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   Chapter 19 Getting Pregnant

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Eric nodded. "Yes, I know. As I've said, it's a secret between men."

"Ha-ha! Fine, fine. Let's eat ice cream. It's starting to melt." Aron stared at Eric dotingly. Even though he wasn't his child, he had grown fond of Eric because of the boy's intelligence and sensibility.

"Uncle Aron, I'm done with my ice cream. Please drive me home. When I left, I could feel that mommy was really sad and I saw that she was feeling uneasy. I'm a little worried about her," Eric demanded after he finished the ice cream and stared at Aron.

Seeing how the boy cared about his mother so much, Aron felt relieved. After all, Megan didn't have to suffer so much in vain.

Perhaps it was because she went too crazy last night, or maybe it was because of the medicine's effect that she hadn't recovered yet.

For the entirety of the day, Megan felt like she couldn't cheer up, and she couldn't focus on anything.

The crazy night she had and what Lucian said this morning were still running across her mind.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

"Lisa, someone's at the door. Go open it." Megan was lying in bed and had no desire to move.

But who would come to their house at this time? Today, Eric went to the amusement park with Aron, and he wouldn't be back until the end of the day. If it wasn't him, then who could it be?

Someone was still knocking on the door. As of this moment, Lisa was preoccupied, so she didn't hear it.

Left with no other choice, Megan got out of bed to open the door. "Who is it?"

As soon as she opened it, Eric threw himself into her arms. "Mommy, I'm back! Give me a kiss!"

Megan stared at her son in surprise. The moment she saw him, her exhaustion almost went away. "Aren't you supposed to be in the amusement park? Why are you back so early?"

"Eric told me he was worried about you, so we weren't in the mood to have fun. And because of that, we came back early," Aron said as he walked in.

A warm sensation engulfed Megan's heart. It was rare for a child so young to know how to care about other people. Touching Eric's head, she said, "My love for you didn't go in vain."

Then she looked at Aron. "Have a seat. I'll get you a glass of water."

"Where's Lisa?"

"I'm not sure. Maybe she went out to buy some food." After telling Eric to go back to his room and change his clothes, Megan poured a glass of water for Aron. "If you're free today, I hope to talk to you."

Aron nodded in response. "Then let's go. Today is a weekend. I'm allowed to have my own life, right? Let's just say if it's about you. I'm free anytime."

When Eric had gone back to his room to get some rest, Megan sat on the sofa.

"Do you still remember the time I asked you to look for an expert on test-tube babies? I seem to recall that you brought him along to our country. His name is Kevin, right?" Megan said.

Aron nodded. "Yes, I do remember that you said you'd use it to deal with Shelly. What's the matter? Are you planning something right now?"

"Well, Shelly isn't someone I could easily dispose of. Before she hooked up with Lucian, I inadvertently found something out. She once took advantage of a man's feelings for her. And when she was done with him, she dumped him. Do you happen to know where that man works now?"

"No clue." How could a woman like that exist? Even a playboy like Aron stated that he was inferior to her ruthlessness.

"This is just a coincidence, but that man is now working in the same hospital where Shelly went to get a checkup last time. He's in the gynecology department." A sly smile appeared on Megan's lips.

Aron felt confused. "So what do you want to do?"

"It was that doctor who contacted me first. After we talked, I believe that he's willing to do something for the grievances he suffered in the past." Then she picked up the glass and took a sip.

"Even so, I'm sure Shelly can still recognize him. So, what's the point?" Aron asked.

"Ha-ha. There's one thing you don't know yet. That doctor was in a car accident before, and his face is now disfigured. And after that terrible accident, he underwent a plastic surgery." The smile on Megan's face widened. She must take revenge on everything that Shelly had done to her one by one.

Aron saw the smile on her face. His heart trembled because of it. As he had expected, there was no way that one could provoke a woman; especially beautiful and cunning women like Megan. Otherwise, he'd end up dying miserably.

"And so?"

"So, the doctor you paid a lot of money could make a difference." Megan whispered her thoughts and plans to Aron.

After hearing those plans, he not only applauded her idea, he also said, "Your plan is amazing. It would certainly destroy someone's life!"

With an indifferent tone, Megan said, "What I'm planning to do is nothing compared to what she has done to me."

Indeed, Aron knew what Shelly had done to Megan in the past. If he wanted to kill Shelly, he was certain that Megan would want to kill her even more.

"Well, fret not. I can make the necessary arrangements for you when you're ready to set your plan in motion." Aron's words were reassuring for Megan.

She didn't say anything else. She just leaned against the sofa and narrowed her eyes.

As he stared at Megan's pale face, Aron felt bad for her. She was a beautiful woman who could rely on her appearance to live, but she chose to rely on her capabilities. She was working so hard every day, and her health might break down.

"Are you feeling uncomfortable? Do you want me to take you to the hospital?" Aron asked with concern.

Megan shook her head in dismissal. "It's nothing. I just drank a little too much yesterday. I'm sure you know that you can't avoid drinking in that kind of party."

"Alas... Well then, get some rest. Call me if you need anything else. I'll be heading out now." There were traces of guilt in Aron's heart. If it weren't for his laziness, Megan wouldn't be feeling under the weather right now. He had better find someone else to take his place in case a party like that would ensue in the future.

After sending him away, Megan went back to her room to lie down. After a while, Eric climbed onto her bed and lay in her arms.

"What's going on? Why are you so clingy today? This isn't how my little man usually acts!" Megan held Eric in her arms.

Back when she was feeling desperate, God granted her the most amazing gift. In all the years she had Eric, as long as she saw him, Megan had hope and courage to continue working hard.

"Mommy, it's enough for me to have you. Mommy, you need to take care of yourself, so that I can feel at peace," Eric remarked as he smiled at her.

Megan nodded. "Don't worry, my dear Eric. I'm just a little exhausted from work. I'll be fine once I get enough rest."

"Then I'll sleep next to you, Mommy."


The warmest and safest place in the world was a mother's embrace. Right now, Eric thought that as long as his mother was fine, he was contented.

A day had passed, but Lucian hadn't gone out yet. He had locked himself in the study all day long, and he hadn't gone out no matter how many times Shelly had asked him to. He just kept saying that he was working.

Shelly had a bad feeling again as she lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling.

She thought that it wasn't easy for her to have reached this point in her life. She couldn't allow Megan to destroy everything that she had built. Now that Megan had divorced with Lucian, she could marry him. And the fastest way to accomplish that goal was to have a child with him.

As long as she had a child, she'd be able to marry into the Lu Family legally. And the moment it would happen, Lucian's mother would be more anxious than her.

All of a sudden, it occurred to her that there was a doctor who told her that she still had a chance to get pregnant.

Shelly found the previous message and thought that it would be better to do it as soon as possible.

She replied to the text message, "Hello, doctor. Can I schedule an appointment for tomorrow? I want to ask you how I can get pregnant."

The moment Dick Xiao got off work, he received the text message from Shelly. He replied, "Got it. I'll see you at nine o'clock in the morning. You can come here, and I'll tell you everything."

A sardonic smile was on his face as he thought, 'Shelly, when you abandoned me that year, you should've thought how it would affect you today. Right now, you're hoping to have a child with another man, right? And since you aborted our child back then, I'm going to let our child come back to life!'

The following day, Shelly went to the hospital wearing a face mask. The pungent odor of disinfectant in the hospital made her nauseous.

"Doctor, do I still have a chance to get pregnant?" Shelly asked Dick.

He stared at the woman before him. Even if she was wearing a face mask, he could still recognize her from a mile away. And even if she turned into ashes, he could still recognize her. She was the one who abandoned him and caused that car accident. He was going to make sure that this devil woman would suffer twice as much as he did.

Changing into a doctor's professional posture, he managed to calm himself down. Besides, he'd already gone through a cosmetic surgery, and presumably, Shelly wouldn't recognize him. "That's right. You are still young after all. Even though you've made some mistakes when you were younger, you can still use other people's sperm to give birth to a test-tube baby. With that method, the probability of getting pregnant is quite high."

According to what the doctor just said, the only way she could get pregnant was through the process of In Vitro Fertilization. But she knew that Lucian wouldn't do something like that for her. The only thing she could do now was to find an opportunity to sleep with Lucian and create the illusion that she got pregnant after they had sex.

If the test-tube baby could truly succeed, then it would be fine for her to pretend like everything was true

"Doctor, what's the probability of success of In Vitro Fertilization?" No matter how dangerous it could be, Shelly had made up her mind.

"As long as you're careful enough, you'll have a high chance of getting pregnant." Dick stared at the woman in front of him. Sure enough, after all these years, this woman still hadn't changed.

As long as it served her interests, she was willing to get pregnant no matter whose sperm it was.

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