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   Chapter 24 At A Loss

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Accompanied by his secretary, Lucian was about to go to the Coco company to discuss the matters about the design plan with Luna. The BMW was running in the city, and the passers-by were busy chasing their dreams.

Lucian was flustered. He always thought of Megan, her smile and her big eyes.

The secretary kept on talking about the recent schedule and the meeting in the afternoon. In fact, the most important thing for Lucian now was to get the design of the Coco company.

In fact, he had already told them about it. Normally, no one would compete for a big company like Coco. Only the Lu group had the ability. There was no other company in the country that could compete with the Lu group.

Even if there were a few capable designers, the Lu group had a great reputation. It was omnipotent, and the advertising news had been spread for too long. No company dared to compete with the Lu group.

Soon, they arrived at the Coco company. When the usher at the door saw that it was Lucian, he directly led him to the VIP room, which was enough to prove the good relationship between the two companies.

Luna had been waiting inside for a long time, but when she saw Lucian, she appeared to be professional and said that she had just arrived and didn't wait long.

The two sat down after Shaking hands. Luna's secretary came to pour the tea and then went out. The two people exchanged a few simple words and then went straight to the point.

"I've asked the company to revise and confirm the design plan as soon as possible. I'll send it to you at the beginning of next month." Said Lucian.

Luna lowered her head and smiled, glancing at him awkwardly. "No company in the country dares to compete with you, the Lu Group, so we naturally gave this opportunity to your company. But now there is an uninvited guest." Said Luna.

Lucian's eyes turned cold for a moment, but he was confused, "which company is it? Should we have a competition?"

"Yes, it's xxx company. They just informed me yesterday," said Luna with a helpless expression. "We were originally decided to cooperate with your company, and the advertising news was all out."

Lucian didn't say anything. He looked at her, indicating her to go on. "I announced to the world that I was going to give it to your company, but now another company is applying for it. As you know, this design collection is open, and everyone can see it on the website. Some people are discussing the comparability between this company and your company."

Lucian asked, "do you mean that two companies are going to compete with each other?"

Luna nodded and said, "yes, and the public's eyes are bright. If their company's design draft is good, compared with yours, if you can't make a big difference, I am not sure I can give it to your company."

Lucian frowned and said to his secretary, "send me the information of that company, the name of the person who signed up and the participants immediately!"

"There's nothing we can do about it, because this kind of recruitment is too open. Even though it is done in secret, it will be obvious. If something goes wrong, not only your company will suffer, but also the reputation of Coco will be ruined." Luna looked very regretful.

Lucian received a document and opened it.

"The designer of the competition, Aron, and his assistant Megan."

How could it be Megan? The two words kept popping up in Lucian's mind. The shape of the stubborn woman appeared in front of him.

On the way home, Lucian kept silent. He was still thinking about what Luna had said, and the person in charge was Megan. He found it became more and more complicated.

As soon as Lucian arrived home, he wanted to have a good rest, but Shelly came up.

"Lucian, how's the meeting going today?" Shelly took the clothes and bag for him.

Lucian paused and said, "yes."

Seeing that Lucian was in a good mood today, she said, "we have been together for so long. Besides, you have already divorced, so..."

Lucian frowned. Shelly's behavior made him more and more confused. Now Shelly was by his side, but he was worried about Megan.

"I'm a little tired today. I'll think about our wedding. By the way, I forgot that I left something in the car. I'll go get it." So he found an excuse and decided to go downstairs for relaxation.

When she was distracted and didn't know where to go, a balloon in a child's hand flew away by accident. The child wanted to run after it without saying anything.

"It's dangerous for children to run along the road." [陆简彦] grabbed the child's arm in time and frowned.

Unexpectedly, the little boy got rid of Lucian's hand at once, pouted and watched the yellow balloon fly away.

Lucian had always been fond of children. When he saw the angry look of child, he felt the gentlest part of his heart was touched. If he and Megan had a

child of their own, their child would have been as old as him.

"Where is your mother? It's dangerous to run around alone. " Even though the child had always been hostile to him and didn't want to get close to him, he still asked him in a very gentle voice.

The child frowned and stared at him, but he still didn't say a word. It was not until then that he saw the child's appearance clearly. Although it was a boy, he had a handsome face and his eyes were somewhat similar to Megan's. But he quickly dispelled this idea. Perhaps he had been thinking about Megan for the past two days. He was too tired so that he would have such an idea.

"Well, tell me where your home is. I'll drive you home. Dad and mom will be worried if you play outside for too long."

Lucian felt a little helpless that the child still didn't speak.

Lucian didn't know that the child was his biological son, Eric. At first, Eric was very curious about Lucian. He had heard a lot about him from his mother, but he was more curious about why he was described as a bad guy. He wanted to go to Lucian's place to see what kind of person made his mother hate him so much, but he didn't expect to get lost.

There happened to be a passer-by selling balloons nearby. Seeing Eric's eyes, Lucian immediately understood what he meant.

"I want a yellow balloon." [陆简彦] took the balloon and handed it to Lin [嘟嘟] with a smile. His eyes were full of tenderness. Perhaps only children could make him so humble now.

"Here you are. Are you unhappy because I didn't ask you to catch up with the balloon just now? If you don't like me for that, I'll take it as an apology to you."

Eric took the yellow balloon, sniffed and looked away.

Lucian thought for a while and decided to take him to the police station.

"How about I take you to your mother?" [陆简彦] held his hand.

This time, [嘟嘟] didn't resist, but still refused to say a word.

Lucian held the child's hand tightly, fearing that he would be in danger again. Although he didn't like Lucian very much, he was still a child, and Lucian didn't care about it at all. He felt that the child was very cute, because the appearance of this child made his heart less heavy for a moment.

Lucian looked at the child and thought of his childhood. He felt that he was similar to him and that they were destined to meet.

Eric kept silent all the way. He recognized Lucian as soon as he saw him today. He thought of his mother's words and had a bad impression on him, so he didn't want to talk to him. But now he began to doubt what his mother had said. He wanted to see what kind of person Lucian was.

Sitting on the chair of the police station, Eric saw the anxious look on Lucian's face. He ran here and there to ask others, and later came to comfort him.

"Stay here for a while. Mom will pick you up soon." Lucian touched his head and left again.

Lin [嘟嘟] began to think that [陆简彦] was not so bad. He must tell his mother and [邱叔叔] that he was a good man. He knew how to make children happy and bought gifts for himself. How could such a person be a bad person?

Megan was finally relieved when she received a call from the police station.

"Who is it?" Aron asked.

"The police station. A man took Eric to the police station. I really need to thank that gentleman."

"Okay, let's pick up Eric."

"Mr. Lu, you can rest assured. We have contacted his mother and she will come to pick him up soon. Don't worry. His mother said she would thank you very much."

Lucian breathed a sigh of relief when his phone rang.

"Lucian, didn't you say that you would go downstairs to fetch something? Why haven't you come back yet? Are you okay?" It was Shelly's anxious voice on the other end of the phone.

Lucian sighed, "I'll be back soon."

"Do you know how much I'm worried about you..."

Before she could finish her words, Lucian hung up the phone. He had just been relaxed, but now because of this woman, everything changed.

"Kid, your mother is on her way here. You should be obedient and don't run around in the future. Dad and mom will worry about you very much." Lucian smiled and touched his head.

"Uncle, are you leaving?" Eric bit his lips and said.

"Yeah, kid, you finally say something." It had been a long time since Lucian smiled like this.

"Uncle, will we meet again?" Eric looked up at him.

For a moment, Lucian felt that he was destined to meet this child, so he nodded at him with a smile and said goodbye.

As soon as Lucian pushed the door open, Aron's car stopped at the door.

"Ouch, Eric, why are you running around? If it weren't for that uncle... Where is the uncle who brought you here? " Sue hugged him as soon as she saw him.

"Mr. Lu has just left. Don't run around anymore. There are many bad guys now."

Ericnodded and sat in the car home, thinking of Lucian.

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