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   Chapter 3 Have An Abortion

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When Megan woke up, she found herself in a VIP ward. The bed was a little hard and there was an intravenous drip in her arm.

Looking up at the infusion tube, Megan suddenly saw Lucian sullenly staring at her.

The images came rushing back to her: Lucian protecting Shelly and slapping her hard. However, at this moment, she was touched to see him by her side.

Lucian was like a prince charming to her. He came from a prominent family and was the CEO of the Empire Group. He was attractive and had a gorgeous body. All in all, his looks were comparable to a movie star.

He used to be gentle, humorous, and considerate. Although it was in the past, Megan could not forget it.

"Come, sit here next to me, Lucian," Megan said softly, snapping out of her reverie. She smiled gently and held out her hand feebly to him.

Lucian didn't move, nor did his expression change. He gave Megan a cold stare.

"Mrs. Lu, here is another a bag of IV fluids for you," said a nurse as she knocked on the door and walked in. She changed the drip for Megan and smiled at her. "You are very weak. You should have more nutrition and be in a good mood in the early stage of pregnancy," she advised cheerfully.

After the nurse left, Megan looked at Lucian with a mix of excitement and surprise.

During the two years of their marriage, Lucian had only touched her a few times. She had never thought that she would be pregnant since he took away her virginity.

Megan suddenly remembered that a month ago Lucian had used her body to release his anger. Maybe that was when she got pregnant.

However, her joy didn't last long. "Have an abortion. You don't deserve to be a mother at all," Lucian ordered cruelly and stormed out of the room.

In an instant, Megan, who was floating on a cloud, felt like she had been thrown into an abyss.

Lucian was ruthless and indifferent towards her and their baby. He was abandoning his unborn child.

She stood up from the bed and made her way to Shelly's ward, intending to speak to him.

But when she saw Lucian seated next to Shelly, blowing on a spoonful of porridge before feeding it to her, Megan could no longer hold back her tears. She wiped her red cheek and left the hospital.

It was still raining heavily outside. She drove home and fell asleep in the cold and lonely villa.

The next day, when she woke up, she looked at the rising sun and a new hope filled her heart. She decided to keep the baby regardless of what Lucian said.

Lucian had left her devastated, but fortunately, Megan still had solid support from her mother.

After a simple breakfast, she drove to her mother's house. She wanted to give her mother the news of her pregnancy.

She knew that her mother had been dreaming about having a grandson day and night.

"Mom, I'm back! I've come to see you today!" Megan announced happily. Armed with a big bag of fruits and skincare products in her hand, she pottered around the house, looking for her mother.

Strangely, her mother wasn't sitting in the living room watching TV as usual today. Then she spotted the servant, Lisa, cleaning silently.

"Miss, you are back," Lisa greeted Megan politely.

Lisa, who had been working there for more than ten years, was not only a maid to Megan's mother but also a friend.

Seeing the happy look on Megan's face, Lisa said in a low voice, "Miss, your mother is upset. She went to her bedroom after receiving a package just now."

It looked like Lisa wanted to elaborate but she stopped abruptly. She sighed and asked Megan to go upstairs and ask her mother herself.

How could a package cause so much distress to her mother? Megan went upstairs, feeling puzzled. As soon as she opened the door to her mother's bedroom, she saw some familiar documents strewn on the bed.

"Megan!" Her mother was surprised to see her daughter suddenly. She hurriedly gathered the documents.

Megan had seen this before. Lucian had drawn up three divorce agreements ever since Shelly marched into her villa on the night of her wedding. Shelly told him that it was her who saved him in the past and not Megan. She said Megan had lied to him because she was desperate to become the wife of a rich man.

"Mom, stop hiding. I saw it!" Megan felt anxious and angry at the same time. She grabbed the divorce agreement from her mother's hand irritably and stuffed it into her handbag.

In the two years of their marriage, this was the fourth divorce agreement. She never thought that Lucian would be mean enough to send it to her mother.

Megan's mother sighed sadly and asked, "Megan, what happened between you and Lucian? Why does he want to divorce you all of a sudden?"

Megan frowned and clenched her teeth. Then she tried to calm herself down and comforted her mother. "Mom, please don't think too much about it. We just had a silly quarrel. We reconciled yesterday itself," she lied.

But her mother didn't buy it. After all, she had more experience in marriage, so she knew better.

"Megan, was it really that simple? Tell me the truth. You know I'll back you up if anything happens."

Hearing her mother's emphasis on the words "back up", Megan felt a lump in her throat and almost broke down again.

However, she had never confessed to her mother about the misunderstanding created by

Shelly that drove a wedge into their marriage on the first night itself. The past two years had been a huge struggle for Megan and she had suffered a lot.

She smiled weakly and sat beside her mother. Then she put her hands on her mother's knees and had a long talk with her. However, the conversation failed to comfort her mother. Instead, it worried the old woman even more.

They chatted until noon. Suppressing her apprehension, Megan's mother smiled calmly and announced, "Okay. Today, I'll cook for you myself."

Megan nodded contentedly and watched her mother walk out of the bedroom.

She was staring blankly out of the window when suddenly she heard Lisa's panicked voice downstairs.

"Miss, miss! Come down! Your mother has fainted!"

Blood rushed to her head. Megan stumbled unsteadily out of the bedroom.

Megan was pacing back and forth anxiously in front of the ICU. Her mother was still in a coma even after she was admitted to the hospital. She had been suffering from high blood pressure, and it got worse after hearing Megan's problems.

Megan hadn't slept for 24 hours. At this moment, she was worried and eager to confront Lucian.

She took the elevator to the VIP ward downstairs. As soon as she stepped out of the elevator, she saw Lucian in the corridor.

When their eyes met, the two of them glared at each other, as if they were lifelong enemies.

Megan strode toward Lucian irately.

"You are so despicable. How could you send the divorce agreement to my mother? Are you satisfied now that you've put her in a coma?" she asked harshly.

Lucian was enraged at first, but when he heard Megan's words, his anger faded away.

"Your mother is in a coma?" he asked with concern. Lucian couldn't believe it. He shrugged and continued, "But I haven't sent her anything. How is she now?"

Megan was outraged! He was a coward, who dared to commit reprehensible acts but not take responsibility for them.

"Oh! You don't dare to admit it, do you?" Megan frowned and sneered, "Is there a second person called Lucian in the world, who wants to divorce me too? You are so malicious!"

Lucian had been busy with the company and Shelly for the past two days. Although he did have the idea of sending Megan another divorce agreement, he had no time to do so.

Megan's misunderstanding reminded him of the accident that occurred this morning.

Lucian angrily pinned Megan to the wall and put his strong arms on her body. "Megan, don't push your luck. You have done something shameful and now you're using your mother as an excuse. You really impressed me!" he warned acidly.

Confusedly, Megan looked askance at Lucian's arrogant face and said, "What do you mean by that? Don't fling accusations at me."

She couldn't understand why even after she explained ten thousand times, he still didn't believe her. However, he always buy what Shelly said.

"What are you talking about? My mother has been in a coma since yesterday. I am not using her as an excuse!" Megan's bright eyes turned red with anger.

Lucian was about to retort when his phone rang.

Suddenly, he released his hold on her and moved away with one last glare.

She stood aside and saw the inscrutable expression on Lucian's face when he answered the phone.

All of a sudden, he hung up stormily. Lucian scowled, his eyes holding a dangerous look. He turned around in a hurry and was about to leave, but he stopped.

He stalked over to Megan and grabbed her collar. "Shelly was kidnapped from the hospital last night. If she hadn't escaped smartly, she would have been molested by your hired thug. Megan, don't tell me that this has nothing to do with you. I will investigate this matter thoroughly. Just wait for the punishment!"

he warned and left.

After that showdown, Megan spent many days in the hospital by her comatose mother's side. She and Lisa took shifts every day to be with her mother.

She was not in the mood to think about Lucian or Shelly. As for the new allegation, Megan chose to simply ignore it.

One afternoon, Megan showered and went to the hospital to take over from Lisa.

As soon as she arrived at the ICU, she saw Lucian and the doctor having a discussion about her mother in the corridor.

She had already forgotten their clash from the other day. Megan's head was in a mess and her thoughts were occupied with her mother's illness.

Lucian's sudden appearance surprised her. Looking at the tall, handsome man, Megan was deeply moved.

The doctor concluded the conversation and returned to the consulting room. As soon as Lucian turned around, he saw Megan standing behind him.

His calm eyes belied the rage building within him. Turning up his chin, Lucian walked up to Megan and said shortly, "Now that Shelly is back in the hospital to recuperate, please don't disturb her anymore. You are the most vicious woman in the world. If you dare to hurt her again, I won't spare you!"

The smile on Megan's mouth froze. She didn't expect Lucian, who was so gentle a second ago, to turn so nasty as soon as he saw her.

Megan was so angry that her face turned red. "You are insane!

You blame me for everything, but you clearly know that..."

However, before she could finish her words, Lucian had already turned around and walked into the elevator.

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