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   Chapter 29 Absent-minded

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He couldn't stop thinking about their encounter as he drove. Suddenly he realized that he had unconsciously driven to the place near Megan's house! In his mind, the little voice persisted: Megan. He yearned for her. He had to see her.

Megan was determined to get the upper hand this time. But Lucian's figure kept coming in flashes through her mind. She had to put herself together and think wisely.

Feeling thirsty all of a sudden, she drank a large glass of water in one gulp and wanted to resume her work. But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't. Her brain denied to work. It was probably the consequence of all the work accumulated in the past days. She needed rest.

"Megan, can't we turn back the hands of time?" His voice sounded frantic and desperate. "I see you everywhere around me. I feel your presence no matter what I do."

A vague and familiar figure appeared in front of her, which made her open her eyes wide. She looked carefully at the tall man in front of her, but couldn't see his face clearly. The man called her name again and again.

"Megan! Megan," the magnetic and familiar voice repeated.

Then the movie of their past life, scene after scene appeared in flashes. Every single memory they shared together. The beautiful and the sad moments. Her heart ached.

"Megan, I am so disappointed in you. How could you do that to me, to us? It is over between us."

Then she saw thin pieces of paper and a man's figure. They flew away and gradually disappeared from her sight.

Megan felt tears streaming down the corner of her eye. Her phone buzzed. So all this was a dream! How long had she slept? She couldn't tell. Lifting her head from her table where she had dozed off, she stretched her arm to reach out to her phone. The message was from Lucian.

"Let's meet," the message read.

Lucian took up his head from his phone and glanced at Shelly. Her face looked pale and her body was weak. Seeing her like that, he didn't have the heart to leave her alone. Gently, he raised her from the sofa and carried her in his arms. Slowly, he walked upstairs. Then as he heard Hannah who had just moved in from the main door, he turned around and said to her: "Make some nutritious soup for Miss Shelly. And please take it to her when you're done." Hannah nodded and looked at Shelly pitifully. Shelly blinked at them and laid back her head on Lucian's shoulder.

Lucian continued his slow walk upstairs with the young girl holding on his neck tighter. "I'm fine, Lucian. In fact I'm much better now that you're here. But don't make me worry about you anymore like this okay?" She smiled candidly.

He smiled and simply nodded. He didn't have the power to do otherwise. When they got to the bedroom, he pushed the door open and laid her on the bed. Then he turned away and wanted to leave. But Shelly grabbed his wrist and looked at him pitifully. "Lucian, can you take me out?" Lucian stared at her perplexed. But her condition made it impossible for him to say no. After all, it was because of him that Shelly was like this.

"Well, I don't have much work to do in the office tomorrow. Just let me know where you want to go and I'll go with you." Lucian covered Shelly with the immaculate white bedspread and arranged the pillow under her head. He whispered good night to her.

After hearing this, Shelly's face lit. Her expression totally changed. She no longer needed to feign a smile. Grasping Lucian's hand once more, she asked him, "Really? Are you really going to take me out tomorrow?"

Lucian nodded. "Have a good rest and think about where we are going tomorrow. Don't forget to drink the soup that Hannah will bring to you later. And call me if you need anything. Let me leave now."

"Ok," Shelly sighed Then she let go of Lucian's hand. She watched him as he went downstairs. Looking at Lucian, Shelly couldn't help smiling. He was reacting exactly as she had expected.

Lucian went downstairs and ordered the servants to take good care of Shelly. That way he would feel less guilty, he thought.

It was almost 8 a.m. Lucian got into his car and hit the road for his office. At this time of the day traffic was at its peak. The number of cars driving in both directions was impressive. Pedestrians too were not left out. Everyone seemed to be in a haste. 'The world we were living in was really a pathetic one and people in urban cities seemed the most pathetic. Did we actually take time to savor the simple pleasures of this life? Rushing and running after money and gains was what we knew best,' Lucian contemplated.

As soon as he stepped inside his office, he endeavored to sort out the files in his office table tray one by one. But he could hardly go through. He was absent minded. After some 30 minutes of time wasted, he called the secretary over.

"Mr. Lucian, what can I do for you?" A tall skinny young lady dressed in grey suit appeared at the door of the office.

Without lifting his head from the documents he was trying to go through, Lucian said to her, "Nothing for now. I will be out the whole day tomorrow. Don't hesitate to call me in case of any issue. Of course I need not emphasize that for the usual operations and day's appointments, you can handle by yourself." He lifted his head up and smiled at his secretary.

"Okay, Mr. Lucian." The secretary opened the door open and left to her own office. Lucian rubbed his forehead and turned his neck in circular movements. He needed a good massage. An unprecedented tiredness took hold of him.

Megan had to present the most awesome design plan for that bidding project. Even if it meant sitting in this office for the next one week. The blank sheet on her table looked terrifying. After taking her nth cup of tea, she removed the pencil that she had carefully fitted in her hair held in a bun on top of her head and used her left thumb and index fingers to push her eyeglasses frame in a front and back movement. 'This other plan was not good enough,' she thought. The paper was immediately twisted and sent out of the game. From the quantity of paper in the trash can at her feet, one could tell the number of attempts she had made since the break of day. On the floor, there were more design pieces scattered all over.

Few minutes later another piece of paper followed the same course. Off to the ground it landed. Now she took off her eyeglasses, scratched her forehead, wore her eyeglasses back and then resolved to match back to the war front.

An unprecedented feeling of despair came as a trickle in her mind. Megan was at the verge of crying. This project was the most important achievement she had embarked on for the past two decades. If the project plan was rejected she would be devastated. It was a lifetime opportunity for her. She had to seize it. Lucian would acknowledge her worth. She had to prove that she was up to the task. Giving up wasn't her intention. Not when she was so close to the victory....

Several minutes after Lucian had left the room, S

helly still had a smirk on the face. She eagerly pushed the bedspread away and got up from the bed. Suddenly she had regained her strength. 'Everything was working as planned', she thought. Jumping down from the bed, she reached out for the wardrobe where gowns, shirts and trousers in a variety of colors, prints and designs were hanging. She was unable to make a choice. Tomorrow was the day. Lucian would be with her. He had to see her differently. She couldn't go for less than the most beautiful outfit.

Shelly tried her blue sapphire dress first, then a black jumpsuit. Yet she couldn't tell which one was the best for the date. After trying about 10 different outfits, she looked desperately at the clothes thrown on the bed. None of them seemed good enough to depict her beauty.

'Where will we even go tomorrow? Shopping? Probably not a good idea. She had gone shopping not very long ago. Lucian wouldn't like it.' 'How about dinner?' she wondered. 'Not a bad idea. But what next?'

Shelly thought. Shelly felt on top of the world. Lucian had said yes to her date invitation. Joy, excitement and fear gripped her. Her heart had never fluttered like that before. She did not know what to do.

Or rather she knew what she had to do at the moment. Find the perfect outfit. After a number of more trials Shelly finally found a suit that satisfied her. Standing in the mirror, her reflection put a smile on her face. She was just perfect.

She hung back all her clothes, leaving on the bed the suit she had chosen and rushed downstairs to tell Hannah that she could bring her soup. Although she was fine, she had to continue acting. If that was the price to pay to win Lucian's attention, then she was ready to pay it. It was now or never. And Hannah would not disprove her.

It was dusk. The sky gradually became dim. As the sun set in the west, the clouds took a different texture making the sky more beautiful. The fiery semicircular clouds in the sky took an insubstantial pink coloration. It was an awesomely romantic evening. Made for lovers. Lucian didn't care about any sort of romance at that time. He really felt tired now.

He rubbed his neck again and looked down at his watch. Six o 'clock in the evening already. He opened his window blinds and looked outside. The day was still bright. He hardly ever left the office before one or two o'clock in the morning. But today was different. Shelly had fainted and Lucian felt guilty about it. He had no choice but to go home early. He needed to see how that girl was doing.

Lucian arranged some documents on the desk, made a number of calls and lastly instructed his secretary to let the security guard drive his car out of the parking. He called his housekeeper too. To the greatest amazement of Hannah, he informed her that he would be home for dinner.

When the housekeeper had recovered from her surprise, she enquired from Lucian what he wanted for dinner, gave him a little update on Miss Shelly's situation and Lucian dropped the call. Hannah couldn't believe this. Lucian seldom had dinner at home. Even when Megan was there, he hardly came back that early. This Miss Shelly must be special to Lucian, the housekeeper thought. She should treat her well henceforth.

The housekeeper carried the soup upstairs and placed the bowl on the bedside table of Shelly, cautioning her as a mother to drink it quickly. She also informed her that Lucian would be home for dinner later. Like a child who had received its desired present for Christmas, Shelly happily picked up the bowl and drank up the soup. Then she got out of bed, took a bath and freshened up. She went to the living room on the first floor and sat on the sofa waiting for Lucian.

"Didn't I tell you to rest in bed?" Lucian asked angrily as soon as he stepped in the house later that evening. "Why are you still sitting downstairs?" 'Why would she be this stubborn?' Lucian frowned.

Before uttering a word, Shelly moved close to him, took the coat he had taken off and his briefcase which she handed over to the housekeeper. "I just felt like I should wait for you downstairs," she answered in the most innocent voice.

Lucian felt that feeling of guilt again in his heart. He calmed down and just asked: "Have you made up your mind on where we shall be going tomorrow?" "Let's go shopping, You never go shopping with me," Shelly replied. Lucian nodded. It was not the kind of activity one could say he was fond of, but maybe he could try.

Megan stared at her laptop in disbelief. After several nights' hard work, she had finally worked out the best plan she could think of. She picked up her phone and looked at the time. It was two o'clock in the morning. When she turned on her phone, she found several missed calls and messages. All were from Eric. Her heart swelled.

"Mommy, when will you come back and spend time with me?"

"Mommy, why didn't you answer my call?"

"Mommy, please let's go to the amusement park." The little boy had bombarded her with messages.

Megan put down her phone and thought for a while. She had been busy with her work recently, and indeed neglected Eric. She hadn't seen him for several days. They had a lot to catch up and she was determined to make it up to him as soon as possible. The tense situation between Lucian and her made things worse with Eric. Eric didn't quite appreciate Lucian. And now again she had not had time for him because of her busy schedule. All this rendered Megan sad and uncomfortable.

Fortunately, the next day in the morning, she finalized the design plan. She had done her part. Destiny would do the rest. It was time to look for her boy. She wore a pink pair of low heeled sandals that matched with the flowery dress she had on, took her bag and got into her car all smiles. She felt light today as she drove humming a sound track that played in her car music set. Now that her problem was solved, she should spend some time with her son.

Before she could stop her car some minutes later, Megan heard him. "Mommy, mommy, you're finally here." Eric jumped happily. As soon as she got out of the car, the small figure in jeans and sneakers was rushing towards her and hugged her frenetically. He had missed her. There was no doubt about it.

With him the powerful woman that people knew disappeared. They did not know that she had a soft spot. Her Achilles' heel. That was her little boy. He humbled her. It was so simple to be just a mother.

Megan lifted Eric up and hugged him again. "I have been busy with my work recently, so I didn't have time to see you honey. Please don't be angry with mommy, okay?"

"Hum yes I'm a little angry. But if you accept to play with me at the amusement park, I might consider to forgive you!" The small man was trying to act serious and it looked so funny. Megan couldn't help bursting into laughter. She rubbed his nose saying, "Naughty boy." Then she pretended to give it a second thought, nodded and said, "Okay. Let's go to the amusement park."

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