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   Chapter 101 Kidnapping

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"Brother, brother, don't go! Don't go, okay? "

In the thunderous rain, a five year old mixed blood boy tightly grabbed a thin boy who was slightly taller than him. His flaxen half long curly hair was wet through by the rain and stuck to the skin of his face. His blue eyes were full of strong reluctance and pleading.

The little boy in front of him turned around and looked at his younger brother's pale face and pale lips. Obviously, his younger brother was weak. He sighed softly, took off his raincoat and put it on his younger brother.

The cold rain fell on the big brother in an instant, and the cold wind immediately passed through his clothes. His body could not help trembling slightly, but his tone was calm. "Go back, Justin."

"No, I won't go back!" The mixed blood boy was stubborn and persistent. The dense water drops slid down his hair. His thin spring clothes were wet, and his white sneakers were splashed with mud. He did not show weakness. He held his eldest brother's clothes tightly and did not let go.

"They said that you passed the test of the heir at such a young age. They all said that you were a genius among the geniuses. But, brother, I don't want you to be the heir. That's an adult's business. You are still so young. I only want you to be my brother, my brother alone! " The mixed blood boy burst into tears, and his face was full of water. His eldest brother wanted to reach out to wipe it, but he couldn't tell which part was warm, which was cold, and his slender fingers stopped in the air.

"Okay? Okay? Brother! Brother! " The little boy shook his big brother's body and said crazily, "Say something! Say something! Promise me! Promise me! Don't go. Stay here! "

The big brother's eyes fell on the towering tree in front of the mansion. The strong wind swept through the thick leaves, and the old tree in the wind and rain was still magnificent. Suddenly, he withdrew the sadness and hesitation in his eyes. He pulled away his younger brother's hand and said lightly, "Justin, I have to go, but I will definitely come back. Remember, I will come back at the blossom season! Pinkie! "

In his memory, his younger brother's scream was drowned in the rumbling thunder, and his memory froze from then on. In his memory, it was just left a thin but a resolute boy.

The cold rain and the cold wind were oft

eved my goal yet."

"What on earth do you want?"

"Mr. Roy, don't pretend. You don't have to do this in front of me." Justin walked over, grabbed the cigarette from Roy's hand and smoked it hard. He pressed his thumb on his middle finger and bounced out a small part the cigarette quickly. The cigarette drew a faint arc in the evening sky.

Looking at Justin indifferently, Roy slowly stretched out two fingers and said, "I'll give you two more days at most. My people shouldn't have done such a boring thing for you who has nothing to do."

"Sure!" Justin answered without hesitation. He took a step forward and casually put his hands on the guardrail.

The sun had completely set, and a thin layer of moist mist spread from all directions. The mist seemed to spread into his eyes. Alienation, indifference, a trace of unpredictable evil, and a little unruly flushed in his eyes.

"But I still want to say that if you don't help me, I will find someone else. But I can't guarantee that woman's safety. " Justin suddenly smiled as if he had found something interesting.

"You have a guarantee here? I'm just a policeman. How could I do such a thing? Is this also called guarantee? " Roy couldn't smile, but smiled with self-mockery. "Justin, I have only one advice for you. If you are gone too far, you are likely to lose the one you care about forever! So, don't do stupid things, never and ever! "

"Are you talking about yourself?" Justin said to Roy.

After a long silence, Roy said slowly, "Take care of yourself!" Then he turned around and left.

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