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   Chapter 105 How Much Do You Love Him

Fall In Love With Devil CEO By Chang Du Characters: 7787

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"Little bell, why do you sleep here?" The pure and lovely girl said in a sweet and pleasant voice. But she pushed him with great strength and rudely said, "Get up, get up, don't sleep! Wake up! "

He didn't open his eyes on purpose and pretended to be asleep. This was the most effective way to deal with this girl. He had been tired for several days and hadn't had a good sleep. He didn't want to get up, but he just didn't want to get up.

What a bad girl!

"Ring, ring, ring..." A series of annoying bell sounds rang in his ears. He really wanted to jump up, grab the damn bell, throw it out, and throw it far away.

"Bad bell! Bad bell! Get up! Get up! Get up! " The girl reached out to pinch his nose and to cover his mouth. He held his breath and continued to sleep. He was annoyed by her and secretly made up his mind not to let her succeed this time.

But what was she doing on his chest? Her long black hair gently swept across his face, and her fragrant breath gently blew his neck. In an instant, the sweet and soft breath of a girl filled his nose, and his heart could not help beating crazily.

"If you don't get up now, I'll tie it up!" The girl put her hands around his neck, smiled maliciously and threatened him, "Come on, come on, my lovely kitten. I'll put a little bell on you, and you'll be my exclusive kitten from now on!"

That had gone too far! He lifted the quilt and sat up at once. He stared angrily at the innocent girl who was sitting on the edge of the bed with her chin in her hands.

"Lavender, you!" He looked at his neck subconsciously. Fortunately, there was no damn bell around his neck. For a moment, he did not know what to say. He was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. The girl sat in front of him in a well behaved manner, as if she had always been such an obedient girl.

"Hee hee! Melvin, you're finally awake! " Lavender turned around and took out a red fruit the same size as a peach, looking like a red fruit in the mountain. "This is the fruit I picked with my friends yesterday. It's so delicious. I specially left one for you! Come on, have a try! "

He knew she didn't have good intension, but he still took it. He had never been able to refuse her request. As long as he looked into her clear eyes, he couldn't say anything to refuse.

The first bite tasted g

o you want to kill me?"

"I want to kill you for a long time!"

The man's face was hidden in the darkness. Although Lavender couldn't see it clearly, she felt that his face was ferocious and very terrifying.

"But you should know that killing people is illegal. You are still young. You shouldn't be so impulsive!"

"What? Are you so confident in yourself? If my brother sees everything with his own eyes, will he choose to take revenge for you and send me to prison, or will he keep silent to protect my brother? "

Lavender kept silent for a long time. "No matter what choice he makes, I will understand and accept it."

"You will understand! You will accept it! " The man was completely irritated by these sentences. "Lavender, why should you? What makes you think you can do that? " I hate it the most! As if there were only two people left in the world, could no longer be intervened. "I've seen a lot of people like you. Your words are so pleasant to hear. I don't know if you will really do that when things are about to come to an end!"

Lavender's arm was turned over by the man with great strength. The pain made her cry, "I will do that, but please don't make things difficult for him. I don't want him to be embarrassed!"

"Hypocrite! I hate hypocritical people like you the most! Lavender, what are you relying on? Do you really think that I don't dare to kill you? " The man gasped sharply with the power of rage. He pulled her to the window and pushed the window open.

"Lavender, I'd like to see how much you love him!"

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