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   Chapter 17 Just An Accident

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When Aron came, Megan wore a conservative pajama and looked a little depressed, as if she was sick.

"Is there any medicine at home? How about Eric and I take you to the hospital first?" Aron said to her in a worried tone.

"No, thanks. I drank too much yesterday. I'll be fine after a rest," Megan smiled, indicating that she was fine.

"Okay. We'll be back by noon at the latest. You can go back to your room and sleep for a while. Be a good girl. Call me if you need anything." Aron kept nagging at the door.

Today, only Megan was left at home. Lisa's grandson was a month old and she was busy preparing a banquet for him to celebrate it. She left early in the morning. And Eric just went to the amusement park. When Megan returned to her bedroom and was about to lie down, she heard the doorbell. She quickly put on her slippers and ran to open the door.

"What did you forget? Why are you so forgetful and careless?" Megan thought it was Eric and Aron who forgot something at home, so she pushed the door open.

However, it was Lucian who stood outside the door. His black windbreaker blocked the dazzling light. Megan's face changed and was about to close the door. But the door was stopped by one of Lucian's feet.

"If you want me to discuss what happened last night with you at the door, I don't mind." Lucian spoke out his purpose directly.

Megan let go of her hand with hatred, and then let Lucian come in her home with her. Everything here was the same as before. Lucian glanced around and found that there were a lot of kids' toys here now. He thought that it must be the child. He also found that there were no men's daily supplies. Lucian thought in his heart that maybe they live separately. Even Megan didn't expect that he could think about so many things in such a short time.

"Do you remember what happened yesterday?" Lucian directly sat on the sofa and asked.

Megan's voice was a little hoarse. She sat on the sofa farthest from Lucian and turned on the TV. She didn't want the two of them to quarrel too loudly. "I don't remember what happened last night. Don't worry. I won't tell Miss Yao. After all, I'm not good at being a mistress. I won't destroy your love life." Megan's words were harsh. Hearing Megan's words, Lucian, who was just in a good mood, seemed to fall into a bottomless pit.

"Really? I remember all of that clearly. You pestered me over and over again, called me husband, and begged for mercy in a low crying voice. Oh, by the way, do you still think that I'm not good at it? It's okay if you don't remember. There's no one else now. I don't mind helping you recall what happened yesterday." Lucian kicked the table. The glass of water that Aron didn't drink shook and spilled on the table.

"Well, it's just a one night stand, isn't it? Do you take it to heart? I remember Mr. Lu doesn't seem to be a man who has feelings." Megan chose the words that Lucian didn't like to hear. She didn't know why Lucian came here today, but the pain four years ago had made her avoid Lucian psychologically. She didn't want to tangle with him anymore. She didn't want to experience that pain twice in her life.

Lucian remained silent, with blue veins standing out on his hands.

"According to reliable sources, the CEO of the Empire Group, Mr. Lucian Lu, will be engaged to Miss Shelly Yao recently. The two of them have been in love for several years. Mr. Lu has even bought a large number of mansions and precious jewelry for Miss Yao. It seems that we will receive good news of them in a few days. Best wishes to Mr. Lu and Miss Yao." The female host's voice was sweet, but it made Megan feel ironic. They were going to get married. Was it useful for him to discuss this matter with her now?

"I..." Lucian also heard what the TV station said. He wanted to explain, but was interrupted by Megan. Megan reached out for the remote control. She pressed the button and turned off the TV. "Mr. Lu, you have seen the TV, and I have heard your marriage news just now. Do you still plan to have a mistress after you get married? To be honest, even if Miss Yao is willing to, I don't want to share a man with anyone else. What happened yesterday was just an accident. We had sex with each other yesterday and we both liked it. Isn't it enough?"

"You... Well, I'll take you as a free prostitute. Megan, you're really disgusting." After saying that, Lucian walked out directly. He bumped into the table that he had just kicked askew. Even so, he didn't stop at all.

With a

faint smile, Megan added before Lucian walked out of the door, "I also hope Miss Yao and Mr. Lu can live a happy life." Yeah, one of them was a bitch and the other wasn't a good one either. They were a perfect match.

When the home returned to peace, Megan didn't show any sad expression. She calmly put back the things that had just been messed up by Lucian. Then she turned her head, covered herself with the quilt and closed her eyes. He was still as conceited as before and didn't listen to any explanation. Maybe, in his heart, she was just a bad woman. A drop of tear fell on the pillow and disappeared.

Lucian drove the car and didn't know where he wanted to go. He drove around on the same road for several times and looked up at the screen of a building. It was also broadcasting the news he saw in Megan's house just now. He had watched that news for several times here when he drove around. It seemed that there was someone spreading out the news on purpose.

"Bill. Tell these TV stations to remove today's news. If anyone dares to broadcast it again, I don't mind making him unable to broadcast anything else forever." Lucian made a phone call in a harsh tone. Bill didn't dare to be careless, so he gave the order immediately. In less than ten minutes, the news on the screen was replaced with other contents.

"Mr. Lu, it was Miss Yao's order. She said she wanted to receive the blessings from the whole world." After Bill finished Lucian's order, he reported the information he had got just now to Lucian. After hanging up the phone, Lucian pulled over the car and took out a box of painkillers from the storage box. After searching for a long time, he still couldn't find water in the car, so he got out of the car and was about to buy a bottle of water.

This was the city center, and there were many people there. After taking the medicine, Lucian felt that his mind was clearer and then he drove home. When he arrived home, Shelly heard the sound of the car. She quickly put down the mobile phone in her hand and went out.

"Lucian, hasn't the company been busy lately?" Shelly took over Lucian's coat, put it on the hanger, and quickly ordered Hannah to pour a cup of tea.

Lucian smelled the tea. He didn't know why it was the same tea, but the tea in his hand didn't smell as good as Megan's. Realizing that he thought of that woman again, Lucian put down the teacup and changed the topic.

"Are you the one who release today's news?" Lucian stared at Shelly, trying to find something on her face. Shelly knew that Lucian would definitely know what she did today, so she didn't deliberately hide it.

"Yes, Lucian. You have divorced with Megan. We have been together for such a long time and it's time for us to get married. Last time, Aunt Arya said that she wanted to have a grandson. I also wanted to get the blessings from the whole world, so I secretly released the news today. I wanted that she can rest assured about you and me. Just now, Aunt Arya called and asked about it." Shelly used Lucian's mother as an excuse. At the same time, she also said she just hope that she could get the blessings from others. However, Lucian still felt extremely unhappy because she released the news without informing him. Moreover, he even didn't know the news until he saw it in the TV himself.

"You should have discussed this with me in advance. Besides, I just divorced. If I get married so soon, what will others think of me? I've told you that I'm a little busy in the company recently. You don't have to do such kinds of things on purpose. It is useless." Lucian said impatiently.

The smile on Shelly's face almost froze, "Lucian..." She lowered her voice and said, "I'm not in good health. The doctor said I can't think too much, but... I can't help but think that you are really an excellent man, and there are so many young ladies from famous families beside you. I don't have a powerful family, and I don't even know how to socialize and help you in your business. I... I don't have a sense of security. I'm afraid... I'm afraid that you'll be taken away by another woman one day." Shelly threw herself into Lucian's arms and cried.

Lucian was already a little irritable, and he was even unhappier when he heard Shelly's cry. But then he thought that it was reasonable for Shelly to have these thoughts as she was in poor health. But the more he comforted her, the more she cried. What she was doing now made the whole matter look like it was all Lucian's fault and not hers.

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