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   Chapter 30 A Happy Day

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When he heard this, Eric felt as happy as a little monkey who got a banana. Then he broke away from Megan's arms and went back to his room to begin packing up. Megan watched him running to the room. As long as he was there, no matter what would happen, she would have the motivation to hold on.

About fifteen minutes later, Erick was done packing and came out of his room. "Mommy, Mommy, let's go!" He couldn't wait any longer.

Megan smiled as she touched his little head. Afterwards she picked the little boy up, went to the car, and then they drove to the amusement park.

On their way to the amusement park, Eric kept talking about the last time he went there. It seemed that even the sun was smiling at them.

If only Lucian could come with them.

But in fact, they had never gone out together.

There was a time when the mother and son had gone out with Aron. It was so long ago that Megan had almost forgotten about it.

Back then, Eric was just a few months old. And he was crying the entire time. He didn't feel hungry, nor did he need to change his diaper. He didn't have a fever either, it was just that he enjoyed crying so much. Megan was worried and asked Aron for help. He took Megan's hand and said, "This little guy probably feels bored at home. Maybe we should take him out for a stroll?"

This was the same thing that Megan thought. Ever since Eric was born, she had never taken him out for fun because she was scared that her baby could catch a cold. Afterwards, Aron started the car. As he rolled down the window a little, he felt a breeze blow past his face. Unexpectedly, the little guy started giggling. And it made Aron and Megan so happy. The two of them exchanged reassuring gazes.

'Why do I keep thinking of things that I should forget?' Megan said to herself in her mind as she glanced at Eric. As soon as they saw the word "Amusement Park", Eric could no longer resist the urge to shout in excitement. Touching his head, Megan said, "Sit properly. Mommy just needs to park the car, and then I'll play with Eric. So, be a good boy, baby." Eric obeyed without hesitation.

The moment they got out of the car, he ran towards the amusement park holding Megan's hand. "Mommy, I want to play this, this, and that!" Eric motioned his hand in excitement. He pointed at three amusement facilities across them as he spoke to Megan.

"Okay, let's try them one by one." It had been a long time since she had seen Eric this happy.

The first thing Eric suggested to ride was the roller coaster. As she stared at the roller coaster, Megan still had a lingering fear at the back of her mind. She said to Eric reluctantly, "Maybe we should ride something else?" Perhaps Eric had inherited his father's personality, and he was born to conquer challenges. He was determined to ride that roller coaster. And because of that, Megan was left with no choice but to concede after being pestered by her son so much.

With every passing second, the roller coaster ride moved upwards. The moment it reached the peak, it rushed downwards. The excitement and pleasure made Megan scream. At that time, she felt like all her troubles were thrown away with the roller coaster.

As promised, Lucian took a leave from work the next day, and accompanied Shelly to various shopping malls. Today, Shelly looked so pure in her casual clothing. Sadly, it wasn't enough to entice Lucian. He only promised to go out with her because he felt sorry for her. It was obvious that Shelly had thought too much about it.

She took Lucian's hand as they strolled around. Soon, they arrived at a western restaurant. "Lucian, let's eat lunch here, okay?" Shelly said those words while she was shaking his arm.

With a frown, Lucian agreed.

After trying out more than half of the rides in the amusement park, Eric was out of breath. "Mommy, I'm exhausted." When she saw her son like this, Megan chuckled. She straightened Eric's slightly messy hair and gazed at him dotingly. "Okay. Let's go get something to eat, shall we?" Eric nodded at once.

Megan took her son to a fast food restaurant. She knew how fond Eric was of fast food. Normally, she forbade their son to eat fast food because it wasn't good for his health. But she could see that Eric was on cloud nine today. And because of that, she decided to give him permission to eat what he wanted, and let him have a good time today. She didn't know how long it would be until she could accompany Eric like this again.

As she watched Eric gobble down his food, sadness overcame Megan's heart. She owed her son far too much. Because of her, Eric always lacked a companion. Other children of his age were enjoying their childhoods in the arms of their parents every single day. Despite wanting to give Eric this kind of life, Megan knew that she couldn't. And it made her feel guilty.

At the table next to them, there was a family of three, ordering a whole bucket of chicken, sitting together, talking and laughing amongst each other. It was in stark contrast to Megan's silent table.

However, it only made her want to become stronger and more successful, so that she could give Eric a better life and protect him from all harm. Megan's most prized possession in the world was her only son, Eric.

After lunch, Shelly walked out of the restaurant, bearing a smile and holding onto Lucian's arms. It seemed that she was qu

ite delighted.

"Lucian, you haven't gone out with me like this for a long time. In the future, I wish you could accompany me again like this. Just having you by my side is more than enough for me."

The sweet smile on her face made Lucian feel a little guilty. For a moment, he didn't know what to say.

All of a sudden, his phone started ringing in his pocket.

"Okay, I see." At this moment, Lucian's expression was serious. After hanging up the phone, he turned to Shelly. "There's something I need to deal with at the company. Let's go. I'll drive you home first."

Gradually, the smile on her face disappeared. "Tell me, what could've happened in the company that's more important than me? Can't you accompany me just this once?"

"Listen to me, I'll come back to accompany you after work." After that, he drove Shelly home.

Meanwhile, Megan and Eric had finished their meal and rested for a bit. Afterwards, they continued their trip to the amusement park in the afternoon.

"Mommy, let's go try the other rides in the park this afternoon. I don't know when we'll spend time together again." Eric stared at Megan with hopeful eyes.

For a moment, she hesitated, because she was already tired after what happened this morning.

"Mommy, please! Can we please have fun while we're still here?"

Megan couldn't resist the look in Eric's eyes, so she conceded.

After playing for the entire afternoon, they had finally tried all the facilities in the amusement park. At last, Eric was satisfied.

For the duration of the whole day, Eric was so excited. When Megan saw how happy he was, she also felt delighted. Perhaps it was because she hadn't ridden such exciting facilities for a long time, and the fact that she was busy with the project these days, that she was practically exhausted now.

"Eric, did you have fun today?" Megan looked at her son's bright smile beside her. In front of her son, she couldn't show that she was tired after trying out all those rides.

"Mommy, I'm so happy today! You know what? You haven't taken me out for so long. But as long as mommy is with me, I know I'll be happy no matter what I do." Eric smiled as he took his mother's hand.

It was at this moment that Megan realized how important she was to her son. Recently, she had been so caught up with work that she had to leave Eric alone at home and let the housekeeper watch over him. She had been neglecting her duties as a mother, and at the same time, she still couldn't let go of her hatred for Lucian and Shelly. For so many years, she felt sorry for her son, because he lost his father's love since he was born. But now, Megan realized that the most important thing in Eric's heart was that his mother could stay by his side. At that moment, she decided that she must make more time for her son in the future.

"Eric, as long as you behave, I'll take you out more often." Megan held her son's hand and they were about to go home.

Suddenly, her eyes turned moist. The sky had gotten a little dark, and Eric couldn't see the tears in his mother's eyes. Perhaps one day when he grew up, he could finally understand how much his mother loved him.

"Okay, Mommy. Let's make a deal. Don't ever lie to me." With a beaming smile on his face, Eric walked out of the park hand in hand with his mother.

Before long, Aron arrived at the amusement park and saw Eric and Megan walking out of the gate.

"Eric!" Aron shouted his name after he rolled down the car window. He hadn't seen this boy so happy for so long.

"Uncle Aron!" Eric waved his hand at Aron with an even brighter smile.

"Come on! Get in the car. Uncle Aron's gonna treat you to dinner today. Did you have fun?"

Eric nodded excitedly. In his mind, besides his mother, Aron was his favorite person. But no matter how much he was fond of him, Aron was just his uncle. In his heart, there was no man that could replace his father, Lucian.

"Uncle Aron, Mommy and I rode the roller coaster, pirate ship, Ferris wheel, and many other rides today! She also bought me marshmallows and other delicious desserts." For the duration of the car ride, Eric kept telling Aron everything that made him happy today.

However, Megan was silent the entire time. She only responded with a few words and stared blankly outside the window.

"Are you exhausted?" Aron whispered to Megan.

In an instant, Aron could tell that something was wrong with her. He thought that it was because she hadn't gone out for so long. She was too tired right now, and she needed to rest, so she didn't want to talk too much.

"I'm fine, Aron. I'm not that tired yet." Megan tried to force a smile. She didn't want him to worry about her. Besides, he had done enough for Eric and her. She had owed him far too much. So much that she didn't know how she could ever repay him.

Aron took Eric and Megan to a buffet. Megan smiled as she watched Eric eat as much as he could. Even though she was smiling, Aron was still worried about her. Because earlier in the car, he noticed that something was bothering her.

"Excuse me, this year is our restaurant's 7th anniversary. So, every seventh night of the month, our seventy-seventh customer will be given a complimentary bottle of Moet and Chandon for free. And you're our lucky winner tonight!" A waiter came over and put a bottle of champagne on their table. "Congratulations!"

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