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   Chapter 2 She Came Back To Life (Part Two)

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This morning, Shelly had suddenly appeared outside the Empire Group building. When Lucian's assistant found her, she had pneumonia and was ghostly pale. It seemed that she had suffered a lot.

According to Shelly, she committed suicide by jumping into the sea and was rescued by a fisherman. She had lost her memory and when she gradually regained her memory, she had found her way back.

Only Lucian would believe such stupid nonsense.

But Megan was very grateful. At least, now he couldn't blame her for Shelly's death.

"Megan Lin, what are you doing here?" asked Lucian curtly.

All of a sudden, her mind was drawn back to reality. Megan bit her lip and said sulkily, "I just want to prove my innocence."

Lucian sneered and asked sarcastically, "Prove your innocence? If you want to do that, kneel down and apologize. I will consider forgiving you."

Looking at Megan, Shelly opened her mouth with difficulty. "Lucian, don't make things difficult for Megan. After all, she is my good friend," she begged.

Lucian stroked her hair lovingly, with tenderness in his dark eyes.

The sight drove a knife into Megan's heart. Lucian's kindness towards Shelly was unbearable for her, especially since he was brash and ruthless with her.

"Silly girl, your biggest weakness is that you are too kind!" said Lucian to Shelly with a loving smile. Then he sighed and turned to Megan. "Kneel down and apologize, or get out!" he commanded.

Megan stared into his eyes and saw a deep misunderstanding that could never be clarified. He only felt a deep-rooted hatred for her.

"Huh!" Megan sneered, her resentful voice cutting through the tense atmosphere in the ward. "How can anybody prove their innocence by kneeling down and apologizing? I'll make it clear for the last time. I didn't try to kill Shelly. That day when I saw you two playing in the sea, I went home by ship. What happened after had nothing to do with me!"

Squinting hard, Lucian coldly glared at Megan, chipping away her tough attitude with his sinister smile.

He clenched and unclenched his fists. The only thing he wanted to do was to drive this impenitent woman out of the ward, and his life!

"Mr. Lu, Dr. Han asked you to go to the consulting room to get the test report," chimed a nurse sweetly.

With a disdainful look at Megan, Lucian left in a huff.

Only Megan and Shelly were left in the ward, and the atmosphere became dark.

Megan could tell that Shelly was not pretending to be sick.

However, her former best friend had br

oken her heart so the greetings were spared. Besides, Shelly didn't need her care.

"Megan, you are so shameless. I can't believe that you are still with Lucian!"

Megan, who had been wondering how to face Lucian later, was startled to hear Shelly's feeble yet arrogant voice. She fought the impulse to strangle this phony bitch.

Although Shelly appeared sick, she was in high spirits and her cunning eyes were full of vigor.

Megan looked askance at her, and said righteously, "I am his legitimate wife, Mrs. Lu of the Lu family. So who is the one being shameless?"

Shelly was furious! She sneered, "An abandoned wife is not better than a whore."

Megan was so shocked that she couldn't find any words to counter.

After being away for a year, Shelly had clearly become more eloquent.

With a faint smile, Megan shrugged, taking the high road. She approached the bed and asked, "Shelly, you are so cruel to yourself. It's hard for you to go through the hardships you have created for yourself. Tell me, where have you been in the past year?"

Shelly's face was white as a sheet. Of course, she knew well what she had done to frame Megan. When she was about to mock Megan, she heard footsteps in the corridor.

Lucian was walking quickly to the ward with the test report. He was really worried about leaving Shelly alone in the same room with Megan.

As the footsteps got closer, Shelly suddenly smiled slyly, and then slapped herself hard. The sound was audible outside the ward.

"Ah! Megan, please don't! I really didn't seduce Lucian!" she begged Megan tearfully. Shelly had suddenly turned to a timid rabbit.

When Lucian heard the sound, he pushed the door open and rushed in. Shelly was holding one hand to her face and blood pooling at the corner of her mouth. Seeing this, he flew into a rage.

"Megan Lin! I just went out for a few minutes and you slapped her? You are crazy!" Lucian held Shelly in his arms, comforting her.

The next moment, he stood up, furiously stomped towards Megan, who was standing by the window, and slapped her hard.

"You deserve it. Get out of here right now!" he barked.

Megan couldn't remember whether she felt the pain first or the slap. Her face was burning and her mind was spinning.

Drops of blood fell on her beige dress. Megan didn't bother to wipe it. She held on to the windowsill and burst into tears.

"This is the first time you slapped me. I..."

Before she could finish her words, she suddenly lost her strength and collapsed on the ground.

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