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   Chapter 27 Indifference

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If someone else passed them by right now, they'd definitely feel the awkwardness.

The two of them didn't speak to each other, just like strangers. However, one could feel an inadvertent familiarity between them, and indifference after the familiarity.

An awkward scene like that was enough to make the two of them uncomfortable.

At this point, Aron arrived. He approached Megan and gazed at her.

"Megan, I just saw Lucian go upstairs. You took too long to go downstairs, so I had to go up."

With that, he lowered his head and stared at her with concern.

"Megan, is everything alright?"

Shaking her head, Megan answered, "Let's just go."

Then, she walked past Lucian without a trace of hesitation.

Upon her departure, Lucian just stood there for a long time, as if he was caught up in a trance.

'Was that really Megan?

When did she become so beautiful? And she looked like a strong woman with a career now.'

As he thought of this, Lucian felt a little ironic. Back when they were still together, Megan showed faithfulness and devotion, which was all a man needed to be satisfied. But now, she gave him a different feeling; something he had never felt before.

And so... After knowing that Megan was not the one who saved him, would he really be able to marry Shelly?

Unfortunately, Megan lied to him. Obviously, he should hate her, so why couldn't he forget about her?

Lucian heaved a helpless sigh, and then he adjusted his mood and entered the reception room.

As of this moment, Luna was still reviewing Megan's plan.

Upon hearing someone enter the room, she raised her head and saw that it was Lucian. So, she put down the plan and smiled at him.

"Mr. Lucian, you're here, too. Please, take a seat."

Lucian's handsome face bore a distant, but not unpleasant smile.

When he heard her greeting, he nodded at Luna and sat across her.

"I'm wondering why you came here today, Mr. Lucian. Are you here to discuss the cooperation between our companies?"

Luna picked up a glass of water on her desk and took a sip. Then she casually cast a glance at Lucian.

Unfazed by her gaze, he nodded.

"That's right. I'm here to talk about the cooperation with you on behalf of our company."

Luna nodded in response.

But before he started talking about the cooperation, Lucian made a couple of digressions.

He casually glanced at the plan on the table.

It seemed that he was interested in it, so he asked Luna,

"What is that?"

Glancing at where he was looking, Luna realized that he was talking about the plan on the table.

Taking the plan, she said, "Oh, this is the design plan provided by the Qiu Group."

Lucian was confused. "Does this belong to the lady who went out just now?"

The tone of his voice sounded doubtful. It was as if he had never even met Megan.

He pretended like he had only met her earlier by chance today, implying that they had never gotten acquainted before.

Luna just nodded in response. She wasn't perplexed that Lucian would figure out who made the design plan.

Anyone who could cooperate with their company, even if they weren't the smartest people on the planet, they were still intelligent. And so, it wouldn't be a surprise that they could deduce this kind of thing.

As of this moment, Lucian looked a little embarrassed, as if there was something he wanted to say, but he decided not to.

Interested by his reaction, Luna flashed a grin.

"What's the matter, Mr. Lucian? Oh, by the way, may I ask why you're so interested in it?"

Still appearing to be mildly abashed, he pointed at the door.

"A few minutes ago, before I went here, I ran into that lady at the door.

I saw how beautiful she was. She looked like a strong and independent woman with a sterling career. And because of that, I gained interest in their company's plan."

As he was speaking, Lucian pretended to be embarrassed and stopped.

A wide grin appeared on Luna's face when she heard him.

"Mr. Lucian, I had no idea that you know how to appreciate other people."

Lucian didn't seem to be accustomed to her compliments yet, so he scratched his nose and smiled awkwardly without saying a word.

But Luna didn't care about it at all. She just continued looking through the plan once more. Moments later, she smiled at him again, and said, "I've been reviewing the Qiu Group's plan for a while now, and overall, I think it's amazing. If I'm going to compare them to your company, I feel that the two of you have similar strengths. Although, I can't help but wonder if Mr. Lucian is interested in making friends with Miss Megan?"

While she was talking, Luna raised an eyebrow at Lucian, because she knew that he already had a woman.

Although, it wasn't strange for a successful man like him to have several female acquaintances.

Hearing her say that made Lucian shake his head in embarrassment.

"Never mind, le

t's just drop it. We should start talking about the cooperation. And as for getting myself acquainted with this Megan, it's best that we leave it up to fate. Don't you think so, too?"

After hearing his response, Luna nodded.

"Perhaps you're right. Now then, let's talk about the contract.

Although the Qiu Group's plan is similar in strength to yours, we still have a strong inclination to cooperate with your company. After all, we're old friends. We're familiar with you, and we believe in your work ethics. And so, we wish to cooperate with you more.

Besides, this is also the will of our whole company, so..."

Halfway through her sentence, Luna stopped to look at Lucian.

She thought that since she had told him something good, Lucian wouldn't refuse such a good offer.

However, to her surprise, he shook his head and refused at once.

When she saw that he was shaking his head in refusal, Luna was surprised.

"Mr. Lucian, what do you mean? Are you really going to refuse such a good offer? You know, I had a discussion with Miss Megan of the Qiu Group earlier, and I told her that I can't make a decision alone. I can't give her a response until the rest of the company agrees."

After speaking, Luna stopped to take a sip of water to appease her anger.

It took a while before she calmed down and continued speaking.

"We have been solemn in our partnership with your company. Are you telling me that you're still planning to decline?"

Noticing her displeasure, Lucian smiled and said, "That's not what I meant."

"Then what do you mean? Are you saying you don't want to cooperate with our company anymore?"

"No, I just think that since Miss Megan brought their company's plan today, it means that they're hoping to get this cooperation as well. Besides, making a plan takes a long time. I don't know how long it took them to make that plan, but I'm sure you're satisfied with it. And because of that, I don't want our company to take this opportunity just because we're old friends. What I want is for you to give their company a fighting chance. Allow the two of us to compete with each other."

Lucian looked sincere when he said those words. The sound of his voice was full of consideration for the other party.

"We could have a fair competition. In this way, neither of us would have any regrets, and it wouldn't stain the reputation of our companies. In addition, you'll be able to choose the best plan that could yield more profits for your company. Isn't it a good thing to kill two birds with one stone?"

At this point, the smile on his face left Luna absentminded. His business acumen was disguised by his gentle appearance.

In the Coco Group, Lucian and Luna were talking about fairness and hypocrisy.

Perhaps it was because she didn't know what had happened between Lucian and Megan that Luna said that she really wanted the two of them to meet and get to know each other better.

Of course, in his mind, he actually wanted that to happen.

But because of what he said, the first thing that imprinted in Luna's mind was that he didn't know who Megan was. And in order to compete fairly, he was willing to give the other company a fighting chance.

This kind of good impression was important in business rivalries.

Next, he pretended like he had never met her in front of Luna, so that he would have more chances to get in touch with Megan in the future. This way, he could have more time to think about why he felt something strange when he ran into her outside.

He was just pretending to be a gentleman in front of Luna, but no one could tell what he was actually thinking.

Meanwhile, the tension between Megan and Aron, both of whom were already outside the company, felt a little strange.

Even though they went to the Coco Group's building by car, they agreed to walk home at the same time. And as for the car, the driver was going to take it back.

They just wanted to take a stroll and let the breeze ease their restless hearts.

Megan was aware that the awkward tension between them was because they ran into Lucian earlier. She was really taken aback when she saw him in the Coco Group.

She was already exhausted, so she didn't have that much energy to guess what Aron was currently thinking.

Right now, the only thing she was thinking about was the moment she ran into Lucian.

When she saw him again, she felt like a whole lifetime had passed. How long had it been since they last saw each other?

Those vows that they'd love each other forever shattered into pieces when Shelly appeared in their lives.

A sense of irony came into Megan's heart when she thought of this. She had been with Lucian for a long time, but she didn't imagine that he didn't trust her just because of what Shelly told him.

Wasn't that too unfair to her? Back then, she was so in love with that man. Was she stupid to love him that much?

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