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   Chapter 21 Not What It Used To Be (Part One)

Fake Marriage: Love Takes Me To You By Moonlight Under Sycamore Characters: 6493

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Aron desired to touch the girl's face. He wanted to tell her what his heart had longed to tell her. He wanted to ask her to marry him as soon as possible. And that he would always be there support her. But he wasn't able to touch her face.

Megan stared at him in silence, her eyes appeared to have seen through his desires. How could such a proud and arrogant man like him, allow other people to read his mind? And because of that, Aron trembled.

After that, he completely got ahold of his senses. Back then, he wasn't sure just how much he cared about her, but it was all clear to him now. He then glanced at the alarm clock on the bedside table. It was only six o'clock. However, it was time to get up. It was time to get back to work.

A new day had just begun. And it was time to start a new chapter in his life. Aron hoped that he could continue thinking like this.

But Megan's heart, on the other hand, had been restless ever since she came home last night. The more she avoided thinking about it, the clearer it became. It was apparent that Aron had feelings for her. She did love Aron, too, but this love was not romantic. It was more like loving an older brother. Because in her heart, there was only Lucian. Unfortunately, Lucian wasn't treating her well right now. Sometimes, he would lose his temper over the most trivial matters. He would get mad at her whenever she did or said something wrong. She couldn't understand how things could go sour between them, when they already had such a great relationship before. In her mind, Megan restrained herself from thinking about it. She kept telling herself that she needed to cheer up. And that no matter what would happen, she should not let the trajectory of her life go into the wrong direction. Because she was still that same Megan. After that, she tidied up her bed and readied herself for work. Moments later, she walked out of the house and went straight to work.

At the company, she was sitting on her office chair, unable to calm down. What happened yesterday kept repeating inside her head. As of the moment, she wasn't sure how to express her emotions. In a fit of anger, she threw the planning case aside. But after a while, she scratched her head, picked up the documents, and decided to continue working.

On the other hand, there weren't any major changes in Lucian's life. Like any other day, he just ate and went to work. He just lived his life like he normally did. But for some reason unbeknownst to him, and he wasn't sure when it happened, he was a little tired of having Shelly by his side.

From time to time, Shelly would visit him at work. And every time she visited, it would cause an uproar in the company. There were only two main reasons that she would go to the company. The first was that she wanted to have dinner with him. The other reason was that she would come here to report on Megan's current situation, and speak ill of her. Sometimes, Lucian wondered whether she was really Megan's best friend or not. It also seemed like she had nothing better to do with her time. Even though he wasn't fond of Megan right now, he still disliked people who spoke ill of others behind their back all the time. This characteristic made him all th

e more annoyed of Shelly.

Oblivious to Lucian's feelings, Shelly thought that she had a great relationship with him. She even thought that she could soon replace Megan as Mrs. Lu, if she did her best to keep Lucian away from her. After all, she had once saved Lucian's life. How could Megan compete with her? 'Why should Megan live a peaceful and happy life? Meanwhile, I can't get the life I wanted even though I've tried everything I could and exhausted myself.'

And as for Shelly's dinner invitation, Lucian wanted to delay it as much as he could. He was quite busy every day, and he didn't have the time to care whether she was happy or not. Moreover, in his eyes, he had almost repaid the kindness that she showed him back then.

Dick was in the hospital, planning on his next course of action. All of a sudden, he thought of how much he loved Shelly in the past. He had done so much for her, but in the end, he was just a pawn to her. And after she was done with him, she ruthlessly cast him aside. She didn't even thank him for everything he did. The car accident he suffered in the past allowed him to be reborn, and it also deepened his hatred for Shelly. Dick worked out the next treatment process for her according to the standard procedures. But compared to others, her treatment lasted longer. After all, the degree of acquaintance with a person also depended on the time. If he didn't take his time, how would he know what kind of person she was at present?

"This is Shelly Yao's personal information. You can arrange a treatment for her at the end of the month, and I'll be in charge of it. From now on, I'll be responsible for this patient." After that, he handed the documents to a nurse.

The nurse took the file, nodded, and left.

As Dick sat at the table, tapping his pen, he thought of how he would gain Shelly's trust. He had suffered so much under her hands, and now he must return that suffering to her.

Although she was now his patient and she naturally trusted him for that, this wasn't what he wanted. What Dick wanted was to have her and ruthlessly abandon her, just like she had abandoned him in the past.

Whenever he closed his eyes, he could still remember how heartless she looked. All her disdain and cruelty exposed her desire of marrying a rich man.

And so, Dick opened the patient registration form and found Shelly's information sheet. When he saw her number, he contemplated for a moment, and then sent her a message.

"Hi, I am your attending physician. Recently, the weather has become unstable. You should take care of yourself. Otherwise, it'll have a daunting impact on the success rate of the treatment." After sending that text message, Dick wiped his face. He believed that it was only a matter of time before she replied.

Meanwhile, as Shelly was happily chatting with several handsome men on her phone, she suddenly received a message from Dick. After reading the contents of the message, she felt that the doctor was attracted to her. The corners of her mouth curled into a smile. She wanted to put down her phone and reply late, so that it would attract his attention more. But after realizing that he was her attending physician, she quickly replied to the text.

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