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   Chapter 106 Love Forever

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The man pressed her head and forced her to look down. "Look carefully. Do you have an impulse to jump down from here?"

In the late autumn night. A cold wind blew against her. There were dim yellow street lights on the road. The feeling of looking down made her dizzy. She had acrophobia and didn't even dare to sit on the Ferris wheel. When she worked in OY Group, her office was on floor 14th but she never dared to approach the window. Her whole body was convulsed. Her face was pale, and her hands were trembling slightly.

She felt that the whole building was shaking and would collapse at any time. She didn't dare to look down and closed her eyes tightly. Even so, she still felt fear in her heart. Her hands trembled as she held the wall by the window. She didn't dare to use too much strength. She was afraid that if she used too much strength, the wall would be pushed down by her.

When Zane flied the plane to J City, she felt dizzy at that time. Although she was very scared, she didn't look down after all. The fear was from imagination. But now it was different. With the height of the ten floor and looking down from here, the scenery below was very clear. It was better to jump down than to be tortured by fear. She really had an impulsive that she wanted to die.

"How do you know I'm afraid of heights?" Lavender closed her eyes and tried to think about other things, ignoring the wind that was like rising from below. However, she also knew that it was useless and she could not hold on for long.

"If I want to deal with you, I will find it out! What about? Are you scared and want to die? Is life worse than death? Hahaha... " The man laughed proudly.

Lavender struggled to leave from the window, but the man behind her was much stronger than her. He pressed her body against the wall.

"As you can see, this wall is not very thick. It's really insignificant compared to the height of the ten floor building. As long as you use a little more strength, you can push it down. Come on. Push it hard! "

"No! Please don't do that! Please don't! " She didn't dare to use any strength. She tried to retreat as far as possible from the wall.

"Don't waste your strength?" The man pressed her head and said, "Don't waste this beautiful scenery! Did you see it? The girl is selling fruits on the roadside? There is a small wooden stool next to her legs, and a white dog is lying under it. Have you seen it? "

How could she see it? She felt like she was about to drown. She desperately wanted to go upstream, but a b

alk about the break-up on the phone, just say it face to face!"

"No way! I will never say that! I will never break up with him unless he leaves me first! Never! "

"Never?" The man murmured, "Lavender, aren't you afraid?"

"I'm scared! You saw how scared I was! " She said in a trembling voice, "But when your heart is full of only one person, there is nothing to be afraid of."

"It sounds so good. I don't believe that no matter what happens, you won't break up!"

"No matter what happens, I won't break up with him!"

"But he was dead, wasn't he? At that time, do you dare to say that you were not separated from him? "

"No." Even if Lavender knew he was dead, she didn't intend to break up with him. Falling in love with him was a lifetime, which had nothing to do with which world he was in. Because he was always in her heart.

"Don't say that disgusting words! I don't believe that even death can't separate you! "

"I won't talk to you. You don't understand!"

All of a sudden, Lavender realized that the man's purpose was not to kill her, nor to separate her from Melvin. Instead, he wanted her to give in and force her to make a choice. Maybe as long as she hesitated and made a concession, he would no longer be in a dilemma.

"Why don't I understand?" The man suddenly lost control of his emotions. He loosened his grip and pounded the wall hard. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lavender fled the window and sat on the ground, gasping for breath.

At this moment, a strange sound came from upstairs, as if something was knocking on the wall, mixed with the sound of friction between two rough things. Then a black shadow jumped in from the open window.

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