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   Chapter 20 Set A Trap

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When Shelly arrived at the hospital, Dick explained her current situation in detail. He noted that she was presently in good health, and that her age was the perfect time to get pregnant. This treatment would definitely work on her. And Shelly was delighted to hear that. She then asked about the dos and don'ts. For example, what she could eat and what she couldn't. And what she should do on a daily basis. All of her questions were answered by Dick. After contemplating for a while, Shelly finally agreed to receive the treatment.

"When can we start with the treatment, doctor?" Her eyes were full of hope when she looked at Dick.

"Perhaps we could start by the end of the month. But we'll make the necessary arrangements for you now. Please wait for my notice." He lowered his head and sorted out the medical records. Because he didn't want to stare into her eyes.

Upon hearing Dick's words, Shelly breathed a sigh of relief. "Sounds great. I'll wait for your notice. Thank you so much, doctor." After she said that, she slung the bag over her shoulder. Then she walked away without looking back.

The first step of Dick's plan was set in motion.

'I'll pay you back for all the pain you've caused me before.' Raging veins stood out from his arms as he clenched his fist.

Dick raised his head and watched Shelly leave. Subconsciously, he glanced at the phone placed in the upper right corner of the table. When he opened the contact list of the phone, he found Megan's number. Then he dialed the number.

Meanwhile, Megan was tidying up her clothes at home. All of a sudden, her phone started ringing.

"Shelly came to me today. I've scheduled her for a treatment at the end of the month." A deep voice could be heard from the other end of the line.

"That's great. No matter what happens, don't let her find out who you are!" Megan eagerly reminded him.

"Shelly was so foolish that she even happily thanked me. Someday, I'll make her suffer. I'll make her pay for the pain that she caused me."

Megan chuckled while she was on the phone. "I'm glad that she agreed to receive the treatment. I've found her for you. Whether you can destroy her or not depends on your capabilities." After that, she hung up the phone.

Dick had no choice but to do as he was told. Because so far, there was no better way to get close to Shelly. And he also wanted to let her experience the feeling of being used and abandoned! At this point, there was no more turning back. Once they had set their plan in motion, they would never be able to return to people they used to be.

Megan put down her clothes. Then she went to the window. Her eyes were drawn to the world outside.

Megan wondered when she inadvertently became similar to the person she loathed the most, Shelly.

A fleeting thought flashed through her mind. 'Shelly does everything from an angle that she knows best. Lucian has his own child, Eric, but he doesn't even cherish him. I'm certain that she's still going to cheat on him. What can he do if it goes on like this? There's nothing he can do because he knows nothing of Shelly's true colors, and all of the bad things she has done in the past.' As she lowered her head, Megan started chuckling. She shook her head in disbelief. Both she and Lucian were so stupid!

And the more she thought about it, the sadder she felt. Megan patted her head, trying to sober herself up. Right now, she wanted to speak to someone. Even if they didn't talk, it would be great to just eat and drink. She then turned her phone on and dialed Aron's number.

"Hello, Aron. Are you free tonight? I want to speak to you."

Aron was perplexed when he received the phone call. Nevertheless, he still agreed to meet her.

When he rubbed his eyes, he looked exhausted. The first marriage proposal he made was still vivid in his mind. However, it ended in failure. As of the moment, he wasn't sure if she was still the same Megan who followed him all the time and clamored to marry him. And he didn't know if she was still the Megan who always said he was the best.

Aron was usually confident about everything. Even though he wasn't as powerful and influential as Lucian, he had everything he ever wanted since he was a child. But when it came to Megan, he really didn't know what to do.

"Megan, who do you want to marry when you grow up?"

"I'm going to marry Aron. He's a big brother, so I'm sure he loves me the most!"

"Who would want to marry you?" the little Aron remarked. If he had known that things would turn out like this, he wouldn't have said that when they were still kids. 'I truly want to marry you. I'm serious!'

Every scene during his childhood flashed through Aron's mind one by one. So many years had passed since then. Back when they were still kids, they could say or do whatever they wanted. It was truly a time to be missed. Before long, he stopped reminiscing. After that, he tidied himself up and was ready to go to the place that Megan had appointed.

Meanwhile, Megan was also done preparing and then she went out of the house. Cars passed by along the road, and it made the distance between her home and the destination seem longer.

Aron was the first to arrive at the designated place. A smile appeared on his face as he looked around. He wondered when Megan's taste became this bad.

She booked a hotpot restaurant as their meeting place. The boisterous sound of people conversing and the steam coming from the hotpots filled the air. All of this left him feeling a little uncomfortable. But it didn't matter. It was Megan who invited him. He was more than willing to accept anything if it came from her.

About fifteen minutes later, Megan finally arrived in a hurry. She directed her eyes towards Aron. Then she put her bag aside and lowered her head. "I'm sorry for being late. There was a traffic jam along the road earlier."

Aron shook his head in dismissal. "It's fine. Why did you choose such a small restaurant? Have you gone bankrupt recently?"

Taken aback by what he said, Megan smiled at him. "Finding this place wasn't easy for me. But don't worry, the food they serve here

is delicious!" As he stared at Megan's beaming smile, Aron felt like he was taken back to the days of his childhood. Back then, she used to smile at him just like this when she was still a child.

But as she grew up, that bright smile became less and less.

Seeing that Megan was in a good mood to eat hotpot, Aron decided to pick up his chopsticks and take a bite. It really did taste good! As always, Megan had a good eye for choosing things. She raised her eyebrows slightly, proving that she was right. When he saw that, a smile appeared on his face.

Then Megan ordered a dozen bottles of beer. Aron creased his eyebrows and looked at her suspiciously. "Why did you order so much beer? What on earth has gotten into you recently?"

"Nothing. I'm fine. The only reason I asked you out was just because I wanted to drink. Thank you for being here." Megan clinked her beer bottle with his.

"Sometimes, I think that I'm not suited for this place," she murmured as she gulped the contents of the bottle.

One after another, the beer bottles were gone. Megan's face was turning red. A few moments later, she started sobbing. Obviously, she was drunk now. Aron had never seen her drunk before. In his memory, Megan was gentle and generous. Never had she acted like this before.

And because of this, Aron wanted to propose to her once more. She was no longer the same Megan that she used to be. When she was still a little girl, she was just fooling around. However, Aron took it to heart. He always thought that as long as he treated Megan well, she would come to understand how he felt. Someday, he would be with her fair and square. Instead of being her big brother, he would be the man to accompany her through the journey of life. Because Megan needed protection. He didn't feel comfortable leaving her in the care of others. It was only when the woman he loved was by his side that he could finally feel at ease.

"Megan, when we were kids, you were following me and asking me to marry you. Unfortunately, I didn't protect you well enough, because I moved away with my family. But now that I'm here again, I want you to marry me. I'll protect you the same way I did when were kids!" Aron said affectionately.

Megan was jolted into sobriety when she heard him. Since they were little kids, she had regarded him as her brother. The things they said when they were children were long gone. Back then, he was the only one who existed in her world. But now, things had changed. The past was over, and only the present mattered. The emotions that wouldn't appear still wouldn't appear.

'I might as well take this opportunity to turn him down under such a situation, so that we can avoid any embarrassment between us,' Megan thought to herself.

"Aron, are you messing with me again? Everyone knows that I'm not your type of woman. Look, I'm getting a little tired. Will you please drive me home? You won't be able to rest assured if I go home alone like this, will you?" After she said that, Megan staggered to pick up her bag and pulled Aron out of the table.

The bouquet of roses was laid there quietly. And Aron also forgot to pick it up.

In the car, Megan was leaning against the seat and soon fell asleep. Aron knew that she was stubborn about certain things. And that he had no chance to have her. It was inevitable that he could only accompany Megan as her brother. Perhaps this was the best role that he could play in her life. At the very least, she wouldn't treat him like a stranger. At the same time, they would keep a certain distance from each other. This kind of connection might be better than the awkwardness of breaking up after a loving relationship. Aron tried his best to comfort himself with these thoughts. In this way, if Megan ever ran into any trouble in the future, she could still ask him for assistance.

"Don't bother to escort me upstairs. Be careful on your way home, Aron. Bye!" Without turning around, Megan leaned against the stairs. She then went directly upstairs.

Aron really wanted to take her hand, but he couldn't. He wanted to help her get upstairs after she had drunk too much, but now, he couldn't even say goodbye. Because before he had the chance to utter a word, Megan said goodbye first.

He just watched her stumble her way to the top of the stairs. Right now, he felt that she was getting further and further away from him. She was no longer the sweet Megan who followed him around to ask for candy and called him brother. If he was being honest to himself, he had never had Megan. However, it seemed that he had lost her millions of times already. No matter how hard he tried to console himself, Aron still felt gloomy.

Soon, he went back to his car and drove home. Then he went upstairs and entered his study. Inside, he saw a photo of him and Megan on the desk. This was the only photo of them that existed. In the photo, they were holding each other's hands as kids and holding lollipops with big smiles on their faces. Such a wistful memory was left in the photo album. In his heart, he knew that they couldn't go back to the way things were.

Aron went to the bathroom and wiped his face with cold water. Then he looked at himself in the mirror. He forced himself to forget about what happened tonight. Seconds later, he wiped his face with a towel.

Afterwards, he went back to the bedroom and fell into slumber.

With a marshmallow in her hand, the little girl walked up to the boy and asked, "Brother, do you want to have some? It's really sweet! Try it!" Before the boy could receive the marshmallow, the scene changed into something else.

A woman asked the little girl, "Do you have someone you like?"

She tilted her head and contemplated seriously. "Yes, I do. I like Aron!"

"Do you want to marry him?"

The smile on the little girl's face widened. "Yes, I do want to marry him."

Every time this happened, the adults would burst into laughter, finding it amusing. But back then, what the girl was thinking was quite easy to figure out. The only thing she thought was that as long as she married him, she could play with her brother forever.

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