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   Chapter 24 At A Loss

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Lucian, together with his secretary, was on his way to the Coco Company. There, he would meet with Luna and discuss the design plans. The BMW cruised through the city. Meanwhile, the passersby focused on their agendas.

A flustered expression painted Lucian's face. Megan's smile and gorgeous eyes appeared in his mind.

On the other hand, the secretary reviewed his schedule and his afternoon meeting. However, the most crucial thing for Lucian at that moment was to get the Coco Company's design project.

When they talked earlier, he had already told them about his plans. Since Coco was such a big company, no one dared to compete for it. The only one capable was the Lu Group. No other organization could challenge them in terms of influence nor resources.

The Lu Group maintained its respectable reputation despite only their few outstanding designers. It was a very talented organization. Moreover, they had spread their advertisement for a long time. The other companies didn't stand a chance.

After a short drive, they reached the Coco Company headquarters. The usher immediately approached Lucian and guided him to the VIP room. The scene proved how great their relationship was with the Coco Company.

Luna had been waiting in the room for quite a while. However, when Lucian came in, she greeted him professionally and told him that she hadn't been waiting for long.

The two had a firm handshake before sitting. Luna's secretary poured tea, and then quickly left the room. Then, she and Lucian shared some greetings and an idle conversation. After a short while, they started to talk about their main agenda.

"The company is going to revise the design plan. I'm sure it'll be finished at the beginning of next month. I'll send it to you by then," Lucian said in a formal tone.

However, Luna lowered her head and gave him an awkward smile. "The Lu Group is a reputable company. No one dares to compete with your company. As such, we naturally offered you the deal. However, a dark horse has emerged," Luna explained with furrowed eyebrows.

A mix of shock and confusion flashed across Lucian's eyes. "Which company is it? Are they going to compete with us?"

"It's a new company. They called yesterday to inform me about their proposal," Luna helplessly explained. "We initially planned to collaborate with your company. Moreover, we've already spread advertisements."

Meanwhile, Lucian remained silent. He stared at her and motioned her to continue. "The world already knows about our initial arrangement to partner with you. Unfortunately, another group wants to compete with you. The design collection is open for everyone, and the website posts every update. There are already discussions that compare your company with the other one."

With furrowed eyebrows, Lucian asked, "Are you saying that we need to compete with that company?"

Luna gave a slow nod. "Yes, that's correct. Additionally, the public is quite focused on this topic. If the opposing company drafted a better design than you, I can't guarantee our collaboration with you."

With a frown, Lucian turned to his secretary. "Give me the details of that company immediately! Include the details of whoever signed up and their participant."

"I'm afraid we can't do anything about it. The competition is very transparent. Even if you want to do something discreetly, the public will know about it soon enough. Any mishaps will not only negatively affect your company but also Coco's reputation." A regretful expression painted Luna's face.

Then, Lucian received a document. Still aggravated, he opened it and read the contents.

"The opponent's designer is named Aron Qiu. His assistant is Megan Lin!"

'Why is Megan helping the other company?' The report echoed in Lucian's head. He suddenly remembered the face of the stubborn woman.

As they headed home, he didn’t utter a word. Luna's revelation still lingered in his head. He couldn't believe that Megan was in charge. The situation grew more complicated for him.

He wanted to go to his room and rest the moment he arrived home. Unfortunately, Shelly welcomed him.

"Hello, Lucian. How was your meeting today?" With a smile, she took his coat and bag from him.

Lucian looked at her and answered, "It was fine."

When she noticed that he seemed upbeat, Shelly told him, "You know, we've been together for quite some time now. Moreover, you are already divorced."

As she spoke, a frown flashed across Lucian's face. Her behavior stressed him out even more. At that moment, even though he was with Shelly, he couldn't stop thinking about Megan.

"I'm sorry. My schedule today exhausted me. Don't worry. I will think about our wedding. For now, I need to get something I left in the car." Since his excuse worked, he headed downstairs to relax.

While Lucian was looking for a place to go, he noticed a balloon that accidentally flew away from a child's hand. The child wanted to chase after it.

"Don't run along the road! It's dangerous for children like you." With a stern expression, Lucian immediately grabbed the child's arm.

To his surprise, the kid suddenly shoved away Lucian's hand. With a pout, the child watched the balloon float away.

He was always fond of little kids. A simple pout of a child would touch his gentle heart. If he had had a baby with Megan, the child would be at the same age as th

e one in front of him.

"Kid, where is your mom? It's not safe for you to walk around without anyone accompanying you." Despite the child's hostile and distant attitude towards him, Lucian still talked in a gentle tone.

However, the child remained silent and stared at him with a pout. At that moment, he fully saw the child's features. It was a boy with a handsome face. His eyes seemed similar to Megan's. As if struck by lightning, Lucian had immediately forgone such thoughts. Megan might have gone too deep in his mind that Lucian saw her in the child. He figured that his exhaustion might have led him to that idea.

"Okay, kid. Where do you live? I'll drive you home. I'm sure your mother and father will get worried if you don't return soon."

He was troubled that the child didn't want to talk to him.

He had no idea that the child in front of him was actually his biological son, Eric. Initially, Eric was interested in his father. His mother told him several stories about Lucian. However, the child was more curious about why his mother said that his father was a horrible person. The kid went to his father's place to answer some of his doubts. Unfortunately, he got lost.

Luckily there was a nearby balloon vendor. Since the child was staring at it, Lucian knew what he should do.

"I want to buy a yellow balloon please." After paying, Lucian handed the yellow balloon to Eric. The former's face was gentle with tender eyes. It seemed like he could only be humble if the situation involved children.

"Here you go. Are you sad because I didn’t let you chase after your balloon a while ago? If that's the case, please take this as an apology."

Then, Eric received the balloon but still maintained a cold attitude.

After thinking for a while, Lucian decided to take the child to the police station.

"I better take you to your mother." He grabbed the child's hand.

Although he remained silent, Eric didn't refuse his father's hand at that time.

In fear that the child would be in danger again, Lucian tightened his grip. He realized that the kid didn't like him. However, since Eric was still young, Lucian didn’t mind it. Moreover, the child's appearance seemed to appease his troubled mind at that time.

Whenever he looked at the kid, Lucian remembered his childhood. It felt like destiny made him meet a kid similar to him.

On the way to the police station, Eric remained quiet. He recognized his father the moment he laid eyes on the latter. Since his mother told him that Lucian was a bad guy, Eric didn't interact much with him. However, doubts began to fill the child's mind. He was interested in what kind of person his father was.

Eric sat quietly at the police station as he stared at Lucian's anxious expression. The latter ran back and forth to talk to people before coming back to comfort the former.

"Your mother will pick you up soon. Just wait for her here." After a playful rub on his head, Lucian left.

At that moment, he thought that Lucian wasn't a terrible person. Eric decided to tell his mother how good his father was. He bought gifts just to cheer up a child he didn’t know. There's no way a guy like that was a horrible person.

When she heard from the police station that Eric was there, Megan finally breathed a sigh of relief.

"Who called?" Aron asked in a curious tone.

"It was the police station. They say that someone took Eric there. If I meet that gentleman, I better thank him."

"Great! Let's fetch Eric."

"You can relax now, Mr. Lu. We already contacted the boy's mother. She said that she's on her way to fetch him. Don't worry. His mother said that she'll show you her gratitude once she gets here."

A sigh of relief finally escaped Lucian's breath. Suddenly, his phone rang.

"Lucian, where are you? You told me that you're just going downstairs because you forgot something in the car. Why aren't you back yet? Did something happen to you?" Shelly's anxious voice echoed from the other end of the call.

Lucian heaved a sigh.

"I'm on my way back."

"Do you have any idea how worried I am…"

She wasn't even done talking when he hung up the phone with a frown. He was finally able to relax. Unfortunately, her call and attitude stressed him out again.

"Kid, relax, okay? Your mother is coming here. Next time, stick to your parents and don't wander around. Your parents worry about you." With a smile, Lucian patted the child's head.

"Uncle, are you leaving already?" Eric asked as he bit his lips.

"Hey, you finally said something! But yes, kid. There's a place I need to be in." Lucian hadn't smiled like that for a long time.

"Are we going to meet again, Uncle?" Eric looked at him with expectant eyes.

At that moment, Lucian felt like fate guided his meeting with that child. With a smile, he nodded and bid farewell to Eric.

When he was finally out of the door, Aron's car just arrived in front of the precinct.

"Eric, are you alright? Please stop running around. Something terrible might have happened if it weren't for that gentleman. By the way, where is he?" Megan immediately hugged the kid when she saw him.

"Mr. Lu just left. Kid, stop wandering around. There are many bad guys around here," warned a police officer.

With a nod, Eric headed to the car and quietly sat down on the seat. However, thoughts about his father lingered in his head.

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