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   Chapter 13 We Are No Longer Legally Bound

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"Don't worry, dear. I won't ever let Megan hurt you again," Lucian told Shelly. He gravely reflected on Megan's actions. It would seem that the man was close to his brink. That woman was vicious. In order to win him over, she even schemed against her best friend. He also felt like Megan had taken advantage of him, before ultimately leaving him for another man 'Well, well. If it's divorce she wants, then divorce she shall get,' Lucian thought grimly. At that moment, he felt like their lives would be easier with Megan out of the picture.

The following day, Lucian received a message from Megan at noon. Shelly's involvement allowed the divorce to move much quicker than Megan had expected. As it would turn out, Shelly had successfully urged Lucian to formally move the divorce.

That Saturday, Megan had brought her three year-old son to an amusement park. Suddenly, she received a message from Lucian, requesting her presence at the Civil Affairs Bureau. She abruptly postponed their trip and quickly sent Eric home.

Megan was casually dressed. She sported a white shirt with a cute Mickey Mouse print on it. She also had a denim jacket that matched her jeans. The woman looked youthful and lively.

Shelly was noticeably flustered as she stood next to Lucian. Megan smiled as she entered the room. She was amused to find Shelly in clothes fit for a runway. She turned to them and sarcastically said, "Mr. Lucian, it seems that after the divorce is done, you are going to get the marriage certificate directly in here. You really have a busy schedule." After she finished her words, she entered the room. "Your matching clothes look lovely," she added as she turned towards Shelly.

Lucian still doubted whether his divorce with Megan should be finalized. But the moment he heard Megan speak, the man knew that their divorce was the only option the woman considered. Megan looked ecstatic to be in that place.

After all was done, Lucian gloomily walked out of the building, with a green divorce document in his hand. Megan gladly put her divorce certificate into her bag and said, "Finally, Mr. Lucian, we are no longer legally bound. I wish you two all the best. May the two of you be blessed with a happy marriage and healthy children." Megan then turned and left in the car.

What Lucian didn't see was that Megan was overwhelmed with her emotions. She found herself crying as soon as she entered her car. Finally, all of her ties with the Lu Family had been severed. Megan felt relieved, yet she was still burdened with the memories of her past. She was then amused with the irony of marriage, and how a piece of paper could dictate the relationship of two romantically involved individuals. For the first time, she truly felt that she could actually move on from her past. 'At least I still have Eric,' Megan told herself. The thought of her child brightened Megan's mood. There was a hint of unease in her heart, which she chose to ignore.

Lucian watched on Megan as she left. The atmosphere around the man grew colder and colder. Shelly did not even notice Lucian's mood as she basked in her own success. "Lucian, since we are here, why don't we..." Shelly braced herself for what she was about to say next. But before she could even finish her sentence, Lucian butted in and said, "I have things to take care of in the company. I will also be taking a business trip sometime soon. Let's talk about everything when I return home..." Lucian left the scene quickly. Left behind, all Shelly could do was to stomp her feet. The mistress knew that all Lucian gave her were mere excuses.

Lucian threw his divorce certificate as he sat in his office. He then hid and buried the file somewhere not easily accessible. The man wanted to take his mind away from Megan. They had just got their divorce official, after all.

The following days were infinitely better for Megan. It was easier for her to put all of her mind into her work. Days became shorter than usual. In all fairness, she was a very capable worker. She would have never learned that about herself, had she stayed married to Lucian. Megan had also learned that she could only rely on one person in the entire world - herself. At that point, she vowed to use all of her energy supporting Eric and paying back Aron. She smiled bitterly as she rubbed her shoulder, stiff from a day's worth of work.

"Megan, I shall be there with you tomorrow. All our problems had been solved! Finally, I can be with you and Eric with no issue, what so ever." Aron sounded terribly excited. Megan simply smiled at the sound of his voice.

"How are things abroad? All good?" Megan replied calmly. The woman kept her mind on her work as she talked to Aron. She kept writing and reading documents, taking notes with colored pens.

"Business is doing well overseas, actually. These stubborn people only care about money! As long as we provide a steady flow of income for them, everything will be well. Besides, I am a man of both ability and talent." Aron said cockily.

Megan amusedly shook her head as she smiled. She then cordially said, "Good for you! I, on the other hand, do not possess any of those traits. I need to work hard to sustain me and my son

, Aron. As for you, the boss of this company, congratulations!" Megan then decidedly hung the call. Aron was left baffled with his unspoken words. As usual, Megan only gave the guy roughly twenty minutes to talk. He never had the chance to ask about Lucian.

Knock! Knock! Knock! Megan did not know who wanted to see her, yet she kept her head down and said, "Come in!"

"Miss Megan, we lost one of our projects..." Kari sounded a little depressed. That was the third project that got cancelled. Worse, it was the same company that took all the three projects from them.

Megan stopped writing and said, "I see."

"Miss Megan... We have to figure out what we can do. This cancellation would bring a bad reputation to the company. Some employees blame your management for this mishap. They say Mr. Aron only keeps you around because..." Kari was unable to finish her words, yet her boss understood what she meant. Megan knew that Kari spoke the truth. What was more, she knew that Aron was fully capable of sticking his neck out for her. He didn't mention anything over the phone, but Megan knew it was because he didn't want her to be worried. Megan felt a throbbing pain in her head.

It would seem that Megan's troubles were not circumstantial. Those days, Lucian felt particularly sore about their divorce. And so, the man swooped in and took Megan's clients from under her. Given their divorce, there was no reason for Megan to march into Lucian's office.

"Kari, could you please tell Mr. Bob of the Golden Company that I want to set an appointment? Tell him that I want to talk about some cooperation. And please, remind the man that I am Zoe Xue's daughter." Megan did not want to use her mother as a leverage, but she knew that was her only choice. She would not stand down without a fight. Lucian started that game, and she was simply playing along. Mr. Bob was a schoolmate of Megan's parents. Back then, it was actually through Megan that Lucian knew Mr. Bob. She knew that she needed to be more sly than Lucian. She needed to fight back and hurt Lucian's company as well.

Megan had to act very quickly. The contract between the Empire Group and the Golden Company had just expired. At the moment, Megan chose to draft the agreement, stating the intent to officially cooperate with Golden Company. However, his insiders had told Lucian of Megan's efforts. The man's eyes narrowed as he leaned on his chair. "Wow. So she does have some tricks up her sleeve. Bob Jin is a truly difficult man to haggle with," Lucian said as he rubbed his chin. There was a hint of amusement in Lucian's tone. Soon, he became aware of the expression on his face. Once again, the man felt irritated.

"Lucian!" Shelly exclaimed as she stood by the door way. The mistress could not quite understand the expression Lucian wore. She quickly offered the chicken soup that she had just made. The soup was then poured onto an exquisite Chinese porcelain bowl.

The porcelain bowl was delicately designed with blue and white flowers. Right off the bat, Lucian recognized the bowl. It was a gift that Megan had given him during one of his birthdays. Shelly, of course, knew that fact as well. She deliberately chose that bowl to test how Lucian would react.

Lucian maintained a blank look. He calmly took the bowl and drank the soup Shelly had made. "This is delicious, dear. You cook better than any of our helpers. But you don't need to do tire yourself out. We have servants in this house, Shelly," Lucian said.

Shelly felt reassured by Lucian's reaction. She then approached Lucian as he ate. The mistress sat on Lucian's lap as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "We've been together for quite some time, dear. Maybe it's time, Lucian. With your divorce being finalized..."

Lucian quickly stood up, making Shelly let go of him. "There are lots of things going on in the company. Can we talk about your concerns later?"

As if on cue, Lucian's secretary came and said, "Mr. Lucian, are you ready for your meeting?" The secretary felt embarrassed to catch Shelly and Lucian in that moment. And so, she stared unto her feet, fully aware of how Shelly would hate her from there on. All the secretary needed at that point was Lucian's answer.

"Okay, I'll be right with you," Lucian told her secretary. The man then faced Shelly and said, "This meeting could take a while. Don't wait for me; you can go have dinner by yourself."

Shelly knew exactly how to handle such situations. She moved away from Lucian, grabbed her things, and then angrily walked out of the room. She sharply eyed the secretary as she walked by her. The mistress knew that Lucian should not see that side of her. The secretary felt relaxed as Shelly went away.

"Okay, inform them. I'll be right there." Lucian had not deliberately planned that meeting, but it had saved him from dealing with Shelly. He then told his secretary, "You did a great job. I shall double your bonus this month."

The secretary was delighted to hear that news. The Empire Group always offered great bonus, but that month her bonus would be doubled. The secretary could finally buy the bag she had always wanted. She thanked her boss before proceeding her work.

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