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   Chapter 100 Are You An Idiot

Fall In Love With Devil CEO By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 7823

Updated: 2020-09-22 00:02

Lavender was determined to make Wesley unhappy. She spent the whole afternoon educating Candy to sleep with her and let Wesley sleep in another room. She was very worried about this girl. After getting along with her for the past few days, she always felt that this girl was closer to Wesley. The little girl didn't care her and often went against her will.

Sure enough, the little girl agreed happily, but before she went to bed, she changed her mind.

Wearing a pink heart Hello Kitty pajama, Candy put her little feet into the cute Hello Kitty fluffy slippers and walked on the floor. She opened the bedroom door and shouted to the bathroom, "Dad, hurry up. It's time to sleep. Mommy is calling you!"

When did she call that man over? Was this little bad girl really her b

er to go back early, she took a shortcut, but when she rode to the central area, she suddenly stopped. 50 meters ahead, there was a car occupying the entire road.

Who parked the car here in the early morning? Suddenly, Lavender had a bad feeling.

She immediately turned around. She didn't know when the familiar old Ford stopped near her, but she didn't notice it. The back door of the car opened, and three strong strangers got out and approached her step by step.

In the dark colored car window, the handsome face of the mixed blood man had a pair of extremely beautiful and cold grey blue eyes, which were as cold as an iceberg. He looked at the steamed buns rolling on the ground without any emotion, and the soybean milk was scattered everywhere. He smiled coldly.

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