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   Chapter 14 Eager To Have A Child

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Shelly did not want to go home yet. She had tried everything in her power to convince Lucian into a marriage, yet the man always dismissed the conversation. The mistress wanted to have Lucian for herself, more so the whole Empire Group. Being a legitimate wife would allow her some liberty with the company. The day she became a Lu would mean the world to Shelly. With her power and influence, no one would dare to thread on her ever again. She had planned for so long and she could not afford to fail.

A revelation then came to Shelly. Maybe being his wife was not the only way for her plan to succeed. Yet there was still something she could offer the man, and she knew that Lucian could never refuse her offering - a child. Shelly was then dumbfounded. For some time, she had pricked holes on every condom they had used; still she remained unpregnant. Shelly bit her lips tightly. 'If Megan could pregnant, then why couldn't I? Surely, Lucian is fertile.' She was worried that it was her who had problem getting pregnant. If that was the case, she had to find a solution quickly.

Anyway, she needed to figure things out first. Shelly went to a shop and bought some garments. The mistress had bought a headscarf and sunglasses to conceal her identity. She knew she needed to be cautious.

Megan had scheduled a vaccination for Eric that day. The kid feared nothing, except for needles. Megan had always been amused with that fact. She needed to take a day off. Without her by Eric's side, the doctors would never be able to give the child his vaccine. Lisa was also there for support. The three swung by a candy shop before heading to the hospital. Megan and Lisa had expertly bribed the child and got him to cooperate. Eric refused to look as the vaccine was injected into him.

"Mommy, I am just a kid! Of course, I am afraid!" Eric said as he chewed a strip of candy. "It's so unfair. Mommy, you got sick before, but you just took some pills but no shot." The kid made a good point.

"You always say that you're a big boy and that you will protect Mommy. But how will you do that if you're afraid of needles?" Megan teased her child. Megan also ate the candy Lisa bought. Lisa shook her head in amusement and thought, 'Dear Megan, you too are still a child. You are even eating the candy we had bought!'

Megan suddenly spotted a familiar figure walking out of the gynecology department. She could not mistake that figure for someone else. 'Shelly? What are you doing here?' she thought. 'Could she be getting an abortion?' she wondered. Megan knew that her speculation was highly improbable. Shelly would surely let the world know once she finally had a baby inside her.

Megan entrusted her child unto Lisa and said, "Auntie, I realized that there's something I need to do. Can you take Eric home for me? I'll be quick, I promise."

She quickly walked away before Lisa could ask any questions.

"Don't worry. My woman is smart and strong. She will be alright!" Eric saw how worried Lisa looked, so he decided to comfort her.

"You are just a kid, Do you know what a woman is?" Lisa smiled at the kid. This little boy seemed beyond his age.

"Of course! Just like Uncle Aron said, 'women are troublesome creatures.' But my mom is the only exception to that." Eric raised his head proudly, feeling some sense of accomplishment in his profoundness.

Lisa shook her head in disbelief. The old lady then quickly dragged the boy out of that place.

Megan watched as the gynecologist cleaned her apparatus. She went directly to the doctor and said, "Excuse me, Dr. Xu. I am Shelly's friend. I just want to know if she's going to be alright. I'm worried about her, you see. Given that she could not deliver the news herself, she asked me to go to you..." Megan truly sounded convincing.

"So, you're her friend, huh?" The doctor sounded doubtful. Megan did not seem to be a bad person, yet the doctor could not just casually disclose any of her clients' information. That would be highly unethical.

"Yes, I know this is quite an inconvenience, but... But my friend wouldn't stop crying. I just want to help her as much as you do!" Megan did not know that she had acting skills until then. She then took out a photo of Shelly and her. Everyone looked significantly younger in that photo, except for Megan who did not seem to age at all.

The doctor then sighed and explained Shelly's case. "Your friend had not been careful in the past. Naturally, she could no longer bear a child. However, we could resort to artificial means if she truly desired to have a kid." That was all the doctor could disclose about Shelly.

"Oh, I see..." Megan began to see the full picture. As it turned out, Shelly wanted a child so badly. She couldn't help thinking of what Lucian said that day. Well, if he dared to say that Eric was a bastard, she would let him know what a bastard truly was.

Megan etched the doctor's name into her brain. They exchanged pleasantries and went their separate ways.

The girl hurriedly called Aron as she left the hospital.

"Could you investigate Shelly's disappearance? Yes. Back when Lucian found her. Also, do you know a doctor whose specialty is in vitro fertilization? Thanks!"

As if Aron had said some joke, Megan laughed and said, "You wish!"

Aron came back from abroad and accompanied Megan to the doctor that she was looking for. The doctor wore a bright pink suite and sported a pair of sunglasses. The person who met them looked more like a pop star than a doctor.

"We have been away from each other for quite some time, Megan. Did you miss me?" Aron opened his arms, as if wanting a hug from her. As usual, Megan refused the physical contact.

"I'm sure you've seen a lot of beautiful women abroad. Haven't you met anyone you want to be with? Say, a woman without a child?" Megan smiled as she joked.

"Well, the heart wants what the heart wants. I do not have a choice here, Megan. No foreign beauty could ever break your spell. I wonder when I can become your heart, your soul, your precious, your sweet like the protagonist in that TV drama," the guy chuckled as he answered half-heartedly. Aron seemed to be heartbroken as he sighed.

"That's what you get for watching too much drama, Aron!" Megan retorted. That was Megan's usual response whenever Aron quoted the hopeless-romantic lines from TV shows. Aron had grown fond of throwing such cliches unto Megan. The guy had been enjoying too many mindless dramas.

"Such dramas contain some profound and interesting culture of our country, you know..." Aaron said in defense. In their banter, the two had forgotten the doctor who stood right beside them. Aron then said, "Megan, I'd like you to meet Dr. Kevin. He is an authority on gynecology. He does not usually take clients, but agreed to see us because of the generous offer I made. So, what do you need? Should I donate the sperm today so that we can have a baby of our own?"

"Yes, I need your sperm. The sooner we start the process, the better." Megan then cupped her hands and continued, "But this process is not for me. This is for Shelly, Aron."

"Well, in that case, I will not donate my sperm! My sperms are invaluable, and I will only reserve them to you," Aron exclaimed, utterly surprised with what Megan revealed.

"Well, you better keep them to yourself!" Megan teased. She then spoke seriously as she consulted the doctor regarding IVF and test-tube babies. She wanted know if there was any method that could make people feel nothing after the process was done.

Aron sat on a separate sofa as the doctor and Megan conversed. There, the guy happily enjoyed his tea. His eyes were brightly fixed unto Megan. Megan, however, blatantly avoided to look back. She had repeatedly refused Aron, but time and time again the guy never gave up. That was a reality that Megan dreaded.

Just as Aron began to fall asleep, Megan and the doctor had finished their consultation. Megan tapped the guy with her foot and said, "Close your mouth before you saliva gets to your shirt! Ha-ha"

Aaron immediately sat up and wiped his mouth. Somehow, he looked pissed. "You lied to me, Megan!" he roared.

That evening, Megan took Aron out for dinner. She wanted to welcome the guy back and apologize for her offense earlier that day. Megan felt helpless. That was the first time she had felt compelled to bring anyone out for dinner. Aron was a little childish at times. Megan was a little irritated with the guy, and hoped that the elegance of the restaurant would dissolve her irritation. Aron had grown up in England, so she loved Western food. Megan made sure that she ordered something he loved to eat.

The atmosphere was very friendly. The two happily chatted as they waited for their food.

Then, a violin came singing from afar. The atmosphere suddenly turned romantic. Megan watched as the violin player approached their table. To her surprise, the violinist handed the instrument to Aron. Aron then played Megan's favorite song - The Song of Homeless.

"Dear Megan, I am not the hero of that TV drama. I can't give you a love that will last three life times, but I can assure to bring you happiness for the rest of your life. Will you consider me?" Aron spoke so that everyone in the restaurant could hear. He looked probingly unto the woman. Other women could fall for such acts, but Megan was not just any other woman.

"Firstly, you are not as handsome as the hero in that TV drama. Secondly, you are not as rich as him. And lastly, you are too popular with girls. I think I'll pass..." Megan shook her head in embarrassment.

Aron set down the violin and said, "Okay, from now on I shall not step out of the house. I'll be busy trying to look overwhelmingly handsome. You, on the other hand, would be busy running our business. What do you think?"

"I'm so sorry, Aron. I am definitely not interested in a toy boy..." Megan teased back. Megan and Aron then stared at each other for a moment. They then both chuckled. Fortunately, the restaurant was not packed full. That would have been embarrassing for her if everyone cheered.

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