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   Chapter 102 Baby

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Justin was immersed in dusk alone, his lonely eyes staring at the lonely moon in the sky. With the vigorous development of modern industry, the air in the city was so turbid that even a star could not be seen at night. Wouldn't the moon feel lonely if it hung there alone?

Maybe one day, the only light that belonged to nature at night would disappear and be drowned in the hustle and bustle of the city.

"Brother, there is still a quiet and blue place in the world. Why don't you want to go back? Do you think it's worth it?" Justin thought to himself.

Wesley was anxious, but he had to keep calm. Lavender had been missing for two days. In these two days, he had thought of all the bad consequences. He couldn't bear any of them.

If it was a kidnapping, the kidnappers should have called him to ask for the property. But in the past two days, there was dead silence. He did not receive any news about it, and the silence made him feel unprecedented fear.

If Lavender really encountered something unexpected, what should he do? What should he do?

If it was a murder, Lavender had never offended anyone. If the other party came at him, they would let him know.

Were they human traffickers?

Shrank into the shadow of the sofa, Wesley painfully buried his head in his palm. He couldn't think about it any-more. If he thought about it again, he would be heartbroken to death.

That day, he had a deep sleep. He didn't even know when Lavender got up and what she was going to do. There was no clue at all. He couldn't find any clues out even if he wanted to something.

Damn it! Why didn't he know anything?

"Daddy, where did Mommy go on a business trip? Why hasn't she come back yet? " Candy tugged at his clothes and said in a nervous voice.

This child was too sensitive, perhaps because she had lived in an orphanage. Although she was young, she was used to be sensitive. Poor child! When he learned from Dumont that Lavender almost died for giving birth to the baby, he felt guilty.

Yes, he was a sinner, a sinner who abandoned his family!

On that day, Dumont, whose face was pale, was extremely excited. Dumont questioned him why he doubted Lavender. What did he want to prove that day when he was Hemingway?

Wesley was speechless. Yes, he had suspected Lavender cheated on him and was jealous of the friendship between her and Dumont. However, lat

ldn't fall asleep easily. If she was too nervous, she couldn't even fall asleep. However, even a strong man couldn't help but stay awake for a few days.

On the fourth night of the kidnapping, Lavender really fell asleep. However, even in deep sleep, it was easy to wake up because of the special environment. At about midnight, she was awakened by a quarrel, but the quarrel had come to an end, and there was no sound outside soon.

After a while, someone came over and the door was pushed open. The man didn't turn on the light. He walked in like a ghost and closed the door and locked it.

The man walked towards her gently. Her fragile heart could not bear such pressure, and she could cry out at any time.

"Are you awake? Just in time! " The man took a few steps forward and might have sensed her unusual breathing. He stopped and said, "Let's talk!"

It was a young man. She had adapted to the darkness and could vaguely see the outline of his tall and straight figure.

This room was like a real prison. No one had talked to her in the past few days. Roy had never been here since that day. Perhaps he had been here, but she didn't know.

Giving her meal was a middle-aged woman with dark skin who was exactly a mute. This mute took care of by Lavender. Lavender was almost depressed, and she was eager to find someone to talk to. No matter who the person was, as long as he could talk to her.

But she didn't expect that the first person to talk to her in the past few days would be the man in front of her.

She had a feeling that this man was the real kidnapper.

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