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   Chapter 16 Rough Sex After Being Drugged

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"Miss, this is from Mr. Liu. It's our most popular cocktail," said the waiter as she set a cocktail glass down on Megan's table.

Megan nodded and went right back to drafting her message for Eric. After a quick glance around the banquet hall, she typed, "This isn't the place for you. I'll take you to the amusement park on Saturday, okay?" She lowered her head and continued to type on her device with a tenderness that Lucian had not seen for a long time. He could only think that she was talking to that man, as the two were apart. They seemed quite close to each other. At that moment, Lucian's phone rang. It was Shelly. He promptly ignored it and muted his phone.

Shelly tossed her mobile onto the bed. The thin cloth of her pajamas left very little of her chest to the imagination. The doctor that she had seen must be a quack. Why else would he say that it would be difficult for Shelly to conceive? Shelly didn't believe that at all. If Megan could get pregnant, so could she. However, it was clear that Lucian was not that interested in helping out. He had rarely touched her in the past few years and had only done so when he was drunk. She also knew, deep down, that during those times, Lucian had been thinking of Megan. Although that made her uncomfortable, she was willing to bear the humiliation as long as it meant that she could be with him.

"Mrs. Shelly, phone call for you," Hannah shouted from downstairs. Her mouth was full of pieces of imported fruit. Of course, she had been ordered to refer to her hostess as Mrs. Shelly since Shelly wanted so badly to be treated like Lucian's real wife.

She put on a coat, went downstairs, and took the phone. It was the doctor that she had seen. The doctor instructed her to drop by the hospital the following day. It was about her pregnancy. Shelly agreed. She assumed now that the quack must have simply made a mistake last time.

"Who is it, Mrs. Shelly?" Hannah asked, wiping her hands clean.

"Keep your nose out of other people's business," Shelly said sternly. Because of what had happened in the past, this woman had clung to her. And if it weren't for fear of being suspected by Lucian, Shelly would have already dealt with her. However, as things stand, she had no choice but to be nice to Hannah.

At the banquet, Megan received a message. "Everything is going according to plan," it read. The words on her screen made Megan smile. 'If Shelly wants a child, I'll give her a child. How does a mixed-race baby sound?' she thought. It was as if Megan was now a completely different person. Malice replaced the tenderness that had been in her eyes just moments prior. She picked up the cocktail that was on the table and took two sips.

Darren was delighted to see her drink from the glass. He had been watching her the whole time. Tonight, this little beauty was his. His blood rushed with excitement.

Immediately after the first couple of sips, Megan felt warm all over. This feeling was not new to her. In fact, she had experienced a similar sensation once, overseas. Fortunately, she had been with Aron at the time and was promptly taken to the hospital. But now, Aron wasn't around. Even Kari was away for a project. The only thing that she could do now was to call Aron. Thinking quickly, she stood up to leave.

Whatever this was, it was potent. It had been less than five minutes, but Megan was already losing control of her faculties. She staggered out of the banquet hall, and the crisp night breeze made her snap out of it for a moment. She quickly fished her mobile phone from out of her bag and was getting ready to locate Aron's number when she felt an arm wrap around her waist.

"Hey there, my little beauty. How's it going? Don't worry. We'll be having tons of fun in a bit," Darren murmured, keeping his arm around her. What a captivating woman she was!

Lucian fumed. He had been following Darren the whole time. Upon seeing Darren put his hand around Megan's waist, he picked up his pace and quickly caught up with the pair. He grabbed Darren's arm, the one around Megan, and twisted it backward.

"Damn! Who the hell do you think you are? How dare you foil my plans!" Darren spat as he almost fell on his face with his arm still behind his back. Megan, now with nothing supporting her, almost fell forward. Her knuckles turned white with how tightly she held her phone.

Lucian kicked Darren to the ground. "What did you say?" His voice boomed with rage. Darren had just regained his freedom and was about to make a move, but he lost his momentum upon seeing Lucian's face. "Mr. Lucian! I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I didn't know it was you. I'm so sorry.

Forgive me," Darren said over and over, ignoring the shooting pain in his arm.

Lucian had no intention of wasting his time with this pathetic man. Megan was moving farther away now. He took a handkerchief out of his pocket, wiped each finger carefully, and threw the cloth at Darren. "I'm not the one you should be apologizing to," he said. Then he turned to Bill, who had appeared out of nowhere. "Since Mr. Liu likes playing with women so much, make sure he is thoroughly entertained." Then, he strode toward Megan.

The drug's effect on her was so strong that after just a few more steps forward, her knees buckled. She leaned against the railing and gasped for breath.

Lucian steadied her, took off his suit, and draped it over her shoulders.

"Don't be so reckless, woman. Where's the man who was with you? How could he let you out on your own?" His tone had a combination of reproach and concern. It was his first time seeing Megan acting so compliant since she had returned. Her face was flushed, and her vision was blurry. She grabbed on to him tightly and kept caressing him.

"Damn it!" Damien muttered upon realizing that his body was reacting strangely. Subconsciously, he pushed her awa

y, but she simply leaned against him once more.

"Do you know who's next to you right now? Or are you always this close to men?" Lucian scolded. His face grew red, but she couldn't hear anything right now.

"Aron... Aron, you have to take me to the hospital... The hospital..." Megan had mistaken Lucian for Aron. She thought that he had finally come after she had called him, but the truth was that she hadn't dialed his number at all. After reaching her contacts list, her finger had pressed on a random spot on her phone, and she had been on that screen the whole time.

With both arms, Lucian lifted and carried this confused woman who thought he was a different man. After some thought, he realized that there was a hotel nearby. He signed up for a room, laid Megan on the bed, and made a phone call.

"Come to the Empire Hotel, quick! Be here in ten minutes." Lucian unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his Adam's apple. His tone was beginning to show his impatience.

"What's wrong? Did you kill anyone? Do you need to have it taken care of?" a woman's voice teased from the other end of the line. Tina Tao sat on one of the sofas in the bar. She was surrounded by several men, who were joined by a number of prostitutes. The men's shirts were half unbuttoned, provocatively revealing their chests.

"Move!" Lucian barked into the receiver. He looked at the now barely-dressed Megan, who lay on the bed. He felt a pain in his temples.

"Bring your meds with you. Megan must have been drugged. In any case, just get here quickly. Room 5201. Hurry up!" he yelled angrily.

"Oh." Tina was surprised to hear Megan's name. "When did she get back? Why was she drugged? How could you let her fall victim to something like this? Do you plan on taking advantage of her?" Tina said jokingly. She knew more or less about Lucian and Megan. When Megan disappeared, Tina had almost gotten into a big fight with Lucian. He, on the other hand, had no idea what was so good about Megan. Everyone seemed to be on her side.

"Well, how long has the drug been in her system?" Tina asked, bringing them back to the issue at hand.

Lucian checked his watch. "About twenty minutes."

"Twenty minutes? It will take me about the same time to get there. If the drug has been in Megan's system for that long, no antidote will work. Now the fastest way to take care of things is to find a man for her. If you don't want to step up, I can call someone up. I have plenty of good-quality men at my disposal. I..." Before Tina could finish, Lucian hung up and flung the phone onto the table.

At the same time, the phone in Megan's hand lit up and made a sound. On the screen, it read: Dear Baby. "What the hell. That's so cheesy," Lucian murmured before turning the device off. The room grew quiet. Only Megan's light moaning could be heard now.

Her long legs lay elegantly against the cold silk bedsheet. She was huddled up like a kitten. Lucian looked away, but the soft sound of her voice reached his ears and weakened his resolve. At last, he took his clothes off and lay beside Megan.

Because of the drug in her body, Lucian had a great night. Megan was cooperative and did everything that Lucian wanted. They went at it until morning.

Megan woke up feeling hungover and with the worst headache imaginable. She struggled to sit up. Slowly, she studied her surroundings. The room was a mess, and clothes were scattered all over the place. A musky scent permeated the air, too. Megan's mind went blank. When she saw Lucian sleeping beside her, she frowned and slowly moved away. She stifled a groan as every muscle in her body ached. Moving as quietly as she could, she picked up her clothes one by one. It felt strange and wrong, like she was fleeing from a crime scene.

Not long after Megan had left, Lucian woke up. The chaos that surrounded him reminded him of the crazy night that he had had with her. The feeling was both familiar and exciting. He hadn't felt this way in a long time. Megan had no recollection of the previous night, but it was etched clearly in Lucian's memory.

With a smile on his face, he inspected the marks on his body. The sun was shining very brightly today.

Upon getting home, Megan advised Aron that she would not be available for she badly needed some rest. It was still quite early in the morning when she returned. Megan went straight to the bathroom, where she tried to remove all memories of Lucian. After a long shower, she plopped onto the bed.

"Mommy, what a lazy piggy you are. I've already gotten up. Why are you still in bed?" Eric whispered into Megan's ear as he climbed onto her bed.

Megan had not gotten a wink of sleep. She held Eric tightly in her arms and rubbed her nose against his. "If Mommy is a lazy pig, then that makes you one lazy little piglet."

Her hair tickled Eric, who giggled uncontrollably.

The two laughed and played around for a bit, but Megan winced every few seconds. Her body hurt. Perhaps it was because of all the sex that she had had the night before. She did her best to entertain her son, but it was becoming increasingly difficult. Afraid that Eric might notice her discomfort, she relented. She climbed out of bed, fetched herself a cup of rose tea, and set it on her bedside cabinet.

"Mommy, Uncle Aron said that he would take me to the amusement park today. He wanted you to come, too, but he said you weren't feeling well. I'm going out with him so I can play, but I'll bring you back some good food, okay?" Eric said. He lightly touched Megan's forehead and compared its temperature with his own. She wasn't hot, which meant that she didn't have a fever.

"Well, listen to your Uncle Aron," she instructed him. Megan had planned to go to the amusement part with Eric and Aron the night when Aron came back, but now... She had no choice but to ask Aron to take Eric.

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