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   Chapter 8 Disappeared

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The old doctor knew better. He had seen a lot of these things in his career. Seeing how Lucian presented himself, the doctor knew that Lucian was a man of high status. The doctor had deduced that Lucian and Megan were in a quarrel, and that was enough reason for the woman's refusal to have Lucian involved.

"I have to say, you know, pregnancy is a special and strange stage for women. As men, all we can do is to understand, tolerate and let her feel love..." The doctor stumble upon a long train of thought. He preached for at least ten minutes. Lucian did his best to hide his impatience, but failed. "Well, you'll figure things out as you go. You're still a young married couple after all," the doctor said.

The doctor turned around and took out Megan's report. "Pregnant women usually experience episodes of anxiety, but Megan experiences things a little differently. Your wife is mildly depressed. If not treated appropriately, she could spiral down. That would not be okay for the baby, and could even lead to miscarriage. I did not prescribe Megan with any pills to take. Just see to it that she's always happy, okay?"

Lucian didn't hear the entirety of what the doctor said. Instead, the words "mildly depressed" kept lingering in his mind. 'Could this be because of our marriage?' the man thought. Lucian could not have a clear grasp of the situation. As the doctor finished speaking, Lucian stood up and proceeded to the parking lot. He was in awe of what he had just heard. As Lucian moped in the parking lot, Megan was somewhere else in his vicinity.

The woman stood by the hospital gate. She seemed lost as she looked at the busy street. She had a home when her parents were around. But now, her parents died, where could she go? She felt like a lost child in the middle of a sea of people. 'Should I return to the Lu Family?' she dreadfully thought. Soon, she smiled bitterly. She touched her bulging belly as she lowered her head. That baby was the closest person she had in that world. She told herself that no one could ever separate them from each other. After making up her mind, Megan took out her phone. She then called a number that she had not dialed in a long while.

By one o'clock in the afternoon, Megan returned home. She found Hannah comfortably lying on the sofa. The maid flipped channels as she ate a bowl of fruit. A stranger would've thought that the house belonged to the maid. Hannah was unfazed by Megan's presence.

"I'm hungry. Send food upstairs. I don't want to go downstairs." Megan coldly glanced at the maid before proceeding upstairs.

"Miss Lin, it's one o'clock in the afternoon. There is no food left. Don't make things difficult for us servants," Hannah said in a sarcastic tone.

Megan then turned around and looked at Hannah with a faint smile. "If you won't bring me food, then how can your true boss succeed in her plan?"

Hannah felt a chill surge through her. "Wh... What?" the maid stammered. "What are you talking about? It's just a meal. Why do you have to say that?" the maid replied confidently.

"Megan, what happened to you?" Shelly said as she suddenly entered the room. "Aunt Hannah, please make another one for our sweet Megan," she told the maid. Shelly looked radiant and graceful.

Hannah immediately bolted up as she saw Shelly approach the living room. The maid proceeded to the kitchen, leaving Shelly and Megan alone with each other.

"What are you doing here?" Megan said. She had a cold look in her eyes as her hand rested on her lower abdomen.

"I'm here to persuade you towards your divorce with Lucian. Don't delay it any further. The sooner it's done, the happier you two would be," Shelly said casually as she touched the diamond on her bag.

"You don't have to tell me this. I have wanted a divorce for quite some time now. Lucian is the one who refuses to sign the papers. Convince him and all our problems will be solved. But as soon as I am his wife, you'll be nothing but a mere mistress, Shelly." Megan might seem sweet, but the woman used her fangs whenever she needed to. Before she married Lucian, she was also the apple of her mother's eye, and she would not tolerate a mistress coming to her house.

"You... This baby is part of your schemes, isn't it? If not for that baby, Lucian would have left you already!" Shelly furiously pointed at Megan. She sounded aggressive, but that anger was a way for Shelly to mask her insecurities. She was truly convinced that Megan was the one who would not allow the divorce. In trance, Shelly picked up the fruit knife that Hannah had used. She whispered, "If I cut here even slightly, Lucian would..." Shelly stopped herself to allow her words to sink in.

Megan contemptuously glanced at Shelly and said, "Ha-ha! Is that all that you can do?" She then turned around and went to her room. Shelly was left all alone, aggravated and confused.

Seeing how confidently Megan threaded on her, Shelly angrily slapped the knife on the table. Megan seemed untouchable. Hannah brought Megan some food and returned to accompany Shelly. The maid wanted to appease Shelly from her obvious disdain.

"Miss Shelly, what's wrong? Please, don

't stoop down to her level. Megan is simply a poor woman who can't win her husband's heart. Soon, once she miscarries the child, Mr. Lucian would definitely leave her. And at that point, you'll be the legal wife." Hannah came from the province, and yet she spoke so clearly. Her words were enough to reassure Shelly.

"Just do your job. You'll get what you deserve," Shelly told Hannah. Her mood became significantly better, even though she still had not managed to look past how Megan treated her. Then she hurriedly left, realizing that any more of her attempts would be futile.

Megan stood by her window and watched as Shelly vacated the villa. She was truly amused with how well she had handled things. 'Maybe I'm not so weak after all...' she thought. She was able to comfortably rest as soon as she saw Shelly enter a cab.

Hannah had prepared a dish that looked fresh and delicious. However, Megan knew that she should not be fooled by beauty. She knew that the dish had something harmful in it. She took out a transparent bottle, which contained some clear liquid, from her bag. She planned to leave soon, but she would not leave before she got her revenge.

After a few minutes, Megan began to moan loudly. It would seem like she was experiencing severe pains. Hannah became startled and had no idea what to do next. Instead of packing her things, the maid proceeded to check on Megan.

The food the maid had prepared were scattered on the floor. Megan lay on the ground and held her stomach with her hands. Drops of sweat formed on her pale face. Hannah was once again stunned. 'The drug could not possibly kick in this early!' Hannah thought to herself. She rushed downstairs and called the guards. She grabbed an envelope by the side of the bed before they took Megan to the hospital.

Megan was admitted rather quickly. She looked terribly pale. Hannah saw the opportunity to leave with the excuse to fetch some clothes for Megan. A bodyguard went to the counter to fix Megan's admission, while the other patiently guarded Megan's ward. Soon, Megan calmed down. There was a deathly silence in the ward.

"You... I'm a little thirsty. Can you get some hot water for me?" she told one of the guards. Megan looked at the clock on the wall. Her plans were going smoothly.

"Well, Mrs. Megan... Mr. Lucian had personally requested that there's always someone by your side. He wants everything sorted out. In about an hour, your husband will be here," the guard answered. The bodyguard was truly in a dilemma. Lucian was enraged over the phone when he heard the news. The bodyguard worried that if he left Megan alone in the ward, he couldn't bear the consequences if something happened to her.

"Don't worry. I'm here now. You can do as the lady has requested," a man who seemed to be the doctor said as he entered the room. "She hasn't taken her meds yet, that's all! Leave her to me," the doctor continued as he put down the metal tray he held.

The bodyguard looked terribly hesitant. "Go ahead now! If you delay us any further then the baby could be severely damaged. Do you want Mr. Lucian to know that you caused his baby's death?" There was a hint of mockery in the doctor's words.

The bodyguard looked at Megan as she lay on the bed. The guard left, believing that Megan was under the doctor's care.

As soon the bodyguard left, the doctor took off his mask and revealed a very charming face. He lovingly looked up and down at Megan and said, "Megan, we haven't seen each other for only a few years. How did you turn out like this?"

"Let's talk later. We don't have much time. Lucian would be here in less than an hour," Megan said as she sprang up the bed. Her face no longer looked as pale as it was when they had brought her in.

"Are you really willing to leave?" Aron Qiu raised his peach blossom eyes. Somehow, he looked as if he were heart broken. The sadness flashed so fast that Megan did not notice how Aron Qiu truly felt.

"Aron, do you know what despair is? After going through it, I'm no longer afraid of nothing. I will never give them this baby!" Megan said obstinately. The name 'Lucian' made Megan recall the abuses she had suffered. That name was equivalent to a thousand needles that pierced her heart. That pain had taught her to be strong.

"Okay, wear this..." Aron Qiu took out a nurse's uniform from the tray and calculated the time they had left. They both had to move quickly. They both knew that the guard would return soon.

Aron Qiu tidied up Megan's clothes and put them into the quilt, pretending that Megan was asleep inside. That should buy them some time.

They left just as the bodyguard was about to return. The guard was convinced that Megan was taking a rest. And so, he opted to leave the hot water on the table beside the bed.

About half an hour later, Lucian arrived at the hospital.

"Mr. Lucian, Mrs. Megan is currently asleep," the bodyguard bowed and said respectfully,

Lucian waved his hand and went straight into the ward. "Megan, please say something if you are still alive..." He was truly worried, but somehow sounded harsh. It might be because of their quarrel earlier that day.

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