you can consider it carefully. Don't refuse, and don't miss this opportunity to work hard to improve yourself." As soon as Mr. Zhang finished his words, all the other people present looked at Megan with envy.

After the meeting ended, Aron came to Megan's office and said, "That's a good opportunity for you. You did make a splash. Now many of our employees are staring at this opportunity. Are you really going to give it up?"

Megan leaned against the table and said dejectedly, "I know this is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but if I go abroad, what about Eric? He has to study here. I can't immigrate him abroad. Besides, I have only been there for two years, and I don't have to stay there for a long time. It's difficult to solve the problem of the child."

Megan sat in the chair with a sad face, feeling that her world was spinning.

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