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   Chapter 20 Set A Trap

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After Shelly arrived at the hospital, Dick explained in detail the current situation of her that she was in good health now, and her age was the best time to get pregnant. The treatment would work on her. Shelly was very happy to hear that. She asked about some dos and don'ts, for example, what she could eat or not. She also asked what she should do in normal times. Dick answered all her questions. Shelly thought for a while and agreed to receive the treatment.

"Then when can I start the treatment? Doctor." Shelly looked at Dick expectantly.

"Maybe at the end of the month. We'll arrange it for you now. Wait for my notice." Dick lowered his head and sorted out the medical records. He didn't want to look up at her.

Hearing Dick's words, Shelly breathed a sigh of relief. "Okay, I'll wait for your notice. Thank you, doctor." Then she pulled the bag over her shoulder. And she walked out without looking back.

Dick's plan had taken a step forward.

'I will return all the things you brought to me before.' Dick clenched his fists.

Dick raised his head and looked at the back of Shelly. He subconsciously glanced at the phone in the upper right corner of the table. Then he opened the address book of the phone and found Megan. He dialed her numbers.

Megan was tidying up her clothes at home at that moment. Her phone rang.

"Today, Shelly came to me. I have arranged a treatment for her at the end of the month." A low voice came through the phone and came to her ears.

"That's good. Don't let her find out who you are!" Megan said briskly.

"Shelly was so silly that she even thanked me so happily. I'll make her cry someday. I will make her pay the same price for what I have suffered."

Megan chuckled on the phone. "I'm glad that she can be cured. I've found her for you. Whether you can make her cry or not depends on your ability." Megan hung up the phone.

Dick had no choice but to do as Megan said. So far, there was no better way to get close to Shelly. He also wanted to let Shelly experience the feeling of being used and abandoned! There was no turning back. Once they set out, they would never be able to return to the starting point.

She put down her clothes. Then she walked to the window. She looked out of the window.

Megan didn't know since when she became the same kind of person as Shelly.

A thought flashed through her mind. 'Shelly does it for the best in a way in her own angle. Lucian has his own child Eric, but he doesn't cherish it. Shelly is still going to cheat on him. What could Lucian do if it goes on like this? He could do nothing because he knows nothing about Shelly and all this.' Megan lowered her head and chuckled. She shook her head. She was so stupid, so did Lucian.

The more she thought about it, the sadder she felt. Megan patted her head. She tried to sober herself up. She wanted to have a chat with someone. Even if they didn't talk, it would be good to eat and drink. She turned on her phone and called Aron.

"Hello, Aron. Are you free tonight? Well, I want to have a talk with you."

Aron was confused when he received the phone call. But he still nodded and said okay.

Aron rubbed his eyebrows and looked very tired. The first proposal was still vivid in his mind, but it ended in failure. He didn't know if she was still the Megan who followed him all the time and clamored to marry him. He didn't know if she was still the Megan who always said her brother was the best.

Aron had always been confident in everything. Although he was not as powerful as Lucian, he had everything he wanted since he was a child. But when it came to Megan. He really didn't know what to do.

"Megan, who do you want to marry when you grow up?"

"I'm going to marry Dick. He is my brother. He likes me the most."

"Who wants to marry you?" Aron said. If he had known that the situation was like this, he would not have said that when he was a child. 'I really want to marry you. Really!'

The scenes of his childhood flashed through Aron's mind one by one. So many years had passed. When they were child they could say or do whatever they wanted. It was a time to be missed. He thought no more. He clean up himself and was ready to go to the place he appointed with Megan.

Megan also put on her clothes and went out of the house. Cars came and went on the road, which made the distance between her home and the destination longer.

Aron arrived at the appointed place first. He looked around and smiled. He didn't know when Megan's taste became so bad.

She let the two of them meet in a hot pot restaurant. The noisy sound and steaming hot pot filled the air. All of this let him feel a little uncomfortable. Fine. It was Megan who invited him. He would be willing to accept it.

About fifteen minutes later. Megan came in in a hurry. She looked at Aron. Then she lowered her head and put her bag aside, saying, "I'm sorry. There's a traffic jam on the road today."

Aron shook his head. "It doesn't matter. Why do you choose such a small restaurant? Have you gone bankrupt recently?"

Megan was stunned and smiled. "It is not easy for me to find this place. It's delicious." Staring at Megan's smiling face, Aron felt like he was back to his childhood. Megan used to smi

le at him like this when she was a child.

But it became less and less when she grew up.

Seeing that Megan was in a good mood to eat hot pot, Aron picked up his chopsticks and took a bite. It really tasted good. Megan still had a good eye for choosing things. Megan raised her eyebrows slightly to prove that she was right. Aron couldn't help smiling.

Megan ordered a dozen bottles of beer. Aron looked at her doubtfully. "Why did you order so much beer? What happened to you recently?"

"No, I am fine. The reason why I asked you out was just for drinking. Thank for you here." Megan clinked beer glasses with him slightly.

"Sometimes, I don't think I'm suitable for this environment." Megan murmured as she drank.

She took the beer one after another. Megan's face began to turn red. Megan began to sob slowly. Megan was slightly drunk. Aron had never seen Megan who was drunk before. In his memory. Megan was gentle and generous. She had never been like this before.

This made Aron want to propose to Megan again. Megan was no longer the Megan she used to be. She was just kidding when she was a child. However, Aron took it seriously. He had always thought that as long as he treated Megan well, Megan would know his heart. One day, he would be with Megan fair and square. Instead of being her brother, he would the one who accompany her through the storm of life. Megan needed protection. He was uneasy about leaving her in the care of others. Only when the one he loved was by his side could he feel at ease.

"Megan, since I was a child, you have been following me and clamoring to marry me. I didn't protect you well when I moved away with my family. But now, I'm back. Marry me. I will protect you like I did when you were a child!" Aron said affectionately.

Megan seemed to have known this scene and became sober in an instant. She had treated him as her brother since childhood. What they said when they were children was long gone. At that time, he was the only one in her world. But now, things changed. The past was the past, and now was the present. The emotion that would not appear still would not appear.

'I might as well take this opportunity to turn him down under such a situation so that we can avoid the embarrassment of the two of us.' Megan thought to herself.

"Aron, are you kidding me again. Well, everyone knows that the type you like is not me. I'm a little tired. Please drive me home. You can't rest assured that I go home alone like this, can you?" After saying that, Megan staggered to pick up her bag and pulled Aron out of the table.

The bunch of roses lay there quietly. Aron also forgot to take it.

In the car, Megan leaned against the seat and fell asleep. Aron knew. Megan was stubborn about certain things. He had no chance. It was destined that he could only accompany Megan as her brother. Maybe this was the best position for him. She would not treat him as a stranger. And at the same time they kept a certain distance from each other. This kind of connection might be better than the awkwardness of breaking up after a love relationship. Aron comforted himself. In this way, if Megan had any trouble in the future, she could still ask him for help.

"Don't bother to send me upstairs. Aron, be careful on the way. Bye." Megan didn't turn around and held the stairs. She went straight upstairs.

Aron wanted to take Megan's hand, but he failed. He wanted to send Megan upstairs after she had had too much to drink, but now he even couldn't get a goodbye out of his mouth. Because before he could say anything else, he received a goodbye from Megan first.

Aron watched Megan go upstairs. He felt that Megan was getting farther and farther away from him. She was no longer the sweet Megan who followed him to ask for candy and called him brother. He had never had Megan. But he seemed to have lost her tens of millions of times. No matter how hard he tried to comfort himself. Aron was still sad.

Aron drove back home. He went upstairs and went back to the study. He saw a photo of him and Megan on the desk. This was the only photo of them. In the photo, the two kids were holding each other's hands and holding the lollipop with a big smile on their face. Such a good time was left in the photo album. He knew that they couldn't go back.

Aron went to the bathroom and wiped his face with cold water. He looked at himself in the mirror. He forced himself to forget what happened tonight. He wiped his face with a towel. Then he went back to the bedroom and went to sleep.

With a marshmallow in her hand, the little girl walked up to the boy and asked, "Brother, do you want to eat? It is very sweet! Have a taste." Before the boy received the marshmallow, the scene changed to another scene.

An aunt asked the little girl, "Do you have someone you like?"

The little girl tilted her head and thought seriously. "Yes, I like Aron."

"Do you want to marry him?"

The girl smiled even more happily. "Yes, I want to marry him."

Every time at this time, the adults would laugh back and forth, feeling it was very interesting. But at that time, what the girl thought was easy to figure out. She just thought that as long as she married him, she could play with her brother forever.

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