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   Chapter 7 The Checkup

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Seeing that Megan had hit the sack, Lucian moaned in relief. Soon, both of them had snoozed silently off.

The next morning, Hannah enthusiastically prepared breakfast for everyone. Megan got up a little late that day.

"My son, I will not be here today. Be sure to check on Megan every now and then, okay? Do it for the sake of the baby. And don't forget to schedule a check-up with her physician!" Those were Arya's last few words before she reluctantly left the villa. At that exact moment, Megan proceeded downstairs.

"Mrs. Megan, you are up! I prepared a special breakfast just for you. Come and see!" Hannah's enthusiasm was the reason why everyone liked her.

"Thank you!" Megan just responded calmly. She still did not fully trust her new maid, and so she decided to be vigilant.

Lucian, on the other hand, went to work after having breakfast. Everyone had a busy day, except for Megan who found herself idly strolling in the garden.

Suddenly, she heard a female voice talking in the distance. It seemed that Hannah was speaking to someone on her phone. Megan decided to lean behind the rockery and listen.

"Don't worry, Miss Shelly. I'll be careful."

"I won't let them find out." Having a clear picture of what Shelly's scheme was, Megan rushed into her room. She felt somewhat nervous and uneasy. As it turned out, her guts were right - that her new maid planted to harm her.

She pretended to be asleep in her bed just so she could see how Hannah was going to respond.

Soon, Hannah entered the room. Megan secretly watched as the door opened. The maid walked directly towards Megan and had brought some soup.

"Miss. Megan, please get up and have some soup. It's nutritious and good for the baby's development." Just earlier, Hannah addressed her as 'Mrs. Megan', but now she used 'Miss' instead. Megan noticed that change. It would seem that Shelly told the maid to do that as well.

"Okay, I see. Thank you. Please put it on the table, Hannah. I'll get up and drink it later." Knowing Shelly's scheme, Megan decidedly became more cordial with Hannah.

"Why don't you get up and eat something first! I like it when I see others eat what I cooked. It gives me a sense of accomplishment." Hannah badly wanted to see Megan consume the food she prepared.

"Put it aside for now! I'll get up and eat it soon." Megan knew that there could be something harmful in that dish.

"Don't forget to eat it while it's still warm," Hannah said as she accepted defeat.

After Hannah left, Megan decided to try the dish on her own. As expected, the soup made her stomach ill. It tasted vile and was rather difficult to swallow. She decided to dump the entire dish.

Just as Megan walked into the comfort room, her morning sickness kicked in. That was the reality she faced daily, and she knew she would have a hard time here.

Hannah might seem polite and warm towards Megan when Lucian was around, but as soon as he left the house, the maid was indifferent to her.

In the following days, Megan and Hannah rarely talked to each other. Megan was not able to eat much those days, and so her face turned pale. Seeing Megan's condition, Lucian disappointingly summoned Hannah.

"Hannah, why does Megan look pale?" Hannah grew flustered. She indeed put something in Megan's food, but the effects shouldn't have kicked in yet.

"Don't worry, Mr. Lucian. This is her first child, and it's normal for her to lose her appetite in the beginning. She is still getting used to the whole pregnancy. I would advise that you do an ultrasound exam if you're really worried..."

"Okay, I see." Lucian then went back to his room.

The early autumn brought some cold with it. Megan held a book in her study and comforted her lonely heart.

The curtains swayed in the wind, as if they had something to say but could not.

Lucian didn't see Megan in the room. The man then noticed that the lights in the study was lit. He stood and gently approached the room. He watched as she peacefully read her books. It was truly a serene scene.

That was the reason why Lucian had loved Megan. The girl had brought a certain peace and joy to his life. Unable to escape reality, Lucian remembered how Megan treated Shelly, her best friend. He banged the door and said,

"It's very late, Megan. Don't you know that a pregnant woman needs lots of sleep? It's time for bed. We need to get up early tomorrow for your check-up..." Lucian turned around and went out after he spoke. Megan had been accustomed with the way Lucian spoke to her.

"Okay!" She just looked up at him and closed the book. She was ready to come out of the study and return to their room.

Lucian was a little cranked up that morning. He had meeting early that morning, and still he needed to accompany Megan to the doctor. The man berated Megan out of her sleep.

She quickly washed her face, brushed her teeth and ate breakfast. Lucian had been rudely rushing the girl, and so Megan truly felt uncomfortable.

"If you are in such a hurry, then just go. I can go to the hospital by myself!" Megan finally said her piece. She never really wanted to rely on Lucian.

"Sit still and don't talk too much." Lucian spoke with contempt as he bent over to fasten Megan's seat belt.

As they drove, Lucian's phone rang. Shelly was on the other side of the call. Given Lucian's preoccupation, he asked Megan to answer the call and to put Shelly on speaker.

"Hey! Are you feeling better this morning?

I'll come to the hospital to see you. I am also taking Megan for her checkup." Lucian seemed so relax and happy whenever he talked to Shelly. Secondly, he wanted Megan to feel jealous.

"Okay! She truly needs that checkup, especially given that she's in her first trimester. Take good care of Megan, okay?" Shelly knew that Megan was right beside Lucian. And thus, the vile woman decided to act as if she cared for her.

"Okay, let's talk about it later. We'll be there soon." As Lucian glanced at Megan's face, he found that she remained expressionless.

Megan asked Lucian to leave her as soon as they reached the hospital. She wanted to be alone with the doctor. In her head, she knew that she could not simply hand the child over to Lucian. It was her child too, after all.

"You can go straight to work once you're done talking to Shelly. I can go home by myself. Goodbye, Lucian." Megan gave Lucian one last indifferent glance before proceeding to the hospital.

Soon, Lucian got off the car and rushed to Megan's side. "I'll go with you," he said as he held her hand. The man was firm and cold. Megan knew she could not refuse him.

Still, she mustered all of her courage and shook off Lucian's grasp. She walked forward and said, "No, thanks. I can do this by myself."

"Why are you being so stubborn? This child is not yours only. I have the responsibility and obligation... " Before Lucian could finish his words, Shelly ran out. She rushed towards Lucian and hugged him tightly.

That was Megan cue. She quickly proceeded to her checkup while Lucian was occupied with Shelly. The man had no idea where his wife had gone.

"I missed you! I have great news. The doctor said I would be discharged in two days! Are you happy?" Shelly spoke with utmost enthusiasm. She purposely showed up to hold him back from going with Megan. She wanted the woman to know that this man only cared about her.

"That's great! So, when will you be discharged again? I'm sorry I have something else to deal with right now." As Lucian spoke, it was evident that he was distracted. Lucian's mind was solely on Megan. After all, she was bearing their first child. He was very eager to know the results of the checkup.

"You told me that you would take Megan to have a checkup here, but where is she?" Shelly said. She saw Megan leave, but the bitch wanted to stall so that she could have Lucian a little longer.

"I don't know... Maybe we should look around?" he replied.

"Why didn't I see her? I was too happy to see you that I didn't notice anything else. Let's go to find her! Do you think she will be angry because of me? I really didn't mean it." She passed the blame on herself to make Lucian think that she was really sorry.

"I do not think so... Let's just keep looking," Lucian answered.

Soon, they found Megan as she walked out from the B ultrasonic room. In her hands, she held the report regarding her child.

"How did it go?" Lucian asked anxiously as he looked at the report in Megan's hand.

"How is the baby, Megan? Let me see my future godson!" Shelly kept pretending that she cared for Megan.

Megan did not appreciate Shelly's efforts, especially when she heard 'godson'. She tightly held the report in her hand.

"This is my baby. What does it have to do with you? Get out of my way and let me get to the next examination." Megan never wanted to be acquainted with Shelly. She couldn't care less about Shelly and Lucian.

"Megan, please stop. Shelly is not trying to pick a fight." Lucian had always been disappointed with the way Megan addressed Shelly. In Lucian's eyes, Megan had been removed of the kindness and generosity which made him fall in love with her before.

"Then what should I do? Should I wish you both a happy forever?" Megan walked away after she spoke. She left both Shelly and Lucian dumbfounded. She saw things in a skewed fashion. In her eyes, other husbands caringly escorted their wives in the hospital. Her husband, however, had brought his mistress.

Soon, she saw a group a pregnant women murmuring in the distance. It seemed that they were talking about her, Lucian, and Shelly. And so, Megan wanted to be as far away as possible from the two.

"What did she just say? Wish us a happy forever? Is there something wrong with her brain?" Megan's remarks further infuriated Lucian. The man kept silent and thought, 'That's your friend. She just came here because she cares about you. But why do you have to connect me with her?'

Shelly threw up her hands and looked at Lucian, "I think I should leave now. I'm sorry to have disturbed you." Shelly pretended to leave just so she could see how Lucian would react.

After all tests had been done, Megan decided to hail a taxi to go home. Strangely, Lucian followed behind her. He couldn't force her to go with him in public anyway.

Later, he returned to the hospital and talked with Megan's physician.

"Doctor, what's the result of the exams my wife took earlier? She doesn't look well recently. Is there something wrong with her?" Lucian, who was a first-time-father, grew a little nervous and worried.

"Who are you?" As it turned out, Megan had told the doctor that her husband had passed away. While the doctor talked to her, he felt that the woman was mentally distressed.

"I am the husband of the woman who just had a checkup here just now. Her name is Megan Lin. How is she now?" Lucian said as he glanced at the senior and experienced doctor.

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