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   Chapter 99 Delicious Food For Adults

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Like all young parents, Wesley and Lavender took Candy to the zoo.

"Daddy! Mommy, I want Daddy to hold Candy! " Every time Candy saw her Daddy, she would act cuter. Lavender had been holding Candy in the car all the time, but Wesley had to drive at that time, even if Candy wanted to be close to him, she couldn't. But when they got off the car, Candy was still held by her mother, and didn't let her father touch her, which made her more depressed.

She knew that she was a lovely girl that everyone loved. It was normal for her mother to hold her like this. But now she wanted her father to hug her. She wanted her father to hug her.

She looked at her mother with her big eyes. "Mommy, you have held me for so long. You must be very tired. Let Daddy hold me."

Alas, when she achieved her wish, she had to take care of her mother's mood. It was really tired to be a child.

However, Lavender gave her a gentle and sweet kiss. "No, Mommy is not tired!" She tightened her hand and moved her daughter closer to herself.

"Daddy," said Candy. She had no choice but to turn to Wesley for help. "You can't make Mommy so tired! Boys should take care of girls and protect them! "

"Lavender, Candy is right." The father and the daughter said in tacit. Wesley understood what Candy meant. "Come on, have a rest first. Let me hold Candy for a while." He added in a low voice, "If you are too tired in the daytime, what should you do at night?"

"You are such a jerk!" Lavender couldn't help blushing. She looked around subconsciously. Fortunately, it wasn't weekend today, and there weren't many people coming to the zoo. There were few people in the zoo.

Finally, Candy's wish was fulfilled and she was held in Wesley's arms. Of course, this was not her original purpose. She lay in the arms of Wesley, with her hands around his neck. Her big, bright eyes turned around.

"Dad, Dad, look!" Pointing at a little boy who was riding on his father's neck, Candy remarked, "That boy is so naughty. He sat so high but didn't behave himse

strawberry flavor!"

"How about you?"

Looking at her with an evil smile, Wesley said, "I'm an adult. Of course I want to eat something delicious that only adults can eat."

Lavender couldn't help but burst into laughter. She glanced at the parents who were taking their children to watch the animals carefully and said, "Melvin, can you be serious in such a public place?"

Wesley put his arm around her waist and said, "Do you mean that I can do what I want to do in private? Huh? "

He got so close to her all of a sudden, and her nose was filled with the familiar smell of sweat on this man's body, which was very similar to the smell after having sex. Lavender immediately felt a little thirsty. She really wanted to bite this man, a real bite! She wanted to leave two rows of sharp teeth marks on his calm and smiling face.

But it was not appropriate to lose her temper in the current situation.

"Melvin, just wait and see!" She gritted her teeth and threatened him. She was thinking about how to pounce on him and ravage him again and again, and how to make him cry for mercy in her mind.

The disdainful look in Wesley's eyes made her want to bite him now. The man's smile was elegant and charming. He held the little girl around his neck with his hands and said in a pun, "I'm waiting. Come back quickly. Don't make me wait too long."

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