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   Chapter 5 Divorce As You Wish

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Two days later, the morning sun brought warmth for everyone.

The cemetery was bleak and silent. Even under the sun, the cemetery remained chillingly cold.

Megan had a mental breakdown that day. Finally, she agreed to be taken home. Lucian packed Megan's belongings and drove her home.

Megan was no longer emotional at the point. In fact, she felt like her heart had fleeted. Just like her mother, Megan's heart was dead and had been turned into ashes.

In the vast corridor of the cemetery, a group of people in black flocked. They all sported grim expressions on their faces.

Megan led the procession, with her mother's ashes in her arms. The woman gently smiled. Somehow she felt like a child again - a child who held her mother in her arms.

Lucian was right beside her. His long curly eyelashes showed grief as well.

A group of close relatives and friends of the Lin Family joined the funeral. Shelly, who insisted on coming to the funeral, was also present.

"Megan, put the ashes inside," Lucian gloomily said as he starred at the empty tomb in front of him. Seeing Megan's ashen face, he felt deeply empathic.

Somehow, Lucian blamed his negligence. If he had been with Megan that day, then he could have dealt with the policemen himself.

Megan remained silent. Once her mother's ashes were buried, Megan simply sat beside the grave and blankly stared at the tombstone.

As the warm wind blew, Megan felt Lucian hold her hand gently. She felt nothing for the man.

She realized that the most painful thing in the world was to have the man of her dreams turn into a nightmare.

Nothing else mattered to Megan at that point. Her mother had just died after all. She did not need any affirmation from any one.

"Megan, my mother is waiting for you in the lounge. Let's go. She has something important to tell you." Lucian's voice was low and gentle.

Shelly watched them from afar. Lucian even took the initiative to hold Megan's waist. Despite the man's best efforts, Megan remained angry. The woman turned around and walked out into the lounge.

As her mother-in-law watched, Megan calmly took out the divorce papers and handed them to Lucian.

"I have already signed those. Your wish had finally come true. This is happening, Lucian..." Megan smiled faintly as she spoke. After momentary paused, she continued, "Lucian, let's do as you wish and have a divorce."

Lucian stared at Megan in awe. His face was resolute yet apparently sad. He could not bear Megan's words for her truly loved the woman dearly.

Lucian played deaf. He did not want to breathe any life into that conversation. The man refused to take the divorce papers from Megan.

"Megan, I understand that you are in shock. Much like you, we are deeply saddened by your mother's death. But as your mother-in-law, I do not believe that a divorce would be wise," Arya said as she snatched the divorce agreement from Megan's hand. The lady unapologetically tore the documents into pieces.

Shelly sat resentfully at the side of the lounge. She spitefully gnashed her teeth as she saw how things began to develop.

Megan still looked indifferent. With a genuine frown, she looked at her mother-in-law and said, "This is all set, Mom. Lucian and I had been in stalemate for far too long!"

Lucian's mother glared at her child. She knew her son's attitude towards Megan had not been the best, but she never wanted to get involved in the couple's private affairs.

That was the first time the lady had interfered with the married couple. She could not let Megan walk away, especially because the woman was pregnant. The lady wanted a grandchild for so long. She could not allow Megan to take that away from her.

"Megan, you are going to be a mother soon. Do you want your child to be born without a happy family? You and Lucian have only been married for two years. You two could still figure out how to improve your marriage..."

Megan smiled bitterly and shook her head. She then firmly said, "Maybe this is fate, Mom. I am truly grateful to be part of your family, but I need some time for myself. I won't be keeping the baby. I'm sorry."

That afternoon, Megan drove back to her mother's house to pack up her belongings. She sat in her mother's bedroom and stared at the photos the lady had on display.

Lisa had fallen ill after the death of Megan's mother. Megan felt obliged to help her mother's dearest friend. She hired a nanny to look after the ill-stricken lady.

As for herself, Megan planned to store her mother's belongings, divorce her marriage, and leave that city behind. She planned to move forward alone, and saw no future with the child that she bore.

"Miss... Mr. Lucian... He came over to visit,"

Lisa said as she walked into the room. Megan found herself smiling at a family photo her mother had beside the bed.

"Aunt Lisa, please send the guest away. Then you can go back to your room and rest." Megan blinked her eyes as she continued to study the photos her mother had on display.

However, as soon as she finished speaking, Lucian walked into the bedroom and sat down beside her.

"Megan, you are pregnant and in need of a good rest. Come home with me, please," Lucian said rather ambiguously.

Megan inched away from the man and coldly said, "I want a divorce, Lucian."

In her head, she laughed at the irony of the situation. Lucian was the one who brought up their divorce. He did not even want to keep the baby inside her. She was utterly confused and did not know what Luc

ian truly wanted from her.

She was no longer afraid of being alone and she never wanted any of Lucian's pity.

The man grew frustrated with her silence. Soon, Lucian resorted into forcing her to vacate.

With all his might, Lucian lifted Megan out of the Lin Family's residence. He ignored any resistance she made.

Lucian's men eagerly waited out by the gate. They quickly escorted their boss into the car, quickly taking the couple away to their villa.

"Get off the car, Megan!" Lucian walked to the side of the passenger seat and waited for Megan to get off the car when they arrived home.

At that moment, Megan was expressionless. She still grieved her mother's death after all.

Her eyes swelled with tears as she lifted her head. She could not understand why Lucian would subject her to such emotional torture.

"Are you happy now?" she said as her face turned as cold as ice. In her head, she could not her future. She was deeply lost.

"Again, I am sad for your mother's death. But there must be some misunderstanding between us. I really think that our marriage is still salvageable. Why don't we move forward? I'll take good care of you and our baby,"

Lucian said with utmost guilt. He knew that Megan was overwhelmed with everything that was happening around her.

"Misunderstanding? You, together with Shelly, conspired to kill my mother, didn't you? I hate you. I could never forgive you for the rest of my life." After those words, Megan walked out of the car.

"I'm sorry, Megan!" Lucian then hugged Megan tightly. He truly felt in pain. The man dreaded the sadness that consumed Megan.

"Let go of me, Lucian. I hate you." For a short moment, Megan found comfort in Lucian's arms. Her tears surged out uncontrollably.

"Your mother is gone, but I am still here for you!" Even in his effort to console Megan, Lucian still sounded cold. Those words reminded her of how the man wanted to divorce her in the beginning.

Lucian carried Megan into the Lu Family's residence. As they entered, Lucian's mother waited in the living room. The lady wanted to ensure that no harm would come to Megan. After all, the woman carried the Lu's flesh and blood inside her.

"Move on and wipe your tears. There's no need to be depressed, Megan. My mother is watching us, so don't act inappropriately." Lucian simply wanted to appease her. Instead, Megan felt more disdain for the man.

Lucian had always cared deeply for his mother. 'What about my mother?' she spitefully thought.

She felt like a stranger in that house, more so after she had revealed that she wanted a divorce. Now that she was here, she wanted to make it clear to all that she didn't want to have anything to do with the Lu Family.

"Come here, child. Let me see you." Lucian's mother spoke gently towards Megan. The lady somehow reminded her of her own mother's kindness.

Megan kept silent and hesitantly walked towards her mother-in-law. She was too tired to protest even further.

"Mom..." she hesitantly said. That word gave Lucian some hope. The man silently reveled on the thought that Megan would stay and give birth to the child.

"My child, you got thinner. I've told Lillian to cook some nutritious soup for you. You should try some of it later. Stay and let me take good care of you. Now that you are pregnant, you must cheer up for that child inside of you."

Lucian's mother Arya was truly worried of the baby inside Megan. She knew the girl had lost her mother, who loved her most in the world, but the child was now more important.

"I know, Mom. I'm a little tired. Please excuse me. I'm going to bed." She looked at Arya and knew what she was thinking. Although Arya had always been nice to her, Megan knew that the lady would take Lucian's side. Perhaps when the child was born, Megan would be tragically driven out of the Lu Family. She didn't want to entertain those thoughts further.

"Okay, I have asked Lillian to clean your room. You can have a good sleep today. Lucian will take you upstairs." The lady gave Lucian a stern look. She had always been aware that Megan was mistreated in that house.

"Okay, mom. Good night." Lucian stepped forward and helped Megan. She seemed to be weak, as if she was about to collapse at any time. The man quickly escorted Megan back to her room. He wanted to say something that would console her, but the right words did not come to him.

"Well, I'll go check if Aunt Lillian's soup is ready. In the meantime, you can have some rest!" Any conversation would be enough for Lucian.

Megan chose to ignore Lucian. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Megan raised her head and looked out of the window. It was too dark and she could barely see the street lamps in the distance. The thought of her departed mother consumed her head.

'Mom, what is it like in heaven? Why would you leave me so early? Don't worry. I shall avenge your death. I am afraid that I might disappoint you. Will you be angry if I terminate this pregnancy? I don't want this child, Mom...'

Megan was alone with her thoughts. At that moment, she considered the actions she could take. She knew that the Lu Family was concerned with the baby only, and not of her.

After a while, there was a knock on her door.

However, she not even hear the knock. She remained seated by the window, in daze and sullen.

"Mrs. Megan, are you up? I'm coming in!" LiIlian waited outside with a bowl of hot black chicken soup. The servant knew that Megan was grieving, and so she didn't dare to be rude.

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