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   Chapter 6 Life Decisions

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"Aunt Lillian, why don't you come in?" Lucian had returned from his mother's room and saw Lillian as she waited by Megan's door.

"Mr. Lucian, I don't know if Mrs. Megan is awake. I knocked at the door already, but she did not respond. I do not want to rashly push the door open." She was worried about Megan. She was also afraid to offend any of her masters.

Lucian felt a sting in his heart. The man knew that Megan was direly stressed out. He worried that her emotions would affect the development of their child.

He held the doorknob tightly as he worriedly opened the door. He founded Megan seated on the same spot he left her in.

He was relieved to find that she was alright. "I'll take care of her," Lucian told Lillian. "Go and have some rest!" the man continued.

Lillian obliged and said, "Alright. Watch her closely. She is clearly not okay." The servant then turned around and left.

Lucian initially thought that Megan would not want any of the soup. He was surprised when she finished all of it in one slurp. She ignored Lucian and went to bed after eating.

She had nothing else to say to Lucian. Her silence made Lucian feel very uncomfortable. He wanted to comfort her and let her know that he cared about her, but Megan wouldn't give him a chance.

The following day, Megan got up before everyone else. She seemed normal, except for her gloomy face. She bought flowers and visited her mother's tombstone.

As he woke, Lucian screamed,


In the man's dream, Megan had committed a suicide due to severe depression. She jumped off a building, and there was nothing he could do to save her.

The man's scream echoed throughout the villa, and it startled everyone awake.

He got up and rushed to Megan's room. Her absence made Lucian somewhat lose his mind. He ran out to the servant's quarters and interrogated everyone regarding Megan's whereabouts.

"Did you see Megan?" Lillian had been too busy with her chores and had no idea where Megan was. She could only shake her head and tell the truth.

"No," the servant replied. Lucian became more nervous as time passed by. Soon, Arya came over to check what her son was up to.

"Don't worry, son. Megan went out early today. She will return sooner or later. Don't pressure her too much. Just give her some time!" Arya had taken long walks every morning with her husband. The lady happened to see Megan leave the villa earlier that morning.

"Okay, mom. I'll get ready for work and have breakfast before I get going." As he calmed down. Lucian realized how he overreacted. He constantly told himself that nothing bad would happen to Megan.

He went to work after he had breakfast. Somehow, he still felt uneasy. His mind wandered even as he got to work. That was really peculiar for him, given his usual resolute and vigorous self.

Suddenly, his secretary knocked from outside his office. She held a couple of documents in her hands.

"Come in, please!" Lucian said as he collected his thoughts.

"What's the matter?" he asked. As he looked at the secretary, the heaviness he felt in his heart was apparent.

"Are you having a bad day, Mr. Lucian?" The secretary started a conversation in the hopes of unearthing Lucian's problem.

"I have these two documents for you, sir. You can opt to relax if you want. I don't have much to do today. I can take care of it for you!"

The secretary knew the personal problems her boss had. Rich family truly had more troubles than regular ones.

As he was signing the documents, Lucian accidentally wrote Megan's name. Suddenly, something occurred to him. He picked up his coat and got ready to leave.

"Put these two documents on my desk for the time being. I'll deal with them tomorrow. Postpone all of my appointments." He then put on his coat and strode out. His car key dangled in his hand as he walked.

At that time, Megan remained standing by her mother's tombstone.

"Mom, I'm back with the Lu family now. But I'm not happy, at all. I'm facing some big life decisions right now. What should I do? Please talk to me."

Megan spoke hesitantly. That child was the only family she truly had left. Unfortunately, the baby came at the wrong time and from the wrong man. There was no way she could provide a stable environment for the child.

Shelly, on the other hand, was bored out of her mind. She knew that Megan had returned to the Lu Family's residence, where Arya had been fondly looked over. She knew that the old lady would do everything to ensure that the baby remained safe.

Shelly was uneasy with the thought. That would make her relationship with Lucian more complicated. She heard nothing from Lucian that day. He did not even pay her a visit.

Lucian drove around in search for Megan. The man had a feeling that something bad would happen. All of a sudden, he received a call from Shelly. He was reminded that the woman was in the hospital.

"Hey! What's up? Are you feeling better?" He cared for her as if she was his sister.

"Lucian, I feel like I'm going depressed. It's kind of stuffy in my chest. What should I do?" The woman pulled off quite an acting. She made her voice sound delicately pitiful, rendering Lucian unable to refuse her requests.

"Don't move. I'm coming over to meet you." He thought for a while before heading to the ho


Shelly seemed to immediately feel better as she saw him. Under his gentle care, the scheming lady basked. Shelly purposely powdered her face so that she would look pale. In truth, she felt lively and could leave the hospital at any moment she wanted. "This flower is for you. Do you like it?" Lucian came in with a large bouquet of baby's breath and pink balloon flowers.

The flower arrangement was beautiful, but it did not have the blue enchantress - Shelly's favorite flower. She came to realize that those flowers were for little girls. Lucian made it clear that he saw her as a little sister.

"Wow! Thank you so much! I'm touched." Shelly wanted to demand for her blue enchantresses, but she opted to smile instead.

"Well, I'm happy that you like it," Lucian said with a smile. "Say, you look rather pale today. Are you not taking your medicine as prescribed?' Lucian stroked her hair dotingly as he spoke softly.

Shelly then grabbed his hand and put them on her chest. She said, "I feel stuffy in here. Can you take me out for a walk?" She was obviously up to something.

Embarrassed, Lucian quickly withdrew his hands. "Okay. Let's go for a walk," he said. "I have to go home early, okay? I can't have dinner with you tonight," the man continued.

As it turned out, Arya had personally ordered Lucian to go home early. The old lady wanted Lucian and Megan to have dinner together. After that, Arya wanted them to walk around the subdivision.

Shelly then brought up Megan just to see how Lucian would react.

"Lucian, why don't you find a nanny for Megan? That would make her daily life much easier. She could be facing problems that she's oblivious of. You really need to be careful, Lucian. Find a nanny that will take care of her..."

Shelly wanted Lucian to spend less time with Megan. Those kind words were mere vessels for her viscous plans.

Oblivious to the girl's real nature, Lucian found Shelly to be kind and generous. "Why haven't I thought of that!" he gladly said. "I can recommend some, if you'd approve."

As he returned to the villa, Lucian drove by one of Shelly's recommendations.

"Mom, this is Hannah, the nanny I hired for Megan. Her only responsibility would be to take care of my wife and child." Arya was delighted to meet Hannah. She found Lucian's actions to be totally reasonable.

"Hello! Have a seat," Arya greeted Hannah with warmth.

"Nice to meet you, madam!" The two seemed like they had known each other for a while. They were cordial and comfortable around each other.

After a while, Megan came downstairs. Lucian stopped her and said, "Megan, come here, please." The man asked ever so gently.

"What's up?" Megan completely knew how she should act around the Lu Family.

"Where did you go today, dear? I'd like you to meet Hannah. She would personally take care of you and the baby. You can ask her anything that would make you happy or comfortable." Despite Lucian's sweet gesture, Megan remained indifferent.

"Oh! Thank you!" Megan picked up her bag that she had left in the living room, then headed back upstairs.

"Was that Mrs. Megan? Mr. Lucian, don't worry. I will take good care of her. I am glad to say that I am very experienced in taking care of pregnant women!"

Shelly's recommendation seemed genius to Lucian. The man had a very good impression of Hannah. However, he would never know that thought Hannah appeared nice on the surface, she already hated Megan at the first sight, because she was on Shelly's side.

"I'm sorry. Megan has these awful mood swings because something bad happened to her recently. I hope you don't mind." Arya was delighted to know that someone would personally take care of her grandchild. She headed home feeling safe and assured. Hannah would truly unburden the couple of some household duties.

"Mom, you can rest your head now. You no longer have to visit every day." Lucian was disappointed with how Megan reacted. She had acted untowardly to their guest. He hoped that she would recognize the efforts he put into their marriage.

Inside her room, Megan wrapped herself in the quilt. The sight of her taking the whole quilt to herself made Lucian somewhat unhappy.

"What are you doing? Move and give me some place." He was still a little angry. Normally he would have kicked Megan aside, but Lucian had learned to be cautious for his child.

Megan ignored him and went to sleep. In a fury, he pulled back the quilt and stiffly said, "Megan, have you heard what I said? This is my house!" He was truly domineering and indifferent.

"I see." After saying that, Megan stood up, put on her shoes. She acted as if she was about to leave.

"Stop! Where are you going?" Lucian was worried that his wife would leave him, especially now that Arya was somewhere else. No one would be able to convince Megan to stay.

Megan turned around and calmly answered. "This is your family's house, not mine! Wherever I go has nothing to do with your family..." Then she continued to walk forward.

These words further infuriated Lucian. He stood up and blocked Megan's way.

"You are pregnant with my child! You have to listen to me and lie down. I'm sorry but you leave me no choice." Those chilling words stunned Megan. After some thoughts, she took off her shoes and climbed back to bed.

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