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   Chapter 23 Not Embarrassed

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Shelly looked down at it and shook her head. "No. How can I wear Doctor Dick's coat? It's okay. I'm not really cold anyway."

Little did she know, Dick could see through her even though she tried to keep it subtle. However, he could not say it outright if he were to achieve his goal. This was why he walked over to Shelly and gently draped his coat over her shoulders. This time, Shelly did not refuse. With her fingers, she combed her hair to the side, revealing her beautiful back.

"Thank you, Doctor Dick. Don't worry, I'll wash it before I return it to you." Shelly nodded at him, a shy expression apparent on her face. At the back of her mind, she thought that this would be a good excuse to come to the hospital a few more times to further seduce this man.

Honestly, she considered Dick as a good man. Not only was he gentle, but he also knew how to take good care of people. It was obvious that he was better than Lucian. After all, Lucian was not that compassionate to her. He would get impatient to her sometimes that it would make her confused. It was only reasonable for her to think that Dick was a person she could rely on after what she went through with Lucian.

As a response, Dick smiled at her and put his hand on her shoulder. "Let's go and proceed with the test."

When they left the consultation room, Dick turned off the lights. Although he could not see Shelly, he knew that she was over the moon as they went. Shelly watched him as he turned the lights off. She figured out right away that she was the only one he would attend to that day. It was the first time that someone had treated her with so much attention and concern, making her heart jump with glee.

On the contrary, Dick felt uncomfortable every time he saw Shelly's overly sweet smile when they talked. He had always been the same person he was, and so was Shelly. They both had not really changed. Until now, he never had a good impression of her. After all, she still had a poor attitude even when she needed him. Not once did she ever treat him with kindness.

With these thoughts in mind, Dick became even more determined to seek revenge on her. 'Shelly, why do you always look down on me? Do you think that I'm not worthy of you? Why do you like to ravage and trample on my heart? It doesn't matter. I swear you'll have the taste of your own medicine soon. As the saying goes: What goes around comes around,' he thought to himself.

In the revolving restaurant.

The melodious music of the violin serenaded everyone inside. Every corner of the place was filled with flowers which exuded a fragrant scent that lifted everyone's mood. On top of that, there was a scrumptious feast on the table which made the ambiance perfect.

After ordering Megan's favorite food, Aron sat at the table. He had been hesitant if he should prepare some gifts for Megan. Although his proposal had failed, his perception of her had not changed. As a matter of fact, he neither felt ashamed nor embarrassed. He had not seen Megan all day, which made him feel that it was hard to breathe. He missed her that much.

Because of this, he invited her for lunch. Seeing Megan's reply to his invitation, he felt that he did not love the wrong person. Megan had never been arrogant nor conceited. Although she refused his proposal, she never once thought that she was superior to him.

The reason why she refused him was more complicated than Aron had thought. In fact, she had always regarded him as her brother. He had been nothing but kind and understanding to her after all. She had known for quite some time that Aron loved her. However, she believed that she was fine by herself. She did not want to get in the way of Aron's plans for his life, so she decided to reject him.

Moreover, she never thought that Aron was egoistic. Since she did not want to lose such a good friend and brother because of what had happened, she agreed to have lunch with him. It was not a big deal to her anyway. She figured Aron felt the same way.

When she arrived at the restaurant, the delicious dishes had already been served. The food was so warm that there was subtle steam on it. At the table was Aron, who was waiting patiently. He looked like he came straight from a painting. Whoever painted his face must have spent hours in drawing his features meticulously. It was impeccable.

Megan walked over to the table and looked at him with a smile. As she did so, Aron stood up and took her bag. He then pulled out the chair for her and waited for her to sit down.

"I ordered your favorite dishes. Let's eat while they're still hot. We can talk while we eat." After saying this, Aron poured a glass of lemonade in Megan's glass considerately. He even asked her to have a taste of the dishes quickly.

They had only been together for several minutes, yet Megan was beaming with happiness. There was so much joy in her heart. It was undeniable that Aron was the greatest person she had ever met in her life. It was only him, who treated her the best. For as long as she could remember, Aron was like a brother who took good care of her. Not only was he extremely successful in life, but he was also good-looking. Because of these traits, a lot of women were head over heels for him. This was why Megan could not understand why he chose a rustic person like her.

"Megan, just to be clear, I'm actually fine with what had happened that day. I didn't take your rejection to heart. I promise I'll work harder to improve myself, so I'd be worthy of you," said Aron gently as he put a sliced meat on her plate.

Megan swallowed a mouthful of food first, and replied, "Believe me, you don't have to. Anyway, aren't you busy with your work?"

Aron noticed she looked a little uneasy when she spoke. He wanted to chuckle when he saw this. His Megan was so cute! "Megan, I'm not going to ask anything else from you, but I hope that you won't avoid me. I'll try my best to be better."

"How can I hide from you? We're good friends!" retorted Megan.

She knew very well that it was useless to contradict his words. Aron was stubborn as he bore all the characteristics of a typical Taurus. Once he decided, it would be near impossible to change his mind. She really considered him as a treasured friend and a brother. She would never want the two of them to be awkward around each other later on.

The mood on the table seemed light and calm. Aron just sat there, not uttering a word, while Megan was busy eating, though a little restless. It was clear to Aron that he did not want to be friends with her. He wanted something more than friendship. After all, what was the use of it? He never had a shortage of friends anyway.

"Megan, what do you really think of me?" Aron had never asked her this question. Anyway, he would change whatever image she had about him. Right now, he just wanted to be the kind of person whom she needed the most.

Noticing that he

was being serious in his question, Megan put down her chopsticks. In the earnest tone that she could manage, she replied, "Well, with how you're always taking care of me, I can't help but think of you as my brother. You're a very kind and considerate man. I appreciate you so much. I honestly think that you're the only person in the world who has treated me best. You protect and care for me with all your heart. You always make sure that I'm safe. You even comfort me when I'm sad. I believe that your girlfriend, whoever she will be, will be the luckiest woman on earth. I'm sure that you're going to make her very happy."

Upon hearing her answer, Aron felt downhearted. Megan might not know it, but he had never done any of those things to others. He could not even imagine doing them for anyone else. He did not do any of these things to others, yet there was nothing that he could not do for her. She was the most special person in his life. The moment he met Megan, he figured immediately that she was an adorable woman who needed his help.

"I've been meaning to tell you this. You don’t have to be there for me all the time. It's true, though, that nobody took care of me since I was young. That's why I worked so hard so that I can manage on my own. I want you to spend your time and energy on yourself. Besides, you can pursue something better with your resources, a better woman or career for instance. Aron, I only want the best for you. With your abilities, I'm sure this will be easy for you."

Megan's words were full of concern and selflessness. However, the only thing in Aron's mind was the fact that he did not exert a lot of effort in taking care of her. It was just that he could not help but treat her well. As a matter of fact, he had never treated anyone else the same way he did to her. The reason why he was doing this was that the woman was Megan. There was no other reason.

"Honestly, I've never treated anyone like this. I don't want to take care of anyone if it was not you. I like you, Megan. That's it. Besides, I would never ask anything in return. Taking care of you has become my habit. It's involuntary, and there's nothing you can do to make me stop. If you're burdened by this, please don't. When I said that I would try my best to make you like me, I was serious."

Nobody could ever imagine how much Aron liked her, even himself. In his heart, Megan was unlike any other woman. There was never a time when she was not being herself. She was sincere, unpretentious, and lovely. He had always wanted to protect her innocence and purity from anyone who wanted to take advantage of it. Lastly, he hoped that she would never change.

Looking at his resolute expression, Megan was convinced that it would be useless to say anything more. As a response, she simply nodded and ate the delicious food in front of her. As Aron saw that she had stopped arguing with him, he refilled her bowl with a smile.

In all honesty, he was both pleased and disappointed upon hearing her impression of him. Nevertheless, he was still happy. At least Megan was honest with him. What made him happier was that she was not embarrassed to compliment him when needed. Besides, she was not the kind of person who would utter praises just to flatter someone. What she said was what she really thought.

On the other hand, he felt disappointed that she only regarded him as a brother and that he was only good to her because he was considerate in nature. All this time, she had believed that he treated everyone this way. She was too humble and naïve that she did not realize that she was the only one whom he treated with extra care. When in fact, she was different from all those ordinary women around him.

At that moment, an idea occurred to Aron. He could not wait to tell it to Megan.

"Megan, do you know that the Coco Group will have a new design project next year?" he asked cautiously.

Megan remembered that the Lu Group had participated in this activity. Just recently, many news outlets reported that the design project would definitely fall to the Lu Group. "Yes. Why? Did something happen?"

With a smile, Aron moved closer to her and whispered, "I'm going to take part in the competition. I want to grab this opportunity to make a name in China."

Megan was surprised by his words. She thought it through again and realized that there should not be any major problems if he wanted to do it since he had the talent. However, the news about the cooperation between the Lu and Coco Group had been fed to the public for a long time that it had become rather overwhelming. She feared that it would only hinder Aron's plans and development.

"The Lu Group has already done a stunt, right? If you want to compete with them, you shouldn’t rely on your own strength only. You must consider other factors as well. Besides, the reports on their company are overwhelming. You just came back, so the media and the public don't know much about you. If that's the case, how can you compete with them on your own?" Megan stated, considering everything.

With a smile, Aron leaned back on his seat and answered, "Don't worry about it. As I've said, I will use my own skills to prove to them that I can. Besides, it won't take long until the drafts of the designs are released to the public. When that happens, they won't deny my capabilities anymore. No matter how good the Lu and Coco Group's relationship, they'll make sure that they won't be berated by the public."

Megan thought that what Aron had said was reasonable. At the thought of it, she instantly felt relieved. "Okay then. Do as you like. I believe that you're capable enough to manage this. Don’t worry, I'd do my best to support you. Just so you know, I've always thought that you're great in everything you do. I really admire you for it."

Upon hearing her, Aron felt extremely happy. He thought that at least he had the means to make Megan fall in love with him. As he realized that he was going in the right direction, he had a newfound desire to persevere.

"You must pull out all the stops for this, but you must be careful at the same time. The Lu Group is a prestigious corporation. Their reputation is not something that you can disregard. If they target you, you must protect your designs at all costs. They will do everything they can to win, and nobody can stop them." Megan knew how vicious and cunning they could be. This was why she was worried about Aron.

In response, Aron burst into laughter. "Megan, are you worried about me?" he asked with a chuckle. To be honest, this made him happy. Megan's concern was more important than the design project for him. Her being worried about him felt like a surprise to him.

Megan was startled by what he had asked. She quickly covered his mouth to make him stop.

His loud voice made other people look at them!

Meanwhile, developments were unfolding in the Lu Group.

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