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   Chapter 19 Who Is That Man

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Eric nodded, "Yes, I know. As I said, it's a secret between men."

"Ha-ha! Okay, okay, let's eat ice cream. It's melted." Aron looked at Eric dotingly. Although he was not his child, Eric's intelligence and sensibility really made him like him very much.

"Uncle Aron, I have finished the ice cream. Please send me home. When I went out, I could feel that mommy was really unhappy and she was a little uncomfortable. I am a little worried about her," Eric said after he finished the ice cream and looked at Aron.

Seeing that Eric cared about his mother so much, Aron was relieved. After all, Megan didn't suffer so much in vain.

Maybe it was because she was too crazy last night, or maybe it was because of the effect of the medicine that she hadn't recovered yet.

For the whole day, Megan felt that she couldn't cheer up and couldn't focus on anything.

She still remembered the crazy night and what Lucian said this morning.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

"Lisa, someone is knocking at the door. Go and open it." Megan lay in bed and didn't want to move.

But who would come at this time? Eric was taken to the amusement park by Aron. He wouldn't come back for a whole day. Then who would it be?

There was still a knock on the door. Lisa should be busy with something, so she didn't hear it.

Megan had to get out of bed to open the door. "Who is it?"

When she opened the door, Eric jumped into Megan's arm and said, "Mommy, Eric is back. Give me a kiss!"

Megan looked at her son in surprise. It seemed that her tiredness had been reduced a lot just now. "Didn't you just go to the amusement park? Why are you back so early?"

"Eric said he was worried about you, so we were not in the mood to play there. So we came back early." Aron said as he walked in.

Megan felt warm in her heart. It was rare for child to know how to care about others at such a young age. She touched Eric's head and said, "It's not in vain to love you."

Looking at Aron, she said, "Have a sit. I'll get you a glass of water."

"Where is Lisa?"

"I don't know. Maybe she went out to buy some food." After telling Eric to go back to his room and change his clothes, Megan poured a glass of water for Aron and said, "If you are free today, I have something to tell you."

Aron nodded, "Come on. Today is weekend. I should have my own life. Right? Tell me. If it's about my Megan, I'll be free at any time."

After Megan asked Eric to go back to his room to rest, she sat on the sofa.

"Do you still remember that I asked you to find an expert on test-tube babies? I remember you brought him back to our country. His name is Kevin, right?" Megan said.

Aron nodded, "Yes, I remember you said it was used to deal with Shelly. What's wrong? Do you have any plan now?"

"Well, Shelly is not easy to deal with. Before she seduced Lucian, I inadvertently knew something. She used to take advantage of a man's feelings. And then she dumped him. Do you know where that man works now?"

"I don't know." How could there be such a woman? Even a playboy like Aron sighed that he was inferior to her.

"It's also a coincidence. That man is now working in the hospital where Shelly went to have a check-up last time. He is in the gynecology department." Megan smiled cunningly like a fox.

Aron was confused, "So do you want..."

"It was that doctor who contacted me first. After a talk with me, I believed that he should be willing to do something for the grievance he had suffered before." Megan picked up the cup and took a sip.

"If so, Shelly still can recognize him. What's the point?" Aron asked in confusion.

"Ha-ha. This is what you don't know. That doctor had a car accident before and his face was disfigured. And now he change a face after the cosmetic surgery," Megan smiled. She had to pay off what Shelly had done to her one by one.

Aron looked at the smile on Megan's face. His heart trembled. As he expected, no matter how arrogant one was, he couldn't provoke any woman, especially a beautiful and smart woman like Megan. Otherwise, he would end up with a miserable ending.


"So the doctor you hired with a lot of money this time would make a different." Megan whispered her thoughts and plans to Aron.

After hearing this, Aron not only applauded for Megan's idea, but also said, "Your plan is really good. It will destroy someone invisibly."

Megan said indifferently, "What I've done is nothing when it was compared to what she's done to me."

Of course, Aron knew what Shelly had done to Megan. Even he wanted to kill Shelly, let alone Megan?

"Well, don't worry. I can arrange everything for you when you get ready and want to get your plan started," Aron said.

Megan didn't say anything more. She just leaned against the sofa and squinted her eyes.

Looking at Megan's pale face, Aron felt sorry f

or her. Megan was a beautiful woman who could rely on her face to live, but she chose to rely on her ability. She worked so hard that her health would be going to break down one day.

"Are you feeling uncomfortable? How about I take you to the hospital?" Aron asked with concern.

Megan shook her head, "Nothing. I just drank a little yesterday. As you know, you can't avoid drinking in that kind of party."

"Alas... Well, have a good rest. Call me if you need anything. I'll go back first." Aron felt a little guilty. If it weren't for his desire to be lazy, Megan wouldn't feel so bad right now. He'd better find someone else to take his place in such kind of party in the future.

After sending Aron away, Megan went back to her room and lay down. After a while, Eric climbed onto the bed and lay in Megan's arms.

"What's wrong? Why are you so clingy to me today? This isn't like my little man!" Megan held Eric in her arms.

When she was desperate, God gave her such a gift. In these years, no matter how tired she was, as long as she saw Eric, Megan had hope and courage to work hard.

"Mommy, it's enough for Eric to have you. Mommy you must be fine and take good care of yourself, so that Eric could be relieved in heart," Eric said and smiled at Megan.

Megan nodded, "Eric, don't worry. I'm just a little tired from work. I'll be fine after a rest."

"Then Eric will sleep with mommy."


The warmest and most secure place in the world was mother's hug. At this moment, Eric thought that as long as her mother was fine, it was enough.

A day had passed, but Lucian didn't go out. He locked himself in the study all day long, and didn't go out no matter how many times Shelly called him. He only said that he was working.

Shelly felt deep threat again. She lay on the bed and looked at the ceiling.

She thought that it was not easy for her to get to this point. She couldn't let Megan destroy everything. Now that Megan had divorced with Lucian, she could be with Lucian legally. And the only way and fastest way now was to have a child.

As long as she had a child, she would be able to marry into the Lu Family legally. At that time, Lucian's mother would be more anxious than her.

Now it suddenly occurred to her that there was a doctor who told her that she still had a chance to be pregnant.

Shelly flipped out the previous message and thought that it was better to do it as soon as possible.

So she replied, "Hello, doctor. Can I make an appointment tomorrow? I want to ask you how I can get pregnant."

As soon as Dick Xiao got off work, he received a message from Shelly. Dick Xiao clicked it and replied, "Okay, then nine o'clock tomorrow morning. You can come here. I'll tell you everything."

With a snicker on his face, Dick Xiao thought, 'Shelly, when you abandoned me that year, you should have thought of the result today. Right now, you want to have a child with another man, right? Since you have aborted our child that year, then I will let our child come back to life.'

On the second day, Shelly still appeared in the hospital with a face mask. The pungent smell of disinfectant in the hospital made Shelly feel a little uncomfortable.

"Doctor, do I still have a chance to be pregnant?" Shelly, still wearing a face mask, asked Dick Xiao.

Dick Xiao looked at the woman in front of him. Even if she wore a face mask, he could still recognize her. Even if she turned into ashes, he could still recognize her. It was she who abandoned him that caused him to have a car accident. He would let this woman pay back in double.

He calmed down and changed into a professional doctor's posture. After all, he had already had a cosmetic surgery, and presumably Shelly would not recognize him. "Yes, Miss Yao, you are still young. Although you have made a lot of mistakes when you were young, you can still use other people's sperm to give birth to a test-tube baby. In that case, the probability of success is very high."

According to what the doctor just said, she could only get pregnant through the surgery of test-tube baby. She knew that Lucian would definitely not do that for her. The only thing she could do now was to find an opportunity to sleep with Lucian and create the illusion that she might be pregnant after having sex with him.

If the test-tube baby could really succeed, then it would be okay for her to pretend that everything was true.

"Doctor, what's the probability of success of the test-tube baby?" Shelly had made up her mind to have a try no matter how dangerous it was.

"As long as we are careful enough, there is a high chance of success." Dick Xiao looked at the woman in front of him. Sure enough, this woman did not change.

For her own purpose, as long as she could get pregnant, no matter whose sperm it was, she could go crazy for it.

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