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   Chapter 4 Come With Us

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Outside the VIP ward.

Four bodyguards who sported black suits, black pants and sunglasses watched vigilantly.

Lucian sat at the edge of the bed as he peeled an apple for Shelly. The man sported a gentle smile.

"Take a nap after eating this apple, okay?" Lucian gently said as he smiled at the haggard woman beside him.

"I don't want to sleep. Can't you stay with me for a little longer?" Shelly's voice was soft. She affectionately watched Lucian's every move.

Lucian had regularly visited the hospital ever since he took in Shelly from that dilapidated house in the suburb. Lucian even sent bodyguards to guard her door.

The man sighed helplessly as Shelly acted like a spoiled child. He immediately dismissed further negative thoughts in his mind hearing her sweet voice.

Lucian divided the apple into thin slices before handing them over to Shelly.

"Shelly, the doctor said you need more rest. Be good, okay? I'll return as soon as my work is done."

Shelly had a clear concept of personal boundaries. She could stand starvation and humiliation, but she could never bear to pester Lucian with his business.

"Comeback when I wake up, okay? I don't want to be alone here." Tears formed in her eyes as she reluctantly spoke.

"Okay!" Lucian cordially answered.

He smiled gently as he watched Shelly finish the apple he had peeled.

Instead of returning to the company, Lucian took the elevator and ascended to the upper floor of the hospital.

There was no one by the door of the ICU. Megan and the maid of the Lin Family were nowhere to be seen.

He wanted to know who used his name in mailing the divorce papers to his mother-in-law. At the same time, he also worried for Megan's mother.

Lucian went to the attending doctor's office. He wanted to discuss with him about the several experts he had contacted in the capital. As soon as he opened the door, he saw the doctor gleefully waiving at him.

"Mr. Lucia, I have a good news for you. Your mother-in-law woke up half an hour ago."

Lisa, the Lin Family's maid, had stayed in the hospital for several days. Megan thought that she needed some rest so she got up early and sent Lisa home. On the way, she also bought some clothes for her.

Receiving Lucian's call made Megan feel worse. She was very annoyed and answered it impatiently,

"Lucian, why did you call? Please don't question me about Shelly's kidnapping. That has nothing to do with me! I'm really not in the mood to talk to you right now."

She dropped the call as soon as she had said her piece.

Just as she was to hang the call, Megan heard four words that stunned her.

"Your mother is awake..."

Lucian wanted to have a serious conversation with Megan. He scorned over how his wife acted towards him.

After those words, Lucian ended the call and left the ICU.

Megan cried out of relief. She did not care if she stood in the middle of the street. With her hands still trembling, she quickly got into her car and rushed to the hospital.

Zoe had been in coma for more than a week. Seeing her mother, Megan burst into tears. She felt as if she was a child once more. The old lady eyed her daughter gently.

"Silly girl, why are you crying? I'm finally awake! You've seen worse things than this, dear." With a smile on her pale face, Zoe gently stroked Megan who nestled in her mother's arms.

Megan raised her hand and wiped the tears on her face. She was overwhelmed with emotions. Her mother's recovery had given her immense comfort.

"Megan, you are too thin. You should eat more, child!" Zoe said as she held her daughter's wrist.

Suddenly, Megan remembered that she hadn't told her the good news about herself.

Those days, she often experienced morning sickness. Her appetite had also been fluctuating.

"Mom, I have a good news to tell you!" Megan hyped her mother by being mysterious. She smiled amiably unto her mother.

Zoe looked puzzled. Just as the old lady was about to ask, Megan moved closer and whispered, "You're going to be a grandma in eight months!"

The ward was filled with pure joy. The bliss that the mother and daughter shared was beautifully heart-warming.

Zoe had lots of things to teach her daughter. After all, pregnancy was never easy for first time mothers. Before the two could dwell on the matter, someone suddenly knocked on the door.

Expecting to see the attending physician, Megan politely opened the door. She instead met two dauntingly serious men standing on the other side.

The police men scanned the ward from where they stood. "Miss Megan, our branch received a kidnapping report. We would like to speak to you regarding the matter. Please come with us."

Megan was shocked. Soon, she would find herself cuffed as the police escorted her out of the hospital.

Zoe was taken aback as well. She helplessly tried to tell the police that her daughter was innocent.

"There's no need for that, Mom," Megan said before she kissed her mother. She obediently obliged to the authority.

"I am innocent. You caught the wrong person. I will file a complaint to the higher authority..." Those were Megan's last resentful words before she left the police station.

Her arrest was too humiliating for a lady of her status.

She was interrogated over and over again. Once the police had enough from he

r, Megan sat on a cold police bench for the rest of the night.

The following morning, the police chief discharged her for lack of evidence. It would be illegal to further detain her.

That torturous night had been really exhausted for Megan. All she wanted to do was to return to the hospital.

She quickly paced herself to the floor where her mother was. The young lady even went to their favorite fast food chain and bought breakfasts for her mother and herself.

However, as she arrived on the designated floor, she saw that the grim faced maid was wiping tears outside her mother's ward.

"What's wrong, Aunt Lisa? Is my mother in a coma again?" Megan tried to keep her composure despite the horrible news that loomed before her.

"Miss... The events yesterday had been too stressful for your mother. After you were taken away, your mother suffered severe anxiety attacks. Those eventually caused her cerebral hemorrhage. I'm sorry... She did not make it." Lisa's voice trembled as she held her tears.

Megan suddenly felt dizzy. There was a high pitch in her head and everything went black. The breakfast she bought had scattered on the floor. Her body felt like it had turned into jelly. She suddenly collapsed to the ground.

She did not even manage to cry. She blankly stared at the empty corridor of the ICU. She knew that her mother was no longer in that ward.

All of a sudden, she remembered the warning Lucian had given her not long ago.

Lucian had warned her to wait for her punishment. 'The policemen who appeared in here yesterday... That must be Lucian's doing!' she thought.

A few minutes later, she rushed to the door of the VIP ward where Shelly stayed. Several bodyguards immediately stopped her from entering.

Tears streamed down Megan's face as she shouted, "Lucian!" She promised herself not to cry, but emotions had overrun her. "You bastard! If you are truly a man, come and talk to me!"

In a fit of rage, she kicked the door of the ward hard. The bodyguards immediately rushed and held her.

One of the bodyguards said, "Mr. Lucian is not here. He is having a meeting in the company today."

The guard released Megan as soon as she calmed down. She frowned and bit her lips before dialing Lucian's number.

To Megan's surprise, Lucian answered immediately,

"Just say your piece. I'm busy, Megan." Lucian stood up from his seat and walked to the window of the meeting room to overlook the city's prospect.

Megan's heart burned in sadness. 'How can Lucian sound so calm?' she wondered.

"I have repeatedly said that I have nothing to do with Shelly's abduction. Why do you keep on messing with my life? Do you know anything about the police that came here yesterday? Do you know that little act killed my mother? You bastard! Why did I meet you!" Megan lost to her emotions as soon as she spoke. She squatted as she wailed against the wall.

Lucian's mind went blank as he listened to his wife's inaudible sobbing.

He was stunned and asked, "How could this happen? Megan, I have never called the police!"

Megan clenched her fist and smashed the cold ground. She banged her head against the wall as she screamed, "This is all your fault, Lucian! Lucian, you killed the only family I had left. I hope you are happy now! I shouldn't have saved you that day! You should have died in that car accident!"

After those words, Megan threw the phone to the ground. She buried her head between her knees and sobbed with immense regret.

At that moment, Megan had been devoid of love for Lucian. She wanted to be away from that man as soon as possible.

She could tolerate distrust the man had built, but causing her mother's death was unforgivable.

"Megan, please... This breaks my heart as well..." Hearing the conversation, Shelly approached the grieving woman. She squatted down and acted rather sympathetically.

Hearing that delicate and seemingly affectionate voice, Megan raised her head. Her sad eyes suddenly burned with fury.

"Shelly! How dare you even come out to see me?" She angrily scoffed and quickly proceeded to strangle Shelly's neck. The way Megan saw things, their tragedy had all rooted from Shelly.

The bodyguards stepped in and stopped further escalation. As soon as Megan was released, the corridor turned into a venue where two women fought.

Megan told the bodyguards that they would all be fired if one of them interfered. The guards quickly called Lucian, who hurriedly marched to the hospital.

For about twenty minutes, Megan and Shelly fought and exchanged harsh insults. No one could stop the two.

The two women were so intimidating that no one dared to go forward.


A roar suddenly filled the corridor and suppressed the fight.

Lucian's eyes were sharp.

Megan's face was still covered with tears. She pushed Shelly once more, so that she would stagger.

She weaved through the crowd and rushed towards Lucian. She had completely broken down. Megan had always been calm and composed. For the first time, she was undignified.

Lucian hugged Megan tightly and kissed her on the forehead.

"Megan, be strong. Everything will be fine." Lucian's voice was cold and indifferent, even if his heart was aching.

"I hate you, I hate you, I hate you..." She cried desperately until she lost all her strength.

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