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   Chapter 9 Meet Again

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"Megan" had remained silent. Lucian had just arrived from the company, and he felt gassed and heart-broken. The man had actually cut his meeting just so he could come to the hospital.

"Say something, please..." Lucian whispered. Due to Megan's silence, Lucian decided to peel off the quilt. He was surprised with what he found. "Where the hell is this?" he said with utmost fury. "Where did she go?" he continued, evidently more startled the second time he spoke. The bodyguards rushed towards their boss. They too were in total shock to find an empty bed.

"Find my wife! Do everything that can be done!" Those were Lucian's words as he threw the quilt to the ground. Some of the medicine that laid on the table fell to the ground as well. The room was a complete mess. After Lucian's outrage, his men quickly moved.

The ruckus was loud enough for Shelly to hear. Even if Lucian had stayed silent, Shelly would have still known through Hannah.

"Miss Shelly, Megan is missing. Don't you want to go down and comfort Mr. Lucian?" Hannah said as Shelly gracefully painted her nails.

"Lucian is still in a fit of anger. I'll go downstairs later. By the way, did Megan say anything when she left? Did she leave anything behind?" Shelly asked with great curiosity.

Hannah felt nervous and said, "No... But I heard her talk to man whose surname is Qiu..." Somehow, Hannah did not tell Shelly the whole truth. She took out the envelope from her pocket and handed it to Shelly.

Shelly simply nodded as she continued to paint her nails red. After picking up a cotton ball, she approached Hannah and whispered something unto the maid.

"I don't think that's a good idea," Hannah said hesitantly.

"And why is that? Just bring me a pen and a piece of paper! Then tell them that Megan wrote it before she left..." Shelly looked disgusted as she wiped the excess nail polish on her fingers.

Soon, Lucian noticed the envelope that Megan had left. "You're not so spineless after all, Megan..." the man blurted. Lucian punched the white wall, leaving some speck of blood on it.

As the blood completely dried, Lucian called his men and said, "Stop looking for her..." Lucian sounded desolate. Hannah, who stood next to the man, was surprised as well. She felt relieved that Lucian wanted to stop looking for Megan. It would seem that Shelly was right after all.

At that time, Megan and Aron were aboard a plane that was heading to England. The woman watched as the city faded before them. A sudden surge of melancholia filled her heart. Aron had taken care of everything Megan needed. As they arrived in England, she felt that she had finally escaped Lucian.

Four years passed by quickly. That day, the sky was bright in L City. Meanwhile, in the city's biggest airport, a private plane landed. Among those who arrived was a very tall and pronounced woman.

"Don't worry. We've landed safely. We will get off the plane shortly. Eric is fine. He has fallen asleep," the woman said. Megan wore a pair of huge sunglasses. She listened to an upbeat song through a Bluetooth headset as she waited. She carried Eric with one hand as she pulled a small suitcase with the other hand. Megan opted to wear her white sneakers instead of high heels. That way, she was more comfortable along the flight. The woman looked lovely in her red dress.

"Okay, I still have some affairs that I need to take care of. I will fly back once everything has been polished. For the time being, you take care of our domestic affairs, okay?" Aron said as he rubbed his eyebrows. The man truly felt tired.

"Okay... I'll hang up. I need to get Eric home first," Megan said as she transferred Eric to her right. Eric Lin was a bit heavy for a three year-old. Megan could no longer hold the child for extended duration.

Aron knew that the mother and child would arrive home safely. Yet, there was something about that city that made the man uneasy.

"Earth to Eric... Oh, Eric..." she said playfully. Megan wanted her child to wake up and go to his seat himself. Moreover, her arms were really strained.

Eric Lin was a chubby little boy. His plump face was adorable. His eyes seemed to be tightly shut, but eventually his long lashes began to tremble. It would seem that the boy was finally awake. "Mommy, please stop what you are doing. You're so annoying," the boy said as he awoke.

"Hello, my good boy. We are currently at the airport. We'll be home soon, but I need you to do me a favor. Can you walk now? Mommy can't feel her arms." Megan's voice was full of patience and care. "Okay, Mommy..." the boy said hesitantly. Eric Lin finally opened his eyes fully. He then curiously scanned around the airport.

Lisa came to pick them up. The lady waited for too long. She had actually began to second guess the day and time of their arrival.

Finally, Megan walked out with Eric Lin on her side. All of Lisa's worries were lifted.

"Miss, is this our young master? He is so charming!" Lisa excitedly said. Lisa took a few steps forward and studied the child. The lady overflowed with enthusiasm. Aron had also taken care of Lisa, especially when Megan had left the city. The lady remained where Megan's mother used to live. As for the lady's health, it was not that bad.

"Lisa, are we al

l set? I truly want to go home. There are lots of people here." As Megan studied Lisa, she found that Aron was right. Lisa truly looked great for her age.

Jet lagged, Eric Lin fell asleep through the drive and that was still the case when they got home. Lisa had sorely missed talking to Megan. The two did not notice as time passed them by. Megan openly answered every question the lady had. After all, she knew how much Lisa worried for her safety.

"Aunt Lisa, I have some business to attend to. Can you watch over Eric for me? Just give him some food when he wakes up. Don't worry. That kid is easy to get along with!" Megan said with a smile. Soon, she made her way back to the company.

Four years ago, Aron went to that city in order to stake his claim on the domestic market. Coincidentally, that was the time when Megan reached out to him. In turn, Megan promised to help Aron strengthen his business in that city; four years later, Megan stayed true to that promise. That was the only way she could truly repay all of Aron's kindness.

At dusk, Lisa received a call from Megan. She needed to stay out a little longer as it turned out. The lady sighed as she agreed. 'Young people these days are truly busy,' the lady thought. She watched as Eric Lin sat on the sofa and drank milk. She felt somewhat sad for the boy. Eric Lin did not protest when Lisa gave her the news. Instead, the boy continued to eat obediently and went back to his room to sleep.

"Ms. Megan, will you attend today's bidding in person or..." The secretary had the utmost respect for Megan. It was said that Megan was their boss's woman and they had a son.

"I'll go there myself. Please arrange my trip for me." That was her biggest deal yet, and the results of that bidding could make or break their business. To be perfectly fair, Megan was a capable businesswoman. She had been in the business for quite some time after all. However, her pupils shrank as she saw the list of bidders. Among them was the Empire Group - Lucian's company. Megan still remained confident. She knew Lucian, and he wouldn't necessary be interested in this project. More so, she had truly prepared herself for that return. There was no hint of worry in Megan's head. 'Megan, you have nothing to expect from that man,' she told herself.

Real estate was of great significance in that city. The project was to build a large shopping mall in the center of the city. It happened that the newly elected mayor just took office and wanted to do something to impressive the people. Megan had an ace. She knew what the mayor truly wanted. In fact, Megan was very calm when it was announced that her company had won the bidding, because she had expected this result.

Lucian, on the other hand, was in a very bad mood that day. "What the fuck are you doing? Why can't you win a fucking bidding? You're all useless!" In a fit of rage, he threw several documents to the ground. Everyone else in the room fell silent.

Finally, a man from marketing department spoke. "Mr. Lucian, a new company had outplayed us. We were not aware of their existence."

"Not aware? There is no valid excuse for this failure! Just admit that you guys are bad at your job. Get out of my face!" Lucian's face burned red. That loss did not only hit the company's earnings; it hit Lucian's ego as well. 'How could a prominent company lose to some newcomer?' he thought disdainfully.

At that moment, Lucian's phone rang. Everyone was alerted, but no one dared to move a muscle. "Hello, Shelly," the man said. Shelly's voiced calmed Lucian down a bit. Others had always thought that Lucian was a spoony. He had never explained his relationship with Anne publicly. Over time, Shelly had successfully convinced everyone that she truly was Lucian's wife. However, a few people remained adamant about how the story truly went. No one really understood what trait Lucian looked for in his partners.

"Yes, you are right. I shall check who this company is..." Lucian looked grim as he spoke.

Lucian brooded after his conversation with Shelly. Suddenly, the man coldly spoke. "Let's go and meet these people. Don't do anything stupid," the man told his employees.

His employees obediently followed without saying a word. Soon, Lucian's team found themselves in the private room where Megan was in.

There, the atmosphere was quite lively yet still professional. Lucian watched as people rained praises unto Megan. Megan and her team worked for Aron, yet the girl's coworkers still regarded and respected her. Megan smiled and listened through all the pleasantries that came her way.

"Miss Megan, Mr. Lucian came to see you. He..." Before Megan's secretary could finish her words, Lucian and his team approached arrogantly.

Lucian had easily located where Megan was. After all, she truly stood out in that crowd. She looked sleek and powerful. Megan wore a lady's suite; she had her hair permed. She smiled faintly as she watched Lucian approach. She confidently looked the man in the eyes. It would seem that Megan had properly built her assertiveness throughout the years. Lucian, on the other hand, seemed to have spaced out. Lucian was stunned. One of his employees needed to whisper on Lucian's ear before the man returned to his senses.

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