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   Chapter 25 Threat

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The car drove farther and farther away, and yet, Megan did not notice the eyes that had witnessed everything. She had no idea that Shelly's people now knew her every move.

Shelly was at home, upset as she waited for Lucian. She had just received a message from the people whom she had sent to follow him around. Now, Shelly knew that he had gone to the police station and was with a young child. He had even bought the boy a balloon. It was as if a dark cloud was hanging over her head now, and she could not shake it off. Finally, her mobile phone rang, interrupting her thoughts.

"Miss Shelly, I just found out that the child that Mr. Lucian has brought to the police station is..." came the voice from the other end of the line.

Shelly's eyes grew in anticipation and dread. She had a feeling that she was about to hear something that she didn't want to hear.

"...Megan's son," the other person continued. Shelly found herself clenching her fists.

Megan? Until now? Even now that Lucian was with her and they were about to get married? To make matters worse, that wretched woman had made her way into their lives again, and this time, she was bringing her son along. Shelly wondered why she deserved to suffer like this.

She had already had an inkling that something was wrong when Lucian talked about going out to fetch something. She was so close to her goal, and she couldn't afford to lose focus now. Trying to stay a few steps ahead of her competitor, she had sent someone to follow Lucian around, but what she feared had come true anyway.

Fortunately, however, it seemed that Lucian did not know that the child was Megan's. He had merely taken the child to the police station, and that was it.

"I'm back," said a familiar voice.

"Hurry up. The food is getting cold." Shelly smiled, making no mention of the child she knew he had just met with.

As they ate, Lucian thought of the boy. It was the first time that they had met, but there was an undeniable connection between them. Moreover, for some reason, he associated the boy with Megan.

He remembered having told her how he wanted to have a child with her and build a family together. Sadly, only a few years later, they had parted ways. Megan had found another man. Nevertheless, Lucian never stopped thinking about her.

Shelly carefully studied Lucian from across the table. She swore to herself that no one could take the man whom she loved away from her. They would be together. Forever. For this to happen, she would have to do everything in her power to cut that wretched child out of the picture.

Of course, Megan did not know that any of this was even happening. She had no idea of what her son would have to face in the coming days. Now that they were both home, she immediately turned to the little boy.

"Eric! How many times have I told you not to go running around outside by yourself? Why do you insist on disobeying me? Do you know how much you've worried me?" Lines formed on Megan's forehead.

Eric lowered his head and bit his lip lightly. He didn't know why he was receiving a scolding, and it was his first time seeing his mother this furious. He wanted to tell her about having met Lucian that day. The man wasn't as bad as Megan and Uncle Aron had made him out to be. In fact, he was delightful. However, seeing how angry his mother had gotten, he did not say a word about it.

"What if you had gotten lost and Mommy couldn't find you, huh? If the man that you met today hadn't taken you to the police station and had taken you somewhere else instead, do you know what would have happened?" Eric was Megan's only son. He was the most precious thing in her life, and losing him would cause her unimaginable sorrow. She had already lost Lucian. She couldn't lose Eric, too.

"Mommy, I'm sorry. I won't go running around anymore," the boy said. He raised his head and shone his apologetic eyes at Megan.

Even after hearing her son's apology, Megan was still fuming. She wanted to say something, but Aron cut her off.

"Megan, look at Eric. I'm sure he now knows what he did was wrong. Plus, he's only a child," he implored. He squatted down and flashed Eric a smile.

"I only want him to know that what he's done was wrong. He's my son. I can't let him get hurt," Megan said helplessly.

"I'm sorry, Mommy. Don't be sad anymore. I've learned my lesson now, and I'll never do it again." Eric held Megan's hand and grinned.

She let go of it and walked to the window.

Neon lights flashed outside and flooded the room. It seemed that the city had remained the same throughout the years. The only thing that had changed was people's hearts.

Lucian used to be her whole life. After going through labor by herself, she began to give up hope of being together with him. If it weren't for Shelly's involvement in their lives, things would have turned out differently. Megan and Lucian could have built their own little happy family now, and Eric would have had a father growing up, just like a normal child.

The boy realized that Megan was now looking a little upset. He was immediately filled with guilt, knowing that he had worried his mother.

"Eric, check out this toy that I just bought you. Do you like it?" Aron asked. It was clear that he treated the boy like he was his own son.

He was completely aware that if he took

Eric and Megan for granted, he would regret it, just like Lucian.

"Wow! Yes, yes!" Eric eagerly took the toy from him.

Megan looked on as the two laughed and played. She couldn't help but feel a little distressed. Why had Lucian been so cruel as to abandon them? Every time Eric laughed, she was reminded of Lucian. She would think of the past when he had treated her so tenderly. He had told her that he wanted a child with her, that they would buy their child tons of toys. He had talked about wanting to play with the child and growing old raising him. However, Lucian ended up not doing any of these things. All of these promises were now just painful memories that would stay with her forever.

Eric noticed the sad look that had suddenly filled Megan's eyes. She only had that look whenever she was thinking of Lucian. He had heard plenty of stories about that man, and he seemed to understand what was going on. He had never had any personal complaints about his father. Though he had spent some time with Lucian, he hadn't had a better understanding of what kind of person he was and why his mother hated him so much.

"Eric is back now, Megan. That's what matters. Stop worrying about it. Anyway, I think that he must be starving. Let's go eat, okay?" Aron whispered into Megan's ear. "Talk to Eric. He's still just a child, but we both know that he's very smart and that he'll understand what you're talking about."

Megan nodded. All of a sudden, she felt sorry for both Eric and Aron. She didn't know what the next few days would bring. The only thing that she could be sure of was that she wanted to shower Eric with love. As she thought of this, the look of sadness on her face gradually disappeared.

"Are you hungry, Eric? You can play for a bit, but then you have to wash your hands and have dinner. I'll go and get dinner ready."

Aron felt sorry for Megan. He thought about how she used to be and how he could no longer see any trace of the old her. Why had she turned into this? God was so unfair. He hated the person who had made Megan this way. That very moment, he made a promise to himself that he would protect her and give her the family and the life that she deserved.

Although Lucian was not in the same gloomy house, he felt just as distressed.

"What's wrong, Lucian? What's bothering you? Hurry up and eat," Shelly remarked.

She was carrying a bowl of hot soup into the room when she noticed Lucian deep in thought.

Her eyes shone with profound sorrow for a moment, but it disappeared as soon as it came. With a gentle smile, she set the soup down on the table and walked over to Lucian.

She touched his arm and looked at him worriedly.

"What's wrong, Lucian? Why don't you say something? Are you not feeling well?"

She extended a hand to touch his forehead.

Lucian got a whiff of her perfume, which made him instinctively frown and push her hand away.

Lucian looked her in the eye and said, "Nothing. Let's have dinner."

He picked up a mouthful of rice with his chopsticks and shoved it into his mouth.

Shelly bit her lip in anger. 'How had it come to this? Why had he become so indifferent to me?'

Even though Lucian did not know that it had been Megan's son whom he met earlier that day, Shelly still felt threatened.

No way... She had to get a move on. If she didn't hurry, Megan might steal him from her.

"Why aren't you eating?" Lucian said. It sounded more like an unhappy remark than a genuine question.

Shelly had invited him for dinner, and yet here she was, standing around and not eating.

"Oh, here I go," Shelly responded with a little tremble in her voice.

It was only when Lucian spoke that she snapped out of her daze. At last, she walked over to a chair and sat down in front of her food.

"Here, have some fish. It's good for your health," she offered.

With noticeable affection, she picked up some food and transferred it onto Lucian's plate. She then looked at him expectantly. "How is it? Is it delicious?"

Lucian put a piece of fish into his mouth and chewed a couple of times.

"Yes," he told Shelly casually.

He then disregarded the look of disappointment on her face and went back to his thoughts.

He thought about the boy whom he had met that afternoon. He didn't know if the boy had gone home or not. He also could not understand how the child's parents could let him wander the streets like that. They hadn't even looked for him.

The thought of the boy's little face and his big eyes made Lucian's heart melt.

If there was anything that he really wanted, it was a son. If he had such a son, would the three of them—he, the boy's mother, and the boy—live happy lives together?

He had looked forward to having that kind of life, but it never materialized. In the past, he had wanted that very thing with Megan. But then, he ended up with someone who wasn't her, and she ended up with a different man. Even if he had a child in the future, it would be his and Shelly's.

He looked at the woman with whom he was sharing this meal. She seemed disappointed at something.

Somehow, he knew how she felt. When he thought about having a child with her, he also felt nothing but disappointment.

When he and Shelly finally had a child, he couldn't imagine that boy being as precious as the one he had met that afternoon.

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