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   Chapter 31 Learn To Let It Go

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"Thank you." Megan was still in shock.

"You three are such a happy family. The kid is so cute. Father and mother are handsome and beautiful. The baby will be very handsome when he grows up."

"He is Uncle Aron, not my father!" Eric interrupted the waiter.

"Sorry, I made a mistake." The waiter smiled awkwardly and left silently.

Eric continued to eat with his head down. He didn't care about what had just happened, but the atmosphere between Megan and Aron was awkward.

"Megan..." Aron wanted to say something to ease the atmosphere, but he couldn't say anything. He didn't know what kind of relationship he was with her now. Was he her brother or friend? He wanted to be someone she could rely on, be the father of Eric. He wanted to take care of her and accompany her in this way, instead of being in such an ambiguous relationship now.

Aron opened the bottle and poured it for Megan and himself.

"Come on, Eric. Let's celebrate that your mommy become lucky customer of this restaurant tonight." Aron picked up his glass.

Eric also raised the juice in his hand. When the three people's cups touched, in the eyes of others, they were really like a family.

Megan really hoped that Eric and she could have a family like this. Megan could give Eric anything, but father's love was something that Megan couldn't give. She knew clearly how much Aron had done to this family. She saw everything he had done for her. He had accompanied her in the past two years. Without him, she wouldn't have been like what she was now, but she also knew that Aron was not the right one for her. He shouldn't waste his time on her. He should have his own home. She thanked him for everything he had done for her, but she couldn't be with him.

Aron stopped what he was about to say and smiled.

"You have to drive later. Don't drink too much," Megan whispered.

Megan guessed what Aron wanted to say. She didn't say it out, nor did he.

"Eric is happy today, so is mommy." Megan drank it up one glass after another.

Looking at Megan's tired face, he thought she was under too much pressure recently. She should have been a happy girl, but why did she become such a woman who had to suffer and work every day.

"Eric, you have a good time today. Your mommy has been with you for a whole day. I think she might be very tired. I'll drive you two home and have a good rest tonight." Aron said after drinking the last drop of champagne in his glass.

The car was driving very slowly, because he didn't want to separate from her too fast. Moreover, in fact, he had a lot to say to her in his heart.

Eric in the back seat was so tired that he had already fallen asleep. Megan's eyes began to be blurred because of drinking too much, but she still didn't close them.

"Why do you drink so much? You know you can't drink much. If you are tired, just sleep for a while. I will wake you up when we arrive home," Aron turned to Megan and said.

"It doesn't matter. We will be there in a minute.

the ground. Sitting on the chair, Lucian was not in the mood to work. The ashtray was filled with many cigarette butts that he had just smoked. It seemed that the cigarette between his fingers had been ignited for a long time, and it seemed that it would burn to his hand in the next moment. However, Lucian did not know about it, and now his mind was playing back what he had just seen.

What he saw downstairs at Megan's house really hurt him.

He was looking forward to seeing Megan, but what did he see?

Megan went back home in Aron's car. Aron held her tightly, but she didn't resist. She looked like a woman who fell in love with the man holding her. How could she stay in the arms of another man like that? In the past, she would only run into his arms, but now? She stayed in another man's arms so easily.

There was a stuffy feeling in his chest. He still couldn't let go of her, but she seemed to have forgotten him. Otherwise, how could she throw herself into the arms of another man and let him pull her upstairs.

Was that child for Aron? Otherwise, how could they be so intimate like a family? When did they get together? In the years when she left? How could she forget him so easily? Was it true that only he was thinking about this relationship?

There was a knock on the door, and Shelly's voice interrupted Lucian's thoughts.

"What are you doing, Lucian? I'm coming in!" Shelly's coquettish voice suddenly annoyed Lucian.

"Lucian, why did you lock the door? What happened?" Outside the door, Shelly was confused. She had never seen such a Lucian before. She was really curious what happened to him.

Lucian rubbed between his eyebrows and said to Shelly outside the door, "It doesn't matter. I'm thinking about the matter about the design plan of Luna's company. Don't worry."

Outside the door, Shelly didn't give up. Her voice, which she thought attractive, was actually disgusting. "Lucian, open the door, or I'm worried about you. Could you please let me in?"

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